IMMORTAL MATCHMAKERS, INC. (Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Series Book 1)

By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

IMMORTAL MATCHMAKERS, INC. (Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Series Book 1)

Because dysfunctional immortals need love, too…


Demigod Andrus Gray may look like every woman’s dream, but when it comes to charm, he sees no point in pretending: He has none and makes no apologies for it. Behaving nicely hasn’t made him the deadly assassin he is today. But is that really the reason he’s still single?

The Goddess Cimil—owner of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc.—thinks yes. So when she foresees a mate in Andrus’s near future, she’s determined to make the match happen. That means hiring aspiring actress Sadie Townsend to help the barbarian “act” a little more civilized.

But are seven days really enough? And why does he suddenly have the urge to throw away an eternity of love for just one night with Sadie?

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Kimimela (The Manhattan Stories Book 4)

By Donna Foley Mabry / Genre: United States, Historical Fiction

Kimimela (The Manhattan Stories Book 4)

Kansas, 1852

Half-breed Everett Snipes discovers a newborn baby crying by the body of her mother. He recognizes the mother as the second wife of his cousin Wakiza, chief of the Village of Scouts located a few miles from the Army base. Everett rescues the infant and takes her to her family.

The child’s people are being pushed out of their ancestral lands. In the East, rumblings of the coming war over slavery are already spreading across the nation, and Kansas, Bloody Kansas, will not escape the carnage.

The Kansa Indians once controlled the entire territory. Now, white settlers are flooding in and, in spite of treaties, stealing reservation lands while the white government takes no action against the invasion.

As she grows, Kimimela and her family fight marauding Pawnees, the white man’s diseases, and changing times. Under the protection of her cousin Everett, a man who belongs nowhere, yet manages to fit in everywhere, she survives. Kimimela must adapt and make her way in life by learning to blend in with the very people who have stolen everything rightfully hers.

Throughout her struggle, Kimimela, the daughter and granddaughter of chiefs, clings to the traditions of her people. She is Kansa … and will never forget it.

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Fair Game – A Football Romance

By Emerson Rose / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Fair Game - A Football Romance


I had to save them,
Had to be the hero,
To protect my family.

And I ruined it all.
I walked out on the only woman I ever loved.
No word.
No notice.
I broke her,
And destroyed myself.

I’m determined to fix it,
To win her back.
When I left Amethyst Amero,
She may have crumbled,
But she’s far from shattered now.
She’s strong, sexy, and secure.
And she wants nothing to do with me.


When Adam Silver walked out of my life for a football career,
It was over for me.
He was everything to me,
And he walked away without warning.
But I survived,
I built myself back up, recreated myself,
And never looked back.

But now, he’s ready to pick up where we left off.
I refuse to let that happen.
Too many wounds,
Too long ago.
That was the past.
This is the present.
And he certainly isn’t my future.
Or is he?

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September Sky (American Journey Book 1)

By John A. Heldt / Genre: Victorian, Historical Romance, Romance

September Sky (American Journey Book 1)

When unemployed San Francisco reporter Chuck Townsend and his college-dropout son, Justin, take a cruise to Mexico in 2016, each hopes to rebuild a relationship after years of estrangement. But they find more than common ground aboard the ship. They meet a mysterious lecturer who touts the possibilities of time travel. Within days, Chuck and Justin find themselves in 1900, riding a train to Texas, intent on preventing a distant uncle from being hanged for a crime he did not commit. Their quick trip to Galveston, however, becomes long and complicated when they wrangle with business rivals and fall for two beautiful librarians on the eve of a hurricane that will destroy the city. Filled with humor, history, romance, and heartbreak, SEPTEMBER SKY follows two directionless souls on the adventure of a lifetime as they try to make peace with the past, find new purpose, and grapple with the knowledge of things to come.

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Devolution: A Sam Jameson Espionage & Suspense Thriller

By Lars Emmerich / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers

Devolution: A Sam Jameson Espionage & Suspense Thriller

What would it take to put our way of life at risk?

Is it possible for a handful of ultra-deep players to cripple the global economy?

A secret organization with immense wealth and limitless influence squares off against The Establishment in this #1 Bestselling financial conspiracy thriller from espionage master Lars Emmerich.

As the clandestine conflict reaches an explosive flashpoint, Special Agent Sam Jameson, a brash, ballsy, and beautiful spy catcher, is cast headlong into the crossfire. The love of her life is missing, the victim of a brutal and terrifying kidnapping.

Will she unravel the ruthless conspiracy in time to save his life?

Can she save her own?

The characters are vivid, the facts are exquisitely researched, and the plot is gripping and frightening… because the threat is more real than we’d like to imagine.

