Sold to the Shifter

By T. S. Ryder / Genre: Single Authors, Short Stories

Sold to the Shifter

A curvy Panther Shifter with a secret PLUS the baddest Lion Shifter in the pack PLUS one, no TWO evil enemies with no mercy…

Panther shifter Jamie has grand ideas of love and romance. Until her manipulative mother sells her to a lion shifter. He’s hot, he’s huge, he’s all muscle. Hmm, how to make the best out of a bad situation?

Ryan is the biggest, baddest shifter in the Alpha’s Guard. His job is to protect the pack. He doesn’t have time for dating nonsense. So an arranged marriage seems practical.

What he’s not prepared for is how her delicious curves make his heart stutter in his chest. How she makes his protective instincts kick into high gear. She’s his. His alone.

But Jamie has secrets.

And the pack is in danger.

The enemy is coming.

Forget trials or justice. Ryan’s out for blood.

Can he protect his mate?

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The Black Star (The Cycle of Arawn Book 3)

By Edward W. Robertson / Genre: Epic, Fantasy

The Black Star (The Cycle of Arawn Book 3)

Narashtovik has been saved—but Dante and Blays’ friendship has been destroyed.

Blaming the Gaskan king for the loss of his love, Lira, Blays infiltrates the enemy nobility. There, he schemes to bankrupt Gask and drive its ruler from the throne. But Dante’s been waiting for Blays’ return. If he finds and exposes him, Blays will be executed as a spy.

As they squabble, strange lights shine in the east. Harbingers of a long-forgotten threat. If the signs go ignored, Narashtovik will be annihilated by an enemy it never knew it had.

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Stalking Sapphire: A Sapphire Dubois Mystery

By Mia Thompson / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers

Stalking Sapphire: A Sapphire Dubois Mystery

While the young and obscenely wealthy of Beverly Hills spend their nights with trendy celebs and drugs at the hottest clubs, 22-year-old Sapphire Dubois has a different hobby: she hunts serial killers. Luring, trapping, and anonymously handing over So-Cal’s most wanted to the police is a better high than any drug.

But Sapphire’s secret may not be so safe, as one of the very people she hunts is watching her every move. Aware of her true identity and her unconventional activities, he’s determined to put an end to Sapphire once and for all. Paired up with her involuntary crush Detective Aston Ridder for her own protection, Sapphire now has to rethink her strategy not only to keep Aston in the dark, but to figure out how to capture a killer who already knows she’s coming.

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Bad Blood: A Thrilling Mystery Suspense Novel (The Emily Swanson Series Book 1)

By Malcolm Richards / Genre: Traditional Detectives, Mystery & Thrillers

Bad Blood: A Thrilling Mystery Suspense Novel (The Emily Swanson Series Book 1)

Emily Swanson used to be a quiet, small town girl with a troubling home life. Now she’s a confident student teacher with a bright future – but that’s about to change.

When her troubled friend Becky vanishes just weeks before their finals, Emily is surprised to find most other students don’t care. Strangely, some even seem relieved.

But it’s not until an initial police inquiry fails to take Becky’s disappearance seriously that Emily abandons her studies to begin her own search.

It’s a decision she’ll live to regret.

Suddenly caught in a dangerous web of deceit and pursued by those who need the sordid truth to stay buried, Emily may be Becky’s only hope.

But with time running out and her own future hanging in the balance, can she find her before it’s too late?

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The Eternal: Awakening – A LitRPG Saga (World of Ga’em Book 1)

By Dhayaa Anbajagane / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy

The Eternal: Awakening - A LitRPG Saga (World of Ga'em Book 1)

Do you fear the darkness?
Do you fear the pain and terror within?It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t mean to look for things I wasn’t supposed to. I didn’t mean for death to come after me. I really didn’t.

But it still happened.

