Christmas Wolf: Holiday Bundle (Black Mesa Wolves Book 5)

By J.K. Harper / Genre: Holidays

Christmas Wolf: Holiday Bundle (Black Mesa Wolves Book 5)

USA Today Bestselling Author J.K. Harper brings you three heartwarming & sexy Black Mesa Wolves holiday stories in one collection!


Mason Pearce never felt passionately about anything, until he met beautiful, sexy Ana. She stirred up his wild side and marked his heart as hers–then walked away. When he runs into her during the holidays, he knows one thing for certain: He won’t let her go again. No matter what it might cost him.

When omega wolf Ana Lyall walked away from her forbidden human soulmate, it shattered her heart. But wolf shifters and humans can’t mix, and she won’t have Mason’s blood on her hands. Nothing can entice her back to him–unless some wild Christmas magic can make their season bright after all.


Once upon a time, wolf shifter Lia Woolsey fell in love. Connor is the mate of her heart, soul, and body. But then she’s offered a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, one she can’t turn down. Not even if it means leaving Connor and shattering her heart.

Connor Lowe’s place in the Black Mesa Wolf Pack is secure, his deeply committed work as a doctor fills his days, and his mate, Lia, lights up his entire life. He’s the world’s happiest wolf–but his mate isn’t. And he loves her too much to stop her from leaving to follow her own bliss.

As the frozen longest night of the year approaches, Connor and Lia face an impossible choice…the kind only winter solstice magic might be able to fix before it’s too late.


With devoted mate Rielle still his most ardent champion, down and out wolf shifter Caleb Bardou is slowly piecing back together his busted up life. He’s a fighter at heart–but when he was justifiably stripped of his Pack Guardian status, it about knocked him out cold.

Now he gives his all to a hot new business training other shifters for the fight ring. He’s back in the game and looking for a big win, his sexy mate at his side all the way. Then an old enemy shows up in the final round and threatens to sucker punch Caleb and Rielle’s future. It might finally be time for Caleb to show the world what he’s really made of…and make it a happy new year after all.

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The Dragons of Alsace Farm: A Story of Love and Redemption

By Laurie Lewis / Genre: Family Life

The Dragons of Alsace Farm: A Story of Love and Redemption

In need of his own redemption, Noah Carter finally confronts his childhood hero, the once-beloved uncle who betrayed him. Instead of vengeance, he offers forgiveness, also granting Uncle John a most curious request—for Noah to work on the ramshackle farm of Agnes Deveraux Keller, a French WWII survivor with dementia.
Despite all Agnes has lost, she still has much to teach Noah. But the pair’s unique friendship is threatened when Tayte, Agnes’s estranged granddaughter, arrives to claim a woman whose circumstances and abilities are far different from those of the grandmother she once knew.
Items hidden in Agnes’s attic raise painful questions about Tayte’s dead parents, steeling Tayte’s determination to save Agnes, even if it requires her to betray the very woman she came to save, and the secret her proud grandmother has guarded for seventy years.
The issue strains the fragile trust between Tayte and Noah, who now realizes Tayte is fighting her own secrets, her own dragons. Weighed down by past guilt and failures, he feels ill-equipped to help either woman, until he remembers Agnes’s lessons about courage and love. In order to save Agnes, the student must now become the teacher, helping Tayte heal—for Agnes’s sake, and for his.

Free as of 11/29/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Friends & Enemies (Promise for Tomorrow Book 1)

By Terri Wangard / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Friends & Enemies (Promise for Tomorrow Book 1)

In 1943, widowed seamstress Heidi Wetzel finds new meaning in life by caring for evacuated children on a rural farm in war-torn western Germany. Never a supporter of National Socialism, she takes pleasure in passive resistance, but must exercise caution around neighbors who delight in reporting to the Gestapo.

Flying cadet Paul Braedel’s wife dies while he trains for the U.S. Army Air Corps. Following bereavement leave, he returns to B-17 “Flying Fortress” Bomber navigator training but he’s lost his zest for life and heads to England, not caring if he lives or dies. When he and his crew are shot down over Germany, he evades capture and, for the first time since Rachel’s death, hears the voice of God whisper guidance: Find Heidi.

When Heidi stumbles into a man she recognizes, she is shocked to realize he is a friend from her high school days in the United States, and the husband of her best friend Rachel. Aiding an enemy downed airman is punishable by execution, but she agrees to help.

Then they’re betrayed.

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Hear No (Hidden Evil, #1)

By Lizzy Ford / Genre: Angels, Paranormal, Romance

Hear No (Hidden Evil, #1)

It’s only the end of the world at stake …

Nathan’s job for the past three thousand years has been to clean up supernatural messes. Jaded, ruthlessly effective and selfless, he’s seen it all and can handle anything – demons, homicidal angels, even bad bosses.

His latest challenge: A creature named Shadowman is seeking out the three keys it believes will open portals between earth and hell. Nathan must eliminate the human host guiding Shadowman to the keys. Except Nathan isn’t expecting the woman anchoring Shadowman to the human world to be beautiful, witty, innocent and completely unaware of the creature manipulating her. Worse, she makes him feel alive for the first time in his long existence, and he haphazardly discovers she’s meant to become the love of his life.

Life becomes more complicated when Nathan helps rescue one of the key holders, a deaf girl charged with protecting the secret of who Shadowman really is: the first of four demons headed to the human world, intent on bringing about the Apocalypse. They will succeed, unless Nathan kills the woman he loves, and sends the demon back to Hell.

