Savage (The Kingwood Series Book 1)

By S.L. Scott / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Savage (The Kingwood Series Book 1)

Alexander Kingwood IV is a dark prince who wants to be King. Sara Jane Grayson is the woman he wants as his queen. When it seems the world is against them, they will fight for their happily ever after.

She was my destiny.

I was her downfall.

We were a match made in hell.

When we were together, that hell was pure heaven.

This isn’t your typical storybook fairy tale. This is emotional warfare.

Is love enough for these star-crossed lovers to survive their twisted fate?

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Fragile Touch: Sweet & Steamy Romance (Fragile Series Book 1)

By Lexy Timms / Genre: Multicultural & Interracial, Romance

Fragile Touch: Sweet & Steamy Romance (Fragile Series Book 1)

“His body is perfect. He’s got this face that isn’t just heart-melting but actually kind of exotic…”

Lillian Warren’s life is just how she’s designed it. She has a high-paying job working with celebrities and the elite, teaching them how to better organize their lives. She’s on her own, the days quiet, but she likes it that way. Especially since she’s still figuring out how to live with her recent diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. Her cats keep her company, and she’s not the least bit lonely.

Fun-loving personal trainer, Cayden, thinks his neighbor is a killjoy. He’s only seen her a few times, and the woman looks like she needs a drink or three. He knows how to party and decides to invite her to over—if he can find her. What better way to impress her than take care of her overgrown yard? She proceeds to thank him by throwing up in his painstakingly-trimmed-to-perfection bushes.

Something about the fragile, mysterious woman captivates him.

Something about this rough-on-the-outside bear of a man attracts Lily, despite her heart warning her to tread carefully.

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Wild Country (Country Duet Book 1)

By HJ Bellus / Genre: Westerns, Romance

Wild Country (Country Duet Book 1)

A heart-warming tale based on a true story.
Some have it all.
Hunter Yates truly does.
He’s humble and kind, even though he has it all. It’s his small town roots that keep him grounded. He’s a simple man from a small town with a heart of gold. Perfection carved from beauty.

As he sets off in the world, it’s his humble beginnings that keep his boots planted on the ground. Hunter finds himself amidst a toxic relationship. He struggles to get out of it, but it’s his heart that keeps him from letting go.

All he ever knew were the ways of Sweetwater Ranch, until the day he left for college. The world is a brutal place and his heart and soul are one and the same with the wild country. A ranch boy, who has everything, but gives everything at the same time.

When it’s time to decide, does he go with his heart, or the worries of everyone else?

Buy Wild Country and discover the beautiful in the world.

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A Cowgirl’s Christmas (Carrigans of the Circle C Book 5)

By C. J. Carmichael / Genre: Holidays

A Cowgirl's Christmas (Carrigans of the Circle C Book 5)

This Christmas is she going to lose her ranch?

For years Callan Carrigan has been her father’s right hand man, so when her dad’s will names city slicker Court McAllister the new owner of The Circle C Ranch, Callan feels betrayed on every level.

Then she and her sisters find their mother’s diaries, hidden from them by their father since their mother’s accidental death 18 years ago, and the shocking revelations explain a lot. Reeling, Callan seeks refuge in the local saloon, where it seems no one can reach her, until Court offers her a challenge.

If she agrees to be foreman at the Circle C for one year, he’ll deed the ranch back to her and her sisters. The deal seems too sweet at first—until Callan realizes Court has his eyes on something she protects even more than her family’s land—her heart.

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A Christmas Mourning: An Amish Mystery Short Story

By Laura Bradford / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers

A Christmas Mourning: An Amish Mystery Short Story

Claire Weatherly has come to respect how the Amish of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, value tradition. But not all traditions are necessarily quaint. When a decades-old mystery threatens the well-being of local police detective Jakob Fisher, she’ll pit herself against a community rooted in the past so that he can get on with his future.

When Claire decides to visit the one-room schoolhouse Jakob attended as a young Amish boy, she’s puzzled by his refusal to go along too. As Jakob tells his story, Claire is stunned and saddened by the heartbreaking tale of a childhood mistake that led to the mysterious disappearance of a precious family artifact—and signaled the first break between Jakob and his mother, made all the more painful now that he’s been shunned by the family and community he loves.

Knowing there’s only one way to help heal the irreparable wound that continues to haunt Jakob, Claire sets off to follow the trail of the missing heirloom, never suspecting that it will lead her to Jakob’s oldest friend, a long-ago Christmas secret, and an enduring truth about family, love, and the power of forgiveness.

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Murder on Ice (Twin Ponds Series Book 1)

By B.T. Lord / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Murder on Ice (Twin Ponds Series Book 1)

Is the past ever really past?
Can you truly ever trust anyone?

