SNOW: A Gentry Boys Christmas Story

By Cora Brent / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

SNOW:  A Gentry Boys Christmas Story

With December 25th fast approaching, brothers Stone and Conway Gentry have a lot more than holiday festivities to keep them busy.
There’s newlywed life to adjust to, a business to run, a baby arriving any minute and to top it off, an unusual forecast of snow threatens to cover the desert for the first time in decades.
Plus when ghosts of the past threaten everything they’ve built, the brothers find their close bond and their dreams of the future tested yet again.
Luckily the rest of the loyal Gentry Boys always have their backs.
Stay tuned because this season there may be more than one Christmas miracle on the way….

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A Great Catch: Arranged Marriage Romance

By Rocklyn Ryder / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

A Great Catch: Arranged Marriage Romance

“You wanna tell me why paid all that money to a match maker to find you a husband you don’t wanna f*ck?”


They say good girl should save herself till she finds a great catch, but guys my age want a woman who knows what she’s doing.

A modern day take on an arranged marriage seems like it might solve my problem.

Except Redd’s nothing like the clean cut, professional man I always envisioned myself with. He’s a rugged cattle rancher with mud on his boots and dirt under his nails. He’s older than me too, and I’m worried he’ll be turned off my lack of experience.

I thought maybe it would be for the best if I didn’t mention the unpunched V-card to the man I’m supposed to marry. I know I should have fessed up before we got carried away but a man like Redd isn’t going to want a wife that he has to teach everything to.


I always did want to raise a bunch of kids with a good woman at my side, but the right girl never showed up. I ain’t getting any younger and I’m done waitin’.

So I hired myself a legitimate modern day marriage broker and gave her a ton of money to find me a wife.

When Olivia shows up with her sunshine blonde hair, those meadow green eyes, and all them curves pouring over her body, I gotta admit she’s a might prettier than I was expecting and a lot younger.

She ain’t so young that I was expecting her to be as innocent as she looks though, and now she’s worried I’m going to turn her away like all them young fools she’s been going out with.

My Olivia’s right about one thing, I am experienced. But there’s something to be said for getting started with someone who already knows a thing or two and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love knowin’ all Olivia’s firsts belong to me.

A Great Catch features one rugged older cowboy, one innocent younger woman, and the modern day arranged marriage that brings them together.
There’s no cheating, there’s no crazy drama, just steamy romance on the way to a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

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Dog Love – An Unbreakable Bond: Inspirational Stories of Devotion, Loyalty and Courage

By Shelby Cannon / Genre: Training, Dogs, Animal Care & Pets, Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Dog Love – An Unbreakable Bond: Inspirational Stories of Devotion, Loyalty and Courage

The bond between humans and dogs is more intense than our bond with any other species―there’s not even a close second. Dogs are more than just a pet; they are trusted companions. They help us hunt, guard our homes, look after our livestock and even our children and, over time, do so many useful and wonderful things that it boggles the mind.

This compilation of heart-warming dog stories illustrates the pure love of these amazing creatures, including extraordinary instances and first-hand accounts of bravery, friendship, loyalty, devotion and companionship down to their very last breath.

There’s a reason we call them man’s best friend. No matter the situation, your dog is happy to see you. You are greeted with the same enthusiasm each and every time you walk in that door. A dog has the ability to live in the present moment. They don’t regret the past or worry about the future.

While we often ask so much of them, they require almost nothing in return. You can ask your dog to chase a Frisbee, take a nap on the couch, herd some sheep, or run around a show ring and he’ll do it, happily, for hours on end. He only wants to be fed, and told he’s good, and most of all loved. If a dog has love, he really needs nothing else.

In the presence of a dog, somehow, nothing else matters. A dog is handing out pure love, sparing no expense, and asking absolutely nothing in return. Perhaps American Humorist Josh Billings said it best: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

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The Hard Way: a Sports Romance

By Katie Ashley / Genre: Coming of Age

The Hard Way: a Sports Romance

Cade Hall has always been the golden boy of the gridiron. Because of his talent at football, coupled with his father’s wealth, he’s always gotten his way. But when a night of drunken debauchery lands him in hot water with the college athletic board, neither his influential father nor his charming grin can save him. Cade finds it a total buzz kill when he is sentenced to community service with troubled youth at an inner-city shelter. But his nightmare is only beginning when his greatest high school regret is the very one in charge of the program, and she has him by the balls in more ways than one.

