Pennies (Dollar Book 1)

By Pepper Winters / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Pennies (Dollar Book 1)

“I’m not the hero in this story, girl. You’d do best to remember that.”

Once upon a time, I was an eighteen year old psychology student.
Now, I’m a man’s property.
Stolen and sold, I’ve been decorated in bruises since the day my world changed two years ago.
I suffer in silence, I crave freedom, but I never break.
I can’t.
Until he arrives.
Elder Prest, the only man to look at me and see me. The only man more ruthless than my owner.
He wants me for reasons I don’t understand.
He claims me for one night then leaves and never looks back.
Until he returns.
And life becomes much more complicated.

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Dirty Hitman

By Vivian Connelly / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Dirty Hitman

Nerves of steel, heart of gold, and a long, hard weapon that will bring you to your knees…


Fourteen months of working the graveyard shift at County General – yep.

Divorced by a cheating husband because he said I’m too boring? Yeah, got that too…

And now I have to take care of the guy in room 210? The one the cops originally thought was just a corpse?

Oh great, just when I thought this day couldn’t get any worse…


Double crossed by a cocktail waitress at sunrise – check.

The second toughest killer in the family wants me dead – check.

Three attempts on my life in the last 24 hours – check, check and check.

But then they screwed with that nurse, that sweet angel of mercy with the dimples, the one who was only trying to help me out.

And they took things just a little too far…

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The Templar Agenda

By John Paul Davis / Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction

The Templar Agenda

A Swiss banker is found murdered, the latest in a string of murders whose victims had connections to the Vatican. Their killers: a secret society whose members include some of the most influential men on the planet. They are the inheritors of the Knights Templar: an ancient brotherhood of warrior monks who once fought for the preservation of the Church in dangerous times.

But in whose name do they act now?

Back in Rome, the Vatican Police make a chilling discovery. All of the victims have one thing in common. And the Camerlengo’s great-niece is their next target.

When Swiss Guard Mikael (Mike) Frei is sent to St. Gallen to act as temporary bodyguard for Gabrielle Leoni, daughter of the murdered banker and great-niece of the Camerlengo, he is completely unprepared for what awaits him. Mike and Gabrielle fail to take to one another but following the discovery of a 14th century diary left behind by Gabrielle’s father which provides a dramatic insight into the cause of recent deaths, both of their lives are endangered.

A disturbing trail is emerging and an explosive secret is waiting to be discovered: a secret someone wants to remain hidden. With Gabrielle intent on discovering the truth behind her father’s murder, Mike’s position is compromised, forcing him to embark on a dangerous mission across Europe and the Atlantic to ensure Gabrielle’s safety and in doing so attempt to uncover the identity of the murderers before they strike again. Something serious is about to happen…

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Shopping for a Billionaire 2 (Shopping for a Billionaire series)

By Julia Kent / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Shopping for a Billionaire 2 (Shopping for a Billionaire series)

Mystery shopper Shannon and (near) billionaire Declan explore a relationship (and each other) as they deal with a jealous ex-boyfriend, a sham same-sex marriage, and a case of mistaken identity that threatens Shannon’s career (and sanity) as the “Shopping for a Billionaire” series continues.

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Vampire Rising: A Heartblaze Novel (Emma’s Saga Book 2)

By Shay Roberts / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy

Vampire Rising: A Heartblaze Novel (Emma's Saga Book 2)

Emma’s vampire soulmate suddenly vanishes. No one but her remembers him. To everyone else, he simply never existed.

Driven by her memories, Emma struggles to defeat the ruthless woman behind the mystery, an underworld empress hellbent on changing the course of history.

But this won’t be an easy fight. Emma is experiencing a difficult transformation, and her new powers probably won’t emerge in time to save her.

Do you want to know more about Emma’s transformation? Want to watch her confront the empress and solve the mystery of her lost soulmate? Then now is the time for action.