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To Keep A Promise (Buckskin Chronicles Book 1)

By B.N. Rundell / Genre: Classic, Westerns

To Keep A Promise (Buckskin Chronicles Book 1)

“A beautiful page-turning and action filled story of the old west with its minute-to-minute danger and a glimpse into the sophisticated old south where slaves kept the plantations running smoothly. A fast-paced story of sacrifice, duty to honor, and Yankee ingenuity and well worth the time.” – Amazon Reviewer

The power of a promise made and a promise kept is realized when Jeremiah Thompsett comes of age and accepts the responsibility of fulfilling his mentor’s long-held dream. Raised by an escaped slave in the midst of the Arapaho nation in the Wind River mountains, he now must track down the slave catchers that killed his adopted father and stole their cache. The Vengeance Quest takes him and his companions through the mountains and across the nation to fulfill the promise of freeing the family of slaves held dear to his mentor and adopted father.

Accompanied by Broken Shield and Laughing Waters, his Arapaho friend and his sister, the trek through the mountains and to Fort Union is fraught with hazard and ambush. It is here he is joined by Scratch, the crusty mountain man who joins him on his journey downriver and across country to find Ezekiel’s family and to seek to free them.

Free as of 11/29/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Dragonlove (Dragonfriend Book 2)

By Marc Secchia / Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy & Magic, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks

Dragonlove (Dragonfriend Book 2)

When a woman loves a Dragon, that love will change the world.

Six years have passed since Hualiama and Grandion defied the Island-World’s most sacred law. They burned the heavens together as Rider and Dragon. For his crime, Grandion the Tourmaline Dragon suffered exile and imprisonment. The Dragons forced Hualiama to forget her past.

Now, the suns must set upon the age of the Ancient Dragons. Amaryllion Fireborn, last of his kind, bequeaths Hualiama an astonishing legacy. She is the Dragonfriend. Raised by Dragons. Burned by Dragon fire. Oath-bound to a Dragon. Crossing the Island-World in search of her Dragonlove, she will forge an indelible mark upon history.

As war between Dragons and Humans engulfs the Islands, Hualiama must unravel the secrets of her tragic past in order to confront an evil that threatens the very existence of the Dragonkind. For love that is tested in the crucible of fate must burn, or die.

Free as of 11/29/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Taunt (Ava Delaney Book 2)

By Claire Farrell / Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror

Taunt (Ava Delaney Book 2)

Ava needs to forget all about the vampires, but they won’t leave her alone. Between her failing business, angry landlord, disloyal friends, and vampire stalkers, life is starting to feel pretty stressful. When Ava finally deals with her biggest problem, she gets caught up in the chain of events it triggers and is dragged along a path she can’t escape from.

Ava has to figure out exactly what her biggest threat is: the humans, the vampires, the Council—or her true heritage.

Free as of 11/29/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

MONSTER (Angels’ Blood MC Book 1)

By Heather West / Genre: Heist, Crime Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

MONSTER (Angels' Blood MC Book 1)

Monsters like me shouldn’t touch angels like her. But I did it anyways.
She was an innocent little princess who wandered into the wrong bar.
I was a ruthless biker with blood on my hands and girls on my c*ck.
It should have been a one-night stand – but instead, it became an all-out war.

I knew from the moment I saw Bella that I would make her mine.
She was too ripe for the taking.
Something so pure and beautiful should never be allowed close to a man like me.
But I saw her, and I craved her – so I took her.

I made her body sore and her throat raw.
Afterwards, I expected that to be the end of things.

Oh, how wrong I was.

A brutal struggle in the criminal underworld leaves me gushing blood on an operating table.
And when I look up into the bright lights, whose face appears?

Still beautiful.
Still pure.

Bella stitches me up and puts me back on my feet.
I can’t decide what I want first:
Bend her over my knee and mark her flesh as mine?
Or take off to go destroy the bastard who tried to end my life?

My enemies decide for me.
They threaten Bella and her daughter, thinking that their cowardice will protect them from my wrath.
That’s a deadly mistake.
No one touches anything that belongs to me.

The only problem is that Bella is too scared of what I’ve done to trust me.
She thinks I’m a monster.
Can I show her there’s a human inside?

Free as of 11/29/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Spawned By The Lion: A Paranoramal Pregnancy Romance (The Spawned Collection Book 4)

By Amira Rain / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Spawned By The Lion: A Paranoramal Pregnancy Romance (The Spawned Collection Book 4)

“Can a woman really be unaware that she has a child?”

Emily Davenport had no idea that she was a mother but this was what the FBI agents on her doorstep were telling her.

Apparently one of her eggs had been fertilized by a WereLion and the baby was then born via a surrogate mother. All without her being aware.

She had no idea how this could happen. It was a story that was too insane to believe.

But now Emily must go and meet the man behind this all and be introduced to the daughter she never knew she had.

However, the truth would soon come out and it would be even more shocking than Emily ever imagined..

Start reading this SENSATIONAL paranormal romance by scrolling back up and downloading to your device right away!

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Leash: Delinquent Rebels MC

By Kathryn Thomas / Genre: Heist, Crime Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

Leash: Delinquent Rebels MC

She’s like no other women I’ve had in my bed.
Too innocent to just defile.
Too good to just ruin.
But that was before I found out who her mother’s marrying…

She was the biggest mistake that I never should have let go.
I’ve left plenty of broken hearts behind me…
But I’ll be goddamned if April wasn’t the first one that made me care.
Made me feel.

I never thought I’d have her hair between my fingers again.
Never thought I’d fill my lungs with her scent again.
Watch the way her curves sway with every step.

I never thought that I’d get a second chance with her.
A second chance to right the wrongs of the past.

Until I found out who her mom’s marrying.
Until I found out that she’s off-limits in every way possible.

I’ve spent my entire life defying the rules.
And no rule–is going to keep April away from me.

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