Tahoe Chase (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller)

By Todd Borg / Genre: Private Investigators, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (150 reviews)

Tahoe Chase (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller)

Simone Bonnaire, a young French woman who lives in Tahoe, has a sadistic boyfriend who abuses her. Simone’s only friend is Cynthia Rorvik, an older woman who provides comfort.

When Cynthia falls from her deck and ends up in a coma, her 92-year-old, former Olympic ski racer husband Joe Rorvik calls Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna and asks him to investigate.

McKenna discovers a string of deaths that look like accidents. But he can find no other connection between them until he learns that all of the victims opposed a new, proposed ski resort development in Tahoe.

As McKenna gets closer to a devious killer, he realizes that Simone is to be the next victim. But McKenna can’t save her because she has left on a solo ski trek into the Desolation Wilderness, and she is unreachable except by the killer who has been following her and has already begun his final chase…

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Keeping the Peace (A Racing Romance) (Aspen Valley Series #1)

By Hannah Hooton / Genre: Contemporary, Romance / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (76 reviews)

Keeping the Peace (A Racing Romance) (Aspen Valley Series #1)

London waitress, Pippa Taylor has no interest in horses or country-living. But when she inherits Peace Offering, a hopeless racehorse, she embarks on a career change in order to see her late uncle’s wish to run him in the Grand National come true.

But having talked her way into a job as racing secretary to champion National Hunt trainer, Jack Carmichael and moved to the West Country, Pippa finds herself faced with more daunting obstacles than even the Grand National can throw at her. And that’s before her tempestuous relationship with her new boss can be considered.

Moody, fiery-tempered and particularly easy on the eye, Jack’s moral code is threatened by Pippa’s arrival. After a Christmas they would both rather forget, danger and deception threaten Pippa’s life in the country and as her time at Aspen Valley Stables draws to its conclusion she discovers Peace Offering is not the only thing she must fight to keep.

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Dissever (Unbinding Fate Book One)

By Colee Firman / Genre: Fantasy / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (74 reviews)

Dissever (Unbinding Fate Book One)

Addison Sanders thinks her life is already as complicated as it can possibly get.

Akori – Ancient people with time shifting abilities secretly living among the humans.

Sanders Family – Humans sworn to protect and serve the Akori.

What could be worse than getting stuck with a destiny like that? Tanner Sutherland is about to show her.

When a death in the Sanders Family leaves their power and secrets up for grabs, centuries old rumors begin surfacing. Far more sinister reasons for her family’s involvement with the Akori than Addy ever could’ve imagined come to light. She learns the hard way that placing her trust in anyone could lead to disaster.

Betrayed by old friends and leery of new ones–she’s left to cut through the lies and deception to get to the truth.

Find out why sometimes its better not knowing, and how much misery really does love company in Dissever – Book One of the Unbinding Fate Series.

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish (Tennessee Waltz)

By Bella Street / Genre: Paranormal, Romance / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (45 reviews)

Kiss Me, I'm Irish (Tennessee Waltz)

Emily Musgrave is heading a direction she never wanted to go in Regency England–namely a convent to turn her from her waywardness. But it’s more loneliness than rebellion that motivates her to escape her certain fate.

Liam Jackson is going nowhere fast in modern-day Tennessee. Playing his Dobro in seedy bars and backward dives along with his fiddling sister, Tinker, is doing nothing for his music career–and even less for the dark places in his soul.

Pixie mischief can not only change time-lines, it can change hearts. Because sometimes a girl just needs a little magic in her life.

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Pierced Love

By t. h. snyder / Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Teen & Young Adult / Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (32 reviews)

Pierced Love

Zar Evans is not your typical high school senior; in fact she is anything by normal. Dressing to the trendiest Goth fashion, Zar wears nothing but black from head to toe. Not that this warrants unwanted attention, but she is also top in her class and is looking at a full academic scholarship to Iowa State in the fall.

Loudon Clarke is an all star athlete. He plays three varsity sports and has the world in his hands. Except for one thing; Loudon is failing majority of his subjects. He is about to be suspended from the basketball team risking his athletic scholarship.

Zar and Loudon would normally never cross paths, until these two are brought together when Zar’s brother proposes to Loudon’s sister. With an upcoming wedding and a lot of planning Zar and Loudon are stuck with one another regardless of their differences.

Zar has hidden behind the pain she deals with on a daily basis for years. Loudon has never had to feel pain nor the ignorance of his peers. Can opposites really bring these two together or will they be pulled even further apart.

Only one thing is for sure, it is impossible to fight the connection of pierced love when one is willing to change for happiness.

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By Livia Jamerlan / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (20 reviews)


Alani LaBelle has it all. A great job, amazing friends, and a loving fiancé. Traveling to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party, she never expects to come across someone who rocks her world the way Ryan Kraft does. Though they only share a few hours together, the connection she feels with him is undeniable. Thinking that her feelings for him may be cold feet she brushes it off and attempts to focus on her fiancé and their impending nuptials.

Heartbroken by her fiancé only days before their wedding, she finds herself needing to escape, needing to hide from reality. Though Alani knows that Ryan lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, she never thought their paths would cross again while she is there.

Their friendship changes to something more with a good night kiss. Needing to be with Ryan, she leaves her old life in New Jersey behind and moves halfway across the country. As they journey together in a new relationship Alani has to adapt to life in a new city, new job, as well as dealing with Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Stephanie, who is waiting for the perfect moment to get Ryan back.