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A Tale Of Red Riding: Rise of the Alpha Huntress (The Alpha Huntress Series Book 1)

By Neo Edmund / Genre: Teen & Young Adult

A Tale Of Red Riding: Rise of the Alpha Huntress  (The Alpha Huntress Series Book 1)

Action! Adventure! Magic! Motorcycles! In this action-packed twist on the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tale, Red Riding must face the wolf within herself. Gifted with the ability to transform into a super-powered werewolf, she will rise to become a hero of legend known as the Alpha Huntress. With bad-boy Wolfgang Helheim by her side, Red will lead a tribe of warriors with super powers of their own, against a vile lunar deity that seeks to thrust Wayward Woods into eternal night…

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Immortal (The Immortal Series Book 1)

By Gene Doucette / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy

Immortal (The Immortal Series Book 1)

“I don’t know how old I am.My earliest memory is something along the lines of fire good, ice bad, so I think I predate written history, but I don’t know by how much. I like to brag that I’ve been there from the beginning, and while this may very well be true, I generally just say it to pick up girls.” –Adam the Immortal

Surviving sixty thousand years takes cunning and more than a little luck. But in the twenty-first century, Adam confronts new dangers—someone has found out what he is, a demon is after him, and he has run out of places to hide.Worst of all, he has had entirely too much to drink.

Immortal is a first person confessional penned by a man who is immortal, but not invincible. In an artful blending of sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, and humor, IMMORTAL introduces us to a world with vampires, demons and other “magical” creatures, yet a world without actual magic.

At the center of the book is Adam.

“I have been in quite a few tight situations in my long life. One of the first things I learned was if there is going to be a mob panic, don’t be standing between the mob and wherever it is they all want to go. The second thing I learned was, don’t try to run through fire.” –Adam the Immortal

Adam is a sixty thousand year old man. (Approximately.) He doesn’t age or get sick, but is otherwise entirely capable of being killed.His survival has hinged on an innate ability to adapt, his wits, and a fairly large dollop of luck.He makes for an excellent guide through history . . . when he’s sober.

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The Darkest Flame (Roadmap to Your Heart Book 1)

By Christina Lee / Genre: Gay Fiction, LGBT

The Darkest Flame (Roadmap to Your Heart Book 1)

From the author of There You Stand, a new male/male romance about an errant motorcycle recruit and the captivating bartender who sends his wheels spinning down an all too tempting road.

Vaughn O’Keefe has been part owner of the Hog’s Den for years. Privy to plenty of Disciples of the Road business, he’s never been more ruffled as when a new recruit named “Smoke” walks through the door.
Something about the man gets his blood pumping, but he knows to keep his preferences under wraps around the club.

“Smoke” Callahan has done a couple of rehab stints and is finally clean, thanks to help from the Disciples. He’s on the right path and isn’t about to get sidetracked, no matter how much the guy who manages the bar gets beneath his skin. Besides, his last relationship with a man left him scared, alone, and with a nightmare of an addiction.

When the Hog’s Den becomes shorthanded, and Smoke is ordered to help out the one man he can’t have, his longing for the bartender reaches blistering proportions. Vaughn figures a night together should be enough to satisfy their mutual attraction. But neither banks on just how scorching hot it might be.

As Smoke’s past unravels and the one person he hopes never to lay eyes on again messes with all he holds sacred, it’s time to involve the Disciples. Problem is, he’ll have to risk his membership, his heart, and his own hide to keep everyone he cares about safe.

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Perchance to Dream: A Holiday Christian Romance

By JoAnn Durgin / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Perchance to Dream: A Holiday Christian Romance

Ellie Franklin has known Ryan Sullivan her entire life. As their Christmas wedding approaches, Ryan is expected home from his second deployment to Afghanistan. Excitement is in the air as Ellie prepares for his homecoming, and the citizens of Cade’s Corner, Ohio, anxiously await the wedding of their hometown sweethearts.

When an unforeseen event occurs, will Ellie’s plans be postponed or will they come to a screeching halt? With her faith and family to sustain her, as well as the support of an entire town, will this bride’s prayers for a holiday miracle be answered?

A heartwarming novel of unfailing love, family, never giving up hope, and claiming the precious promises of God. And, through it all, discovering a true Christmas miracle.