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Midnight’s Call

By Anna Lowe / Genre: Demons & Devils, Paranormal, Romance

Midnight's Call

Curl up with ghosts, demons, shifters and other spooky heroes looking for love. Exclusively available on Amazon, this new boxed set features stories from USA Today and NY Times bestselling authors and is full of ‘bumps in the dark’ that are sure to satisfy.

Including short stories (some are brand new!) by:
Anna Lowe – Gambling on Trouble  (NEW!)
Katalina Leon – Vampire Picnic, Ravenscroft
Monica La Porta – Roman Nights (NEW!)
Michelle Fox – Ghosts of Desire  
Vivienne Savage – The Day Shift (NEW!)
Melissa Farrar – Be Afraid of the Dark
Julia Mills – Vidalia – A Not-Quite Vampire Love Story
Debbie Herbert – Changed  (NEW!)
Amber Ella Monroe – Festive Seduction
Crystal Dawn – Max (New)
Kate Rudolph – The Mate that Got Away
Sedona Venez – Big Bad Wolfie (NEW!)
Kiki Howell – A Violent Seduction
Kate Richards – The Ghostly Lovers
Ever Coming – Bearly Relative 
Gina Kincade – A Shot at Love

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Big Bad Baller: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

By Tia Siren / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Big Bad Baller: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

I’ve wanted Jesse forever. And now that it’s finally happening between us, how can I tell my brother?

This is my life since the accident. I work twelve-hour shifts to put food on the table, pay the rent and my tuition. And all my lazy-assed brother does is sit around on the sofa all day and play video games.

It’s unfair. But I push through. I do it for him.

But Jesse Valen – star quarterback of the Jets – is coming home. My eternal childhood crush when I used to rub down his muscles in the hot tub.

He was also my brother’s best friend… until the accident.

I hope he can finally fill me in on what happened that night.

Because I don’t know why my brother will never, ever, forgive him…

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The Bargain

By Aaron D. Gansky / Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction

The Bargain

One man stands between a destitute town and total destruction.

Ten articles in eight days is a tall order for any journalist, even for Polk Award winner Connor Reedly. But with a dying wife and an empty bank account, the promised payment of $250,000 is hard to turn down. More so, his enigmatic employer, Mason Becker, has insinuated Connor’s acceptance of the job will result in a supernatural healing of his beloved wife.

The people of Hailey, California–the subjects of Connor’s charged articles–are a secretive group, not willing to open up to strangers. When shots are fired and Connor is running for his life, he demands Mason answer his questions: Why are the articles so important? Is anyone going to publish them? Where is the money coming from? How can he be so confident that the completion of the articles will heal his wife?

Nothing in Connor s vast journalistic adventures–not Katrina, not September 11th, not even his first-hand experience in the genocide in Darfur–could prepare him for the answers Mason gives. Now, it seems, the lives of everyone in Hailey — including his wife’s — are in his hands.

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Dark Destroyer (De Wolfe Pack Book 6)

By Kathryn Le Veque / Genre: Ancient World, Historical Romance, Romance

Dark Destroyer (De Wolfe Pack Book 6)

1380 A.D. – The great-grandson of the legendary William de Wolfe is not as his family had hoped; although a man of legendary skill and strength, like his great-grandfather, Gates de Wolfe is something of a legendary rake as well. A man with an eye for women, he has left a string of broken hearts all across England and rumors of at least two bastards, possibly more. But Gates is also a man of humor, charm, and great charisma, making it difficult for women to resist him and making it even more difficult for men to despise him because he is such a likable character. Moreover, in battle, he is a destroyer – a knight without equal. He is a man to be feared.

Lady Kathalin de Lara is part of the mighty House of de Lara, great marcher lords. A young lady who has been educated in a convent, she is rather naive in the ways of men. When Gates meets Kathalin, he treats her with surprising respect. She is different from other women he has known and because he greatly respects the woman’s uncle, a close friend, Gates makes no attempt at another conquest. He treats her with great regard. But in that regard, and in declaring she is out of bounds for his usual conquering ways, a seed of attraction for her sprouts. Gates, unexpectedly, begins to have real feelings for the lovely Lady Kathalin.

But his reputation as a rake works against him. No decent family, including the House of de Lara, will permit him to seriously court one of their daughters, and Kathalin’s family denies his suit. For a spoiled, cavalier man who has always gotten what he wanted, Gates must face the reality that he must actually fight for what he wants and fight for a love he never knew he could feel.

Join Kathalin and Gates on an impossible adventure of life, love, discovery, and devotion that only angels dare to dream of.

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Worth of a Duke: A Lords of Fate Novel

By K.J. Jackson / Genre: Regency, Historical Fiction

Worth of a Duke: A Lords of Fate Novel

Fate is fickle. And fate has decided it is time for a hardened duke to do the impossible—let love into his life.

