Sometimes Never

By Cheryl McIntyre / Genre: Coming of Age

Sometimes Never

Hope didn’t have the best role model when it came to relationships. She’s content with her current no-strings-attached extracurricular activity with the lead singer of her band. She’s never believed in love and commitment.

Mason starts his eighth school in five years anticipating nothing more than the usual—boring classes, fighting more than making friends, and girls happily willing to succumb to his easy smile. He’s never put much stock into love at first sight—until he sees her.

Regardless of their painful pasts, Hope and Mason discover that sometimes never can become forever.

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Seeing Stars (The Celebrity Series Book 1)

By J. Sterling / Genre: Coming of Age

Seeing Stars (The Celebrity Series Book 1)

Madison Myers is a hard working assistant to one of LA’s top talent agents. Determined to make a respectable name for herself in the business, the last thing she wants in her life is singing sensation Walker Rhodes, with his non-stop tabloid filled antics and bad boy behavior.

But after he pulls her onstage during one of his concerts and serenades her in front of thousands of screaming fans, all bets are off. She doesn’t want to give in to his charms, but Walker is relentless… and keeping a secret of his own.

A secret that changes everything between them.

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Barely Breathing: A Colorado High Country Novel

By Pamela Clare / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Barely Breathing: A Colorado High Country Novel

Lexi Jewell left Scarlet Springs twelve years ago, vowing never to return to the small Colorado mountain town where she grew up. Now, here she is—over thirty, out of a job and with little choice but to move back in with her eccentric father. Lexi knows it’s just a matter of time before she runs into Austin Taylor, her first boyfriend and her first heartbreak. She’s determined to show him she’s over him—until he steps out of a pickup truck and back into her life, looking sexy as hell in his mountain ranger uniform.

As far as Austin is concerned, Lexi can turn her snazzy little convertible around and drive back to Chicago. After all, she ripped his teenage heart to pieces and turned her back on the town he loves. But from the moment he sees her again, he can’t get her out of his mind. Even her smile messes with his head.

When an evening of conversation turns into something else, Lexi and Austin agree to be friends—with benefits. But as Lexi starts making plans to return to the big city, Austin realizes he’ll lose her a second time unless he can show her that what she’s searching for has been right here all along.

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The Syndicate (Timewaves Book 1)

By Sophie Davis / Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction

The Syndicate (Timewaves Book 1)

In a future where time travel has been outlawed, a black market exists for anyone with the money, connections, and nerve to request items from days past. As a Runner for one of the underground syndicates that now controls the timewaves, Stassi 2446-89 has seen it all: the fall of Rome, the rise of Hitler, the end of democracy, the establishment of time tourism, and the devastating consequences of it. Her job is to seamlessly slip through the past, in search of items of value to the syndicate’s clientele.

Stassi’s next assignment takes her to Paris in the 1920’s, in search of a lost manuscript by one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers. She and her partner, Gaige, are swept up in the City of Light during the height of fashion and culture—as alluring a locale as they’ve ever visited. But a seedier side of life lurks beneath the glamorous façade, and the pair quickly learns this run is more dangerous than any of their previous missions.

Because history isn’t playing out as it should be—a first for the syndicate. When the stakes are raised and it becomes a matter of life or death, Stassi and Gaige must ultimately decide how far they’re willing to go to ensure the future as they know it.

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By LK Collins / Genre: Action & Adventure


When New York City’s most desirable male escort gets caught, things get messy.

Latch Teracino is God’s gift to women. He’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a man, and he’ll fulfill your hottest fantasies, all for a price. He makes a very good living pleasing the rich and famous. Like Abby McEllrath, married to Major League Baseball’s biggest all-star, which often leaves her at home, lonely and bored.

After years of neglect and disrespect from a man who promised to give her the world, she meets Latch in the most unlikely setting. For Latch, she’s just another client – it’s the way he works. And for Abby, she adapts. However, as time progresses, their explosive connection transforms from dirty, raw sex into so much more than just a paid relationship.