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Acting Married (The Married Series Book 5)

By Victorine E. Lieske / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Acting Married (The Married Series Book 5)

Tara McDermott needed a job, so she took the only thing available—cleaning house for the swoon-worthy actor, and Hollywood Bad Boy, Rick Shade. When he comes up with a crazy plan to tame his wild reputation by marrying her, she reluctantly agrees so she can pay off her debts and move her daughter back to the Midwest where life is simpler. If only he wouldn’t make her heart pound every time he kisses her.
Rick’s reputation is in the toilet and it’s affecting his job. In order to get a good role, he needs to show Hollywood he’s now a family man. After enticing Tara with a large sum of money to go through with the farce, he sets out to show the public he’s in love. But Tara’s soft lips keep calling to him and soon he doesn’t know what’s pretend and what’s real.

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A Princess Next Door (Rothman Royals Book 1)

By Noelle Adams / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

A Princess Next Door (Rothman Royals Book 1)

I was born the oldest princess of a tiny country in the Alps, which means my future has been planned out for me since I was an infant. I was supposed to marry a rich, arrogant stranger to help restore the royal bank accounts, but I decided to go to college in the States instead. It was the one act of rebellion in my very sheltered life.

That’s how I met Jack Watson. He lives next door, and he’s the nicest, sexiest guy I’ve ever known. My time here is almost over, though. Soon I have to go back home and be the daughter my family and country expects. So there’s no sense in letting Jack seduce me with his slow smile, his skillful hands, and his husky drawl.

Even if I was allowed to have him for a boyfriend, Jack hates formal occasions, pretentious people, and being the center of attention. He’d never hook up with a princess.

Which is why he can never know who I am.

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A Hero’s Curse (The Unseen Chronicles Book 1)

By P.S. Broaddus / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy & Magic, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks

A Hero's Curse (The Unseen Chronicles Book 1)

Essie Brightsday has never heard a rock basilisk scream. She has never worn magical armor, stood up to a queen, or run from dragons. Instead, Essie, her sarcastic cat Tigrabum, (just call him “Tig”), and her secretive family struggle to survive on their small farm nestled against the forbidding cliffs of the Valley of Fire.

But all that is about to change when a rebellion against the cruel interim ruler is sparked. Forced to flee for their lives, Essie and Tig lose themselves in the twisting labyrinth of the ancient lava flow. When Essie finds proof that the missing King Mactogonii may be alive, she is given the opportunity to help restore stability to the kingdom. But the course of her journey will force her to face her deepest fears and unravel the mystery behind her own blindness…if Essie can survive the encounter.

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The Lucky Little Lyrebird

By Mathew Hoffmann / Genre: Baby Animals, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

The Lucky Little Lyrebird

It’s time to save Earth’s rainforests! Come join our hero, Luca the Lucky Little Lyrebird as he sets out on his first adventure to save home! Along the way you will meet all of Luca’s family and friends, a few bad guys and learn some awesome things about our planet! This book proves morals and values can be fun!

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Top 500 IP Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes: Healthy cookbook for Everyday – Vegan, Pork, Beef, Poultry, Seafood and More.

By Jamie Stewart / Genre: Meals, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Top 500 IP Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes: Healthy cookbook for Everyday - Vegan, Pork, Beef, Poultry, Seafood and More.

In this cookbook you will find 500 easy and healthy recipes divided into the following categories:
• Vegetables
• Poultry
• Pork
• Beef
• Fish & Seafood
• Vegan
• Beans & Grains
• Fast Snacks
• Desserts
• Jane’s Favorite’s

If you are considering a health-oriented and fast-paced lifestyle, an electric pressure cooker is the right kitchen tool for you. The IP is a revolutionary multi-cooker that utilizes one-touch technology, high temperatures and high-pressure to cook your food in a healthy way while saving your time and money.
Choosing an electric pressure cooker doesn’t mean skimping on flavor. As a matter of fact, it means reaching for the healthier and faster versions of your favorite dishes! This book will give you the guidelines to get the most out of your IP.
The IP is a multifunctional programmable cooker that can do the job of an electric pressure cooker, a slow cooker, rice maker, a steamer, a sautéing pan, a warming pot, and yogurt maker. Thus, the IP is given a place of honor on the kitchen countertop!

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