These are the questions Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth must face when she is suddenly confronted with a past she thought she’d long ago left behind.

As the first female elected sheriff of Clarke County, Maine, Cammie has finally found peace in her life. However, that peace is shattered when hockey legend Eli Kelley suddenly returns to Twin Ponds. He and Cammie were once involved, and when he left to pursue a sports career, he left with a secret that almost destroyed her. When he is found murdered and Cammie is forced to make an arrest, the finger of guilt from the townspeople turn to her. Racing against time, Cammie must prove not only that she is innocent, but that the one person she doesn’t want to believe is guilty may very well be a killer.

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Unwrapped: A Rockstar’s Christmas Novella

By Callie Harper / Genre: Holidays

Unwrapped: A Rockstar's Christmas Novella

I’m the drummer in the Blacklist, and I’m only in New York City for the huge holiday charity gala. My plan is to zip in, make my appearances with the band, then jet off to Hawaii.
But there’s been a bit of a mix up. I’m staying in our lead singer Ash’s apartment. But his wife also gave her BFF a key.
Now I’m sharing an apartment for a week with a tattooed, curvaceous siren hell-bent on busting my balls.
She’s not impressed that I’ve been on the cover of Rolling Stone. Twice.
She’s not falling for the lines I usually don’t even have to use.
Sometimes the holidays get a little crazy. There’s what you plan, and then there’s what happens. And some presents are too damn good not to unwrap…

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The Loneliest Robot

By Andrew Glennon / Genre: Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks

The Loneliest Robot

“A new and brilliant modern-day fable for Children and Teens – full of wonderful life lessons – especially for those consumed by technology and social media.”
An incredible robot develops real emotions. A lonely boy becomes robotic. Both lost in life, they learn what it really means to feel Human. At last, a moving tale of self-discovery for the fast-moving modern age that reminds us all to feel HUMAN!
A lonely boy discovers an incredible Robot in his garden shed. A silent and highly gifted girl chooses to be alone in her attic bedroom. The richest man in the world mysteriously disappears…It all waits to be discovered in THE LONELIEST ROBOT, the inspirational new novel for the modern age featuring beautiful illustrations from acclaimed robot artist, Matt Dixon. 
An imaginative and moving new book for middle grade and teens (9-15) and anyone with a human heart. A thought-provoking dark comedy – this uplifting tale is told with warmth and humour, making it highly digestible for young and curious minds.
Join the thousands of new readers and feel like a happy human again!
Discover The Loneliest Robot. Discover Yourself!

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Camping Cookbook Dutch Oven Recipes (Camping Cooking 2)

By Louise Davidson / Genre: Meals, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Camping Cookbook Dutch Oven Recipes (Camping Cooking 2)

Use a cast iron Dutch oven to cook fabulous tasting food on your next camping trip. You’ll never want to leave home without it ever again!

If you have ever been camping or dream of doing so, chances are that you have images in your mind of campfire cuisine. Images such as gooey, toasted marshmallows and grilled, juicy burgers. But beyond the usual camping food we all know there are so many other culinary options at the campsite. Cooking with a cast iron Dutch oven will make your food taste as if your Mom or Grandmother cooked them!

In this book your will learn to cook like the pioneer did and know all there is to know about cooking with a Dutch oven in the great outdoors! It’s easy and healthy. No wonders Cast iron and Dutch oven cooking has been around for hundreds of years and were used as the primary means of cooking for Northern American settlers. Their sturdiness and durability made them ideal for cooking out in the elements. The true beauty of cast iron/Dutch oven cooking is the even distribution of heat that makes preparing even the most finicky of dishes a breeze. With your Dutch oven you will be able to create an incredible range of breakfasts, savory meals, sweet treats, and snacks.

Inside find:

•How to choose your cast iron Dutch oven
•How to season, clean and cook with a Dutch oven at the camp site
•How to prep early to make camping more fun
•Energizing breakfast recipes like sausage and wild mushroom quiche
•Delicious beef recipes like the Steak Enchilada Casserole
•Easy chicken recipes like the Chicken and Leek Rustic Pizza
•Luscious pork recipes like Pulled Pork Hoagies
•Delightful fish and seafood dishes like the Fish and Corn Chowder
•Amazing vegetables and side recipes like the Dutch Oven Style Risotto
•Yummy snack recipes like the Overloaded Potato Skins
•Sinfully good desserts like Gooey Bottom Chocolate Brownies

Your camping meals will be so much fun with all these amazing recipes and you’ll crave that taste of food cooked in the great outdoors in your cast iron Dutch oven.

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