Lines are crossed.

Rules are broken.

And lives are shattered.

In the end, Latch and Abby have to make a choice, one that will forever change the course they were destined to be a part of. But sometimes a simple choice isn’t that easy, especially when the one you leave behind would rather die than live without you.

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Bridge Of Faith

By Catherine West / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Bridge Of Faith

Two lives taken down different roads – one enduring love – one shot at starting over.
If only they believed in second chances.

Julia Connelly is finally free from twelve long years in an abusive relationship. Now able to live the life she’s longed for, Julia takes her two children back home to Vermont, hoping for peace and healing. The last person she expects to see is the man she eloped with at eighteen—who then abandoned her two months into their marriage, with little explanation.

When an assignment in the Middle East ends in tragedy, popular news correspondent, Reid Wallace, returns to his hometown seeking answers and peace of mind.

Confronting his past was not in the plan.

Now he’s asking different questions. Like why the only woman he’s ever really loved still mesmerizes him. Why the haunted expression she wears reaches right into his soul.

And why her twelve year-old son looks just like him.

They say you can’t go home again. Sometimes you don’t have a choice.

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Kill In Plain Sight (A Tanner Novel Book 2)

By Remington Kane / Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers

Kill In Plain Sight (A Tanner Novel Book 2)

Tanner Returns and The Conglomerate wants him dead.

With their resources and vast troops of lethal thugs, The Conglomerate assumed that killing one man would be easy. They were wrong!

While Tanner is just one man, he is the last man you want to go to war with, and when he teams up with another target of The Conglomerate, he doubles his chances at surviving.

But this is war, and The Conglomerate plays to win.

Enter Lars Gruber, possibly the greatest assassin in the world, and now he’s set his sights on Tanner.

It’s hit man vs. hit man and only one can survive.

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Mace (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 4)

By Lane Hart / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

Mace (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 4)

~ Mace ~

I fell for Hailey the moment I laid eyes on her, before I knew about the three King Kong size battles I would have to fight to be with her.

By the time Linc warned me that his gorgeous sister with legs a mile long was off limits and “emotionally fragile,” it was too late. There was no turning back.

Then there’s my friend Senn, who had a one-night stand with Hailey. He’s trying his best to get a repeat performance during the week of Claire and Linc’s wedding. Sorry buddy, bros might come before hoes, but they don’t come before sweet southern belles.

And last but not least, the IFC insists that if I want a million dollar contract and a championship title fight then I need to keep up my playboy image to fuel all the female fans’ filthy fantasies.

But for Hailey, I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

~ Hailey ~

Smooth talkin’, sexier than sin, Mason Reed came out of nowhere and stole my heart, despite his inappropriate obsession with my panties. I’m not supposed to fall for the “little” brother of my soon to be sister-in-law, or be fantasizin’ about lickin’ every inch of his tattoos the week of her and Linc’s wedding.

Mason’s seven years younger than me, and infamous for his so called “harem.” His fight intro song is actually a tribute to his magical…well, it rhymes with rock. Not only will he likely end up hurtin’ me, but he’s also…rock blockin’ Senn, my former hot fling.

After I find out just how close Mason is to landin’ a huge IFC contract if he keeps performin’ his magic tricks for all the ladies, I refuse to let him give it all up for me.

I had no idea how much I would miss him or how much it would hurt when I finally succeeded in pushin’ him away.

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Trust My Love: The Toussaints #1

By Iona Findley / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Trust My Love: The Toussaints #1

When a cop’s family is threatened, nothing will stop him — not even a strange and secretive woman.