For Avery Prescott, senior year was a nightmare of epic proportions, and Cade Hall played the lead villain. After she fled her small town for college in the bright lights of Atlanta, she thought she had escaped the painful memories of her past. She never could have imagined Cade would waltz through the door of the outreach program she presided over. But Avery has news for Cade—she isn’t the same shy, doormat of a girl she was in high school. Since she holds Cade’s football future in her hands, she’s more than ready to make payback a real bitch.

Will they stay in the defensive zone or discover that sometimes life’s greatest lessons are learned the hard way?

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Agnes Barton In Tawas Box Set, An Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery series (Books 4-6)

By Madison Johns / Genre: General Humor, Humor & Satire

Agnes Barton In Tawas Box Set, An Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery series (Books 4-6)

Agnes Barton In Tawas Box set (Books 4-6) that includes Trouble in Tawas, Treasure in Tawas, and the newly released, Bigfoot in Tawas.

Trouble in Tawas
Agnes Barton has been waiting years for this day. She’s always told Sheriff Peterson he would rue the day when his re-election time came around and now — it’s finally here. What will Agnes do? Will she cause conflict or support the other candidate?

When the sheriff’s father Hal goes missing, Agnes and Eleanor Mason are on a mission to find him, leading them to the Soaring Eagle Casino. But when they haul him home it’s only to find that his companion, Raul Perez, is dead at the bottom of the stairs. When the cops show up it doesn’t look good for Hal who is in possession of the dead man’s credit card. With Hal now as a suspect, and Sheriff Peterson off the case, the sheriff hires Agnes and Eleanor to clear his father’s name.

Will Agnes be able to clear Hal’s name in time to save Peterson from failure at the polls or is this case too bizarre as a tenant claims aliens are involved?

Treasure in Tawas
The last thing Agnes Barton expected was to be slapped in cuffs alongside her best friend, and fellow-sleuthing buddy, Eleanor Mason. All they had wanted to do was to verify if a painting at the Butler Mansion had indeed been stolen. How were they to know that they had tripped off a silent alarm—or that Agnes’ nemesis Mildred Winfree’s body would be discovered when the cops showed up? It didn’t help that they had entered the mansion illegally—using a key Agnes had pilfered from her daughter Martha who was working as a real estate agent to sell the old place.

Word has it that a treasure map was hidden in the back of a painting at the Butler Mansion, and it was just too juicy a story not to investigate. So here Agnes and Eleanor sat in jail as prime suspects as they were brought in for questioning.

The tabloid, Tall Tales, printed a treasure map in its most recent addition, and soon, East Tawas becomes a point of interest as treasure hunters began tearing up the town looking for treasure. Agnes and Eleanor join in the foray, but she wondered just who was behind this tall tale, and what did it have to do with Mildred’s murder?

Bigfoot and Tawas
Agnes and Eleanor embark on their most challenging case to date, finding Bigfoot!

Agnes isn’t sure what to say when Billy Matlin, hires her to find Bigfoot, and it doesn’t help that Eleanor is hiding in the car. Who is she to say that Bigfoot isn’t real, and lord knows she sure could use a paying gig. Armed with a baggie full of brown hair, Agnes and Eleanor march into the sheriff’s department, but Sheriff Peterson is reluctant to test the hair. Outright refusing to use county resources for a DNA analysis.

Before long, the Department of Natural Resources and the United States Fish and Game Service also both refuse to test the hair. Suggesting that the only way they would investigate is if an endangered species is involved. Never one to be told no, Agnes does the only thing she thinks will get them to change their minds by planting evidence in the form of a road killed Bald Eagle on Billy’s property.

East Tawas is not only overrun with Bigfoot sightings, but it would seem just about everyone they question claims to have seen something mysterious in the woods. When big game hunters roll into town, and with the DNR and U.S. Fish and Game fighting over the brown hair, not to mention a reality show offering up a ten million dollar prize to whoever finds Bigfoot, it’s up to Agnes and Eleanor to find out the truth, which is further complicated when Billy Matlin mysteriously disappears.

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This Industry Ain’t Meant For Hood Love

By Heiress / Genre: Urban

This Industry Ain't Meant For Hood Love

This Industry is about music, not about love. Yes, the artist may sing about it but do they really want love when they can rather have money, power and love?

Peso is the rudest most disrespectful trap artist you will ever encounter. Rapping about his drugs, money and women who he could careless for, is his specialty. That four-letter word meant nothing to him. It was just an excuse to distracted to him when he was all about his music. That was until one drunken and high night changed his life forever. For the better or worse? We have yet to find out.