A lady on the wrong side of the ocean.
Lost and wandering the woods, Miss Wynne Theaton was surviving quite nicely until Rowen Lockton appeared. He saves her from getting trampled by a thief’s horse, but then becomes insistent on showing her where she truly is.

A duke refusing to deny fate.
Fate tossed Miss Theaton into his path, and Rowen Lockton, the Duke of Letson, is not one to deny fate. But the woman comes with a host of problems, not the least of which is her belief that she is in another country.

An undeniable attraction neither expected.
He was not looking for a wife. She was only searching for home. But fate has very different plans for the two of them—if they can survive not only forgotten secrets, but demons of the past.

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Exploited (The Dark Redemption Series Book 1)

By Lane Hart / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Exploited (The Dark Redemption Series Book 1)

For years I’ve left a path of death and destruction wherever I go. I promise myself that after one last job I’ll have the money I desperately need to quit taking lives. That’s how I find myself back in my hometown of Lexington.

So beautiful and innocent, I unknowingly end up saving the life of the one girl I was supposed to keep silent…the one girl I was supposed to end.

She’s my fallen angel sent from above.

I can’t resist staining her pure white wings with my darkness when I use her. Defile her. Deceive her.

The two of us were both ruined by our pasts when they intersected. Pasts that we’re still trying to escape with the hounds of hell on our heels.

Fate brought us together. Now, I’ll do anything to protect my angel from the demons that haunt her. I won’t stop until I slay the devil himself to keep her safe, the man who ruined both of our lives.

The only problem is, my silent angel is keeping secrets from me – the biggest of which is that I’m not the only one who wants to exploit her.

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Swift Walker: A Continental Journey: Science and Geography Books for Kids!

By Verlyn Tarlton / Genre: Explore the World, Geography & Cultures, Children’s eBooks

Swift Walker: A Continental Journey: Science and Geography Books for Kids!

Learn About the Continents!
Power your child’s imagination with real information from Swift Walker. Swift Walker introduces kids to the continents, maps, and basic geography concepts with a fun character they can relate to.

Join Swift Walker as his speedy legs take him on a journey across the world to Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica. Beautiful, full color illustrations. Perfect for home, school, or homeschoolers. Buy a copy today!

Ages 4 and up.

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Fermentation: 49 Awesome Fermented Food Recipes Rich In Probiotics, Enzymes, Vitamins, And Minerals-Learn About Health Benefits Of Fermentation And How To Incorporate Fermented Foods Into Your Diet

By Rebecca Herbertson / Genre: Canning & Preserving, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Fermentation: 49 Awesome Fermented Food Recipes Rich In Probiotics, Enzymes, Vitamins, And Minerals-Learn About Health Benefits Of Fermentation And How To Incorporate Fermented Foods Into Your Diet

Discover Why Traditionally Fermented Foods, Are Essential To Your Diet, And How They Can Radically Improve Your Health.

For people living without modern medicine and refrigeration, fermentation has always been not only a simple means of food preservation, but also a way to imbue foods with health-promoting properties, an essential tool for maintaining the gut health.
Fermented foods are filled with probiotics, and there is a growing awareness of the benefits of these “friendly” bacteria in maintaining optimal health. They may sound too exotic for you, but don’t be put off. Here you will learn more about fermented foods and why they should become a regular part of your diet.

Recently, fermented foods have started to disappear from our plate. Sauerkraut and modern pickles are prepared with vinegar instead of the conventional technique of lacto-fermentation with the use of salt. Pasta and bread are prepared with commercial yeast rather that with natural wild yeast. Cheese, beer and wine are being pasteurized, which eliminates all of the beneficial bacteria we so very much need to maintain our overall health. Well, we could gain lots of benefits if we choose to return to the conventional methods of our predecessors, and consume more fermented foods.

Under normal circumstances we never have to worry about stocking up the beneficial bacteria that will help us to better digest the food that we eat. We tend to regularly use antibacterial soaps, chlorinated water and antibiotic drugs which all eliminate bacteria. If we do not get a supply of beneficial bacteria, we will not be able to effectively acquire the nutrients out of the food that we consume.

This book contains comprehensive information about fermentation and its health benefits. This book also features some proven tips on how to successfully incorporate fermented foods into your diet. Lastly, this book contains 49 fermented food recipes that you will surely enjoy.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Liquid Whey and Greek Yogurt
  • Easy-to-Prepare Sauerkraut
  • Lacto-Fermented Summer Squash and Zucchini Pickles
  • Lacto-Fermented Sweet Pickle Slices
  • Fermented Cranberry Chutney
  • Fermented Radishes
  • Fermented Grape Tomatoes
  • Dairy-Free Kombucha Waffles
  • Bubbly Probiotic Lemonade
  • Quickie Raw Vegan Coconut Yogurt
  • 30-Second Lacto-Fermented Salsa
  • Fermented Watermelon Radish
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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