An innocent in jeopardy…

As the eldest son of New Orleans’ most prominent family and one of NOPD’s top Missing Persons detectives, Philippe Toussaint is no stranger to keeping cool under pressure. But when his only niece is abducted, he’ll do anything to secure her safe return. With few clues and limited time, he seeks answers from every resource, no matter how far-fetched. He even questions the enigmatic and beautiful so-called psychic who shows up out of nowhere to shake up not only the case but his feelings as well.

An excruciating dilemma…

Artist Claire Davenport escaped to New Orleans to outrun the pain and humiliation of her childhood. She keeps to herself and never lets anyone too close, but when a frightened teen girl shows up in her dreams and her most recent paintings, she knows she can no longer hide. With her psychic ability now out in the open, Claire fears the ramifications. But it’s not only her secret in jeopardy — the influential and gorgeous detective on the case stirs things within her she never thought to feel and endangers her reclusive way of life.

An unforgivable betrayal…

Passions ignite between the two, but doubts on both sides threaten their relationship, and the case is only the beginning of their problems. Philippe must protect the woman he is falling for while convincing Claire that she can fit into his elite society life, all before betrayal and fear destroy their dreams of love.

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Stained: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Monroe Trilogy Book 1)

By Cynthia Dane / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Stained: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Monroe Trilogy Book 1)

“His instant lust was palpable. His instant love was unbelievable. The instant legacy we created? That was fate.”

Alice doesn’t know she will succumb to the gravity that is Damon Monroe, the only heir to his family’s mighty legacy.

But he does.

From the moment they meet at his exclusive nightclub, Monroe insists that Alice is his fated match, foretold almost fifteen years ago when he didn’t believe in love. His need for her costs her more than one job. His drive to continue his family’s legacy has her making more than one mistake. And his instant lust that transforms into instant love for a woman named Alice Culver?

That makes her the only one who can destroy him.

Alice doesn’t know she will completely change one of the most powerful families in America. She doesn’t know she will become one of the most hated yet revered women in the corporate world.

Everything she doesn’t know, Monroe will teach her. He will stain her, train her, and then help her reign over his empire.

All she has to do is show up to work one night. Fate will take over from there.

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Childrens Book:Leonard The Clever Lion (Childrens book for ages 2-6 (Animal Habitats)Preschool( Book for Early & Beginner Readers 1))

By Leela hope / Genre: Nonfiction

Childrens Book:Leonard The Clever Lion (Childrens book for ages 2-6 (Animal Habitats)Preschool( Book for Early & Beginner Readers 1))

A story about a brainy lion for childrens of all ages to enjoy.
Are you or your children afraid to stand up and be heard?
Are you or your kids struggling with self confidence?
Leonard the Clever Lion is worried that he is not as good as his brother Larry. Leonard is not as handsome, and not as strong as his brother, but using his brain and his caring heart he solves the problems of the other jungle animals and they elect him the new King of the Jungle. Watch Leonard conquer his fears and help his friends. See the story unfold with vivid illustrations and told through rhyming verse. Learn what it takes to be a really good lion.

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Skinny Crock-Pot: Top 25 Crock Pot Recipes To Lose Weight And Enjoy Delicious Meals

By Paul Wilson / Genre: Soups & Stews, Meals, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Skinny Crock-Pot: Top 25 Crock Pot Recipes To Lose Weight And Enjoy Delicious Meals

Think all low-carb, low-sugar recipes are bland? Think again.

Start Your Slow Cooker & Get ALL the amazing ideas & recipes today and create the perfect homemade food.

Eric Shaffer, Blogger, Food Enthusiast

“Finally, A Useful Slow Cooker Cookbook!”

Here’s The Real Kicker

The Skinny Crock-Pot is a #1 Most Exclusive Recipe Book Ever. Unlike other cookbooks, guidance and recipes, the Skinny Crock-Pot has been created to focus on Healthy Slow Cooking Techniques and The Most Explosive Flavours.

You’ll Never Guess What Makes These Recipes So Unique!

Use these recipes, and start slow cooking today!

Impress your family with these easy to make & delicious recipes!

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