Ginger is your everyday girl next day with a bright smile and an even brighter personality. All she dreamed about was getting out he Hood and finding out what she wanted to do with her life career wise. She wasn’t into boys and she never was the in your face type. After one encounter with Peso, she will soon find out why he will soon be her root to why she hates men. Or is that hate often mistake for love?

PlayBoi is exactly what his stage name is. A playboy. He hops from women to women every night not looking for any strings to be attached. As a sexy R&B singer with talent, money who God has blessed down below, he is every woman’s dream. He’s a gentleman who’s gentle and nice but his player ways overshadow his positive attributes. When his career is on the rocks due to his ongoing playboy image, he is forced to make a change. A change that may make him happy or lead him down a path of heartbreak for the first time.

Raven is the sexy singer with a feisty attitude that everyone seems to be attracted to. She’s new in the music business but she adjusts to the life very well. Out the gate she was named the new Rihanna without the accent. She had a secret that she kept due to her instant fame but soon it will get out. As she makes a deal with her label of a gimmick that will get her more fans, she sacrifices her relationship in the process. Will it be the start of something new or will her celebrity status soon come to an end?

Four individuals battle with money, fame, love and drugs. The four most common downfalls in this music industry. Can they withstand the false blogs, thirsty thots, crazy fans and the rise of their career?

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Target: A Military Romance (Unwanted Soldiers Book 1)

By Aden Lowe / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Action & Adventure

Target: A Military Romance (Unwanted Soldiers Book 1)

She was only supposed to be a Target—not become my everything.
I’m an Unwanted Soldier—an elite group of former soldiers which takes missions no one can complete, no matter the amount of money offered. I handle specific targets—the impossible ones.

Coming home from a mission in the desert, all I want is sleep. A visitor derails that plan with a file and a new mission: rescue Lauren Johnson from the abusive Presidential Candidate/US Senator Jared Richardson.

Lauren’s gray eyes got to me, left me powerless to turn it down. I only take the most remote and dangerous jobs. This one might have the biggest stakes of all—my heart.

I could be the next First Lady! But as the campaign heats up, my fiancé, US Senator Jared Richardson, is under more stress, and he lashes out at me. His staff looks the other way. I can’t just leave. My face is everywhere. My family and friends have all been pushed away. And Jared won’t let me go, even if I no longer want this.

My new bodyguard, Trick, protected me from Jared, despite the danger to himself from Jared’s henchmen. I’m not certain why he’s on my side, but he’s the only one I have, and I trust him. He helps me remember how things are supposed to be, and what I want from life. He makes me want so much more. If he’s willing to take these risks, surely I can have the courage to leave Jared and move on. If only Trick will move on with me…

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Beyond the Great River (People of the Longhouse Book 1)

By Zoe Saadia / Genre: United States, Historical Fiction

Beyond the Great River (People of the Longhouse Book 1)

They felt she was too spirited, too forward, too boyish, not as feminine and as graceful as a young woman should be. Their frowns followed her like a cloud, but she didn’t care. Other girls may have worked happily, danced beautifully, or sewn themselves pretty dresses, but they could not climb or run or swim as well as she did, the silly, giggly, empty-headed creatures that they were.
The entire village may have been frowning at her, but when she spotted the enemy forces camping under the Sacred Hill, they had no choice but to listen.

Okwaho knew they were being watched. Whether by spirits or a wandering local, he could not ignore the feeling of the wary, frightened, hate-filled eyes staring out of the forest, burning his skin. But of course! Of course, the local woods distrusted them. He and his people were invaders, not coming to trade or engage in other peaceful dealings, but to raid these settlements. The enemies from the lands of the rising sun were bad, evil, impossible to understand. And yet…
And yet, when the urge to prove himself lent him enough words to convince the leader of their party to send him and his friend on the mission of scouting the suspected hill, he could not have imagined what consequences this deviation from the well-planned road would lead them all into, the attackers and defenders alike.

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Once Upon a Royal Christmas (Palotays of Montana Book 2)

By Robin Bielman / Genre: Holidays

Once Upon a Royal Christmas (Palotays of Montana Book 2)

Rowan Palotay hopes she never runs into the too-handsome Prince Theodore Chenery ever again after she leaves an embarrassing first impression. But fixing her mistake garners even more attention from the prince, and when he requests she be his reporter for a news story, she can’t say no.

Prince Theo is completely enchanted with Rowan and finds her special brand of kindness and honesty impossible to ignore. Back home, his choices are made for him, but here in this small town where his mother grew up, he feels connections he never has before. And the more time he and Rowan spend together, the more he wants her—all of her.