But will her fiancé let Alani walk away from him without a fight? Will Alani’s love for Ryan be enough for her to stay with him through turmoil? Or will Stephanie’s secret tear them apart?

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A Subtle Tenderness

By KC King / Genre: Romance, African-American Fiction, United States / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (33 reviews)

A Subtle Tenderness

Moving to new locale after a painful breakup, Ophelia Dean becomes stranded on a lonely stretch of mountainside road. Desperate with few options, Ophelia seeks help from the mountain’s solitary resident. Charmed by the stranger’s solemn nature and strength of character Ophelia discovers that love can come about in the most unlikely places.

After years of military life and numerous tours in Afghanistan, Heath Rogan enjoys the solitude of nature on his mountain. The rituals of simple living keep the headaches at bay and give him time to mourn the loss of good friends and family. When Heath’s path crosses with Ophelia, he is struck by how quickly priorities can become muddled when he meets the one woman he desires to make his for a lifetime.

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Biking Across America: My Coast-to-Coast Adventure and the People I Met Along the Way

By Paul Stutzman / Genre: Religious, Leaders & Notable People, Biographies & Memoirs / Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (33 reviews)

Biking Across America: My Coast-to-Coast Adventure and the People I Met Along the Way

After Paul Stutzman finished hiking the Appalachian Trail, he found himself longing for another challenge, another adventure. Trading his hiking boots for a bicycle, Paul set off to discover more of America. Starting at Neah Bay, Washington, and ending at Key West, Florida, Paul traversed the 5,000-mile distance between the two farthest points in the contiguous United States. Along the way he encountered nearly every kind of terrain and weather the country had to offer–as well as hundreds of fascinating people whose stories readers will love. Through cold and heat, loneliness and exhaustion, abundance and kindness, Paul pedaled on. His reward–and the readers’–is a glimpse of a noble yet humble America that still exists and inspires.

Anyone who longs for adventure, who loves travel and stories of travel, and who loves this place called America will enjoy this book.

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Ghosts of Ophidian

By Scott McElhaney / Genre: Space Opera, Science Fiction / Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars (88 reviews)

Ghosts of Ophidian

An enormous three-mile long ship has just entered the Earth’s orbit and it’s doing absolutely nothing… except instilling fear and speculation upon the citizens below. After a few weeks, NASA gets a boarding party together to attempt to gain entry into the giant craft. Once inside the ship, they will discover over a million creatures on ice. They will also discover the reason that the ship hasn’t been doing anything beyond maintaining an orbit above the Earth – it appears that the ship has been sabotaged by whatever used to exist in three of the empty cryogenic chambers.
Their investigation leads to a lot more than a potential alien invasion. Nothing is as it seems and pretty soon, the two remaining astronauts aren’t sure who they should trust anymore.
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Burden of Breath

By Ann Minnett / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (73 reviews)

Burden of Breath

Hannah Dyer’s crazy mother was abusive and an alcoholic. At the age of sixty she adopted an infant, and now that she’s dead, Hannah must raise the child. But fighting the effects of severe burns sustained in childhood may be all that Hannah can manage. Defined and alienated by both emotional and physical scars, Hannah fears that she might be abusive and crazy, too.

Burden of Breath alternates between the intervening years since the fire and the present as Hannah struggles to separate from her mother’s crippling influence – even from the grave. Anger and isolation force Hannah to confront her emotional and physical damage, and she transforms her life in ways she could never have imagined.

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The Gift

By Karli Perrin / Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (18 reviews)

The Gift

It was the weekend before Christmas and the whole world was on countdown.

Except for me.

Last Christmas, I met a boy.

Last Christmas, we made a pact.

Christmas would never be the same.

Life would never be the same…

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There’s No Such Thing As Monsters (A Gorgeous Illustrated Children’s Picture Book)

By Michael Yu / Genre: Bedtime & Dreaming, Children’s eBooks / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (181 reviews)

There's No Such Thing As Monsters (A Gorgeous Illustrated Children's Picture Book)

Our little sleepy head sees monsters everywhere in his house. He sees them under his bed, in the closet, and under the house. His mother tries to reassure him that there is no such thing as monsters and it’s all in his imagination, but then…OH! What rotten luck!!! Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out what happens.

The gorgeous illustrations will captivate your child’s imagination and bring them back to read it over again and again.

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History Lover’s Cookbook

By Roxe Anne Peacock / Genre: History, Gastronomy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (40 reviews)

History Lover's Cookbook

Over 150 full-color photos inspired by nineteenth century recipes, anecdotes, and the Civil War

History Lover’s Cookbook will transport readers through the Battle of First Bull Run/Manassas to April 9, 1865, where General Robert E. Lee stood under an apple tree to dispatch his surrender to General Grant. Do you know what he was eating when he surrendered?

Prepare a picnic of lemonade, raspberry shrub, mint julep, fried chicken, ham sandwiches, potato salad with boiled dressing, cold slaw, soda biscuits and quince marmalade to observe one of the many Civil War re-enactments throughout the United States.

Enjoy eating tea cakes while viewing more than 150 full-color photos of replica Civil War items, re-enactors portraying Abraham Lincoln, Generals Custer, Lee and Grant, foods and recipes inspired by the nineteenth century.

Share in the Union’s Thanksgiving holiday by preparing recipes from the chapter, Siege at Petersburg.

Find out what General Grant ate every morning with his breakfast.

Roxe Anne Peacock brings the nineteenth century and Civil War era to life through the wonderful photography depicted throughout the book.

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