When obligations back home take a turn he didn’t see coming, he’s ready to stake his claim. But when his father and the media get wind of his relationship with Rowan, Theo must decide whether to follow his heart or his royal duty.

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Single Dad Plus One: A Billionaire and Secret Baby Romantic Comedy (Single Dad on Top Book 2)

By JJ Knight / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Single Dad Plus One: A Billionaire and Secret Baby Romantic Comedy (Single Dad on Top Book 2)

My bride-to-be Arianna wants to meet my parents.

They live in a trailer. Dad thinks Playboy T-shirts are classy because the naked women are silhouettes. Mom has a tattoo of a dog humping a palm tree. I don’t think either one has said a sentence without an f-bomb since 1985.

I changed my name a long time ago. Started a new life with a clean slate and never looked back.

I don’t know how to mend that bridge.

Or why there’s a pig-on-a-spit at their surprise engagement party.

Or how Arianna and I ended up wearing matching “Ball and Chain” bride and groom shirts.

But you don’t get to choose your parents.

And in my family, crazy is definitely relative.

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MindSighted: BlackWing Pirates, Book 1

By Connie Suttle / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy

MindSighted: BlackWing Pirates, Book 1

In or out of the Alliances, sorcerers and necromancers are considered a myth–until a single, shadowy figure brings those myths to life.

In or out of the Alliances, nobody is prepared for that…

The BlackWing Pirates, a fleet of space cruisers that form a secret branch of the Alliance Security Detail, discover what a myth-come-to-life is capable of doing when this sinister aberration begins a slow and deliberate attack against the upcoming Joint Alliances Conclave.

In the ensuing chaos, where deaths are unexplained and the impossible becomes possible, the BlackWing Pirates’ most effective weapon turns out to be a blind clairvoyant, who sees better than anyone when his eyes are closed…

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Somewhere on St. Thomas (Michaels Family Romance Book 1)

By Toby Neal / Genre: Historical Romance, Romance

Somewhere on St. Thomas (Michaels Family Romance Book 1)

Why him? Why now? What else could go wrong?

Set in 1984, in a world before sexting and texting, this “lushly written and emotional” New Adult romance stars redheaded spelling champion Ruby Michaels, who meets the wrong kind of man on the eve of her departure from St. Thomas for college, when fireworks ensue. “I won’t be derailed by anyone—no matter how handsome and interesting,” she vowed.
But some promises are made to be broken.
Surfer, sailor, handyman Rafe is fleeing grief and his family’s opulent lifestyle. In Ruby’s passionate innocence he finds a woman he’s willing to sail the globe to pursue. “I am a pirate,” he tells her. “When I see a treasure I want, I’ll do anything to get it.”

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Birds of Prey: Owls! A Bird Book About Owls Featuring The Barn, Snowy, Screech Owls and More, With Amazing Pictures, Information And Fun Facts.

By Gary Dickinson / Genre: Birds, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Birds of Prey: Owls! A Bird Book About Owls Featuring The Barn, Snowy, Screech Owls and More, With Amazing Pictures, Information And Fun Facts.

“Owls: Birds of Prey! A Kids Book About Owls Featuring The Barn, Snowy, Screech Owls and Many More, With Amazing Pictures, Information And Fun Facts For Kids” brings the world of owls into your living room.

Children’s author Gary Dickinson has written an easy to understand book that highlights the world of owls with beautiful full color pictures and that educates as well as entertains children with an interest in these beautiful and sometimes mysterious birds of the night.

In it he covers a wide variety of owls from large to small, their habitats, food types, and much more.

This book was written for independent readers aged 9 years+ and would also be enjoyed by younger children if the reading is shared with an adult.

Free as of 12/13/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

600 Air Fryer Recipes: The Newest Air Fryer Cookbook for Fast Cooking

By Mary Gray / Genre: Pasta, Cooking by Ingredient, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

600 Air Fryer Recipes: The Newest Air Fryer Cookbook for Fast Cooking

Start cooking instantly! Everything you need to know to cook FAST, LOW-FAT and OIL-FREE dishes is already in this book!
This book features:

  • 600 Easy and Simple Recipes for Any Level
  • Clear and Easy step by step directions through entire cooking process
  • Simple ingredients – easy to found in any local store
  • Cooking time, preparation time
  • Servings and portions
  • Nutritional information

Inside this book you will find 10 different chapters that cover everything you may wish to cook with your Air Fryer featuring 600 different tasty and delicious recipes:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Side dishes
  • Main Dishes
  • Snacks and Appetizers
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Vegetable meals
  • Desserts

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