I’m Zoran and my name is the only thing I remember about myself. I don’t know why I woke up in a forest, why I taste blood in my mouth, and why I see weird screens in front of me. From the time I first woke up, all I wanted was to find out who I was. But what I didn’t expect was for my search to spark something that was never meant to happen.

It has started now. I can see it. Cities will burn and towers will fall. Chaos will descend the heavens and ravage the earth. The darkness is coming, and the world will tremble in its wake.

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Beast of Brooklyn: Dark romantic comedy (1001 Flights Book 2)

By Alice May Ball / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Beast of Brooklyn: Dark romantic comedy (1001 Flights Book 2)

While I’m stranded in his big, dark house, my prince, my Captain Charming grew into a massive BEAST
His arrogant charm fills me with trembling desire.
When he’s here, he’s a total beast.
He claims me in every way that he wants, takes whatever he needs from me.
When he’s away he pours shocking, naughty tales down the phone.
He drips them into my ears.
He makes me hot all night.
And now he has me in his big, dark, empty house, never knowing when he will arrive and claim me again.
It scares me. Fear tells me, “RUN!” But how can I when I want more? But it scares me. But I need MORE!
I never wanted to be attached. All the most beautiful girls have been mine for the taking, but strictly one time and one time only. That was my motto. Until her.
My need for her put everything else in a tailspin.
The exclusive airline I fly for is in a nose-dive, my Manhattan apartment is slipping out of my grip and the airline’s new owner makes outrageous demands I will never give in to.
All of my plans are in danger of crashing and burning.
But there’s one thing I refuse to lose.
I cannot lose her. I will not lose her. I have to have her.
But when my work pulls me far away, what can I do to be sure that I’ll keep her?

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Dreams of the Highlander

By Sarah Hoss / Genre: Scottish, Historical Romance, Romance

Dreams of the Highlander

After suffering with the loss of his wife and child, fierce Highland warrior Alexander Macpherson vows to never love again—but now his recurring dream of a beautiful woman is haunting him every night.

Marlana Crawford has sworn off men after the love of her life cheated on her but when she reveals her dreams of a sexy Scot to her friends, they encourage her to take a trip abroad in the hopes of finding out the meaning of her dreams.

Now, one careless wish lands Marlana in 18th century Scotland and into the arms of Alexander but to conquer his pain he must learn to love again, or will he allow his bitter enemy to lay claim to her for himself?

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Gregory and the Grimbockle

By Melanie Schubert / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy & Magic, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks

Gregory and the Grimbockle

This is a tale about another world within our own.

It’s a world of mysterious magical devices, cockroach steeds and the invisible threads that connect all of humanity.

This is the tale of Gregory and the Grimbockle.

Gregory is a young boy of ten who thinks he must be the most unfortunate boy who ever lived. He barely has any friends and is the object of jokes and jabs from his, often disagreeable sister. If that isn’t bad enough, poor young Gregory has recently developed an enormous and most peculiarly shaped mole beneath his nose.

Imagine Gregory’s surprise when he finds out that his mole is not just a mole, but is actually a humpy crumpy portal of skin that hides a creature called the Grimbockle.

What is the Grimbockle? ?A very fine question, indeed. ?
The Grimbockle is just one of the many strange little creatures called Bockles tending to the mysterious threads that connect all humans from one to the other. It is a very important job, and one that has long been carried out with incredible secrecy. That is before this one particular night and a most extraordinary turn of events.

Thus begins a most peculiar sort of adventure where Gregory learns all about the creatures called Bockles and the mysterious threads called exoodles that connect us all to one another.

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Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide For Rapid Weight Loss Including Delicious Fast And Easy Instant Pot Recipes ( Smart Points Cookbook, Instant Pot Cookbook)

By Sara Palmer / Genre: Scandinavian, European, Regional & International, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide For Rapid Weight Loss Including Delicious Fast And Easy Instant Pot Recipes ( Smart Points Cookbook, Instant Pot Cookbook)

Deciding to make a healthy lifestyle change is a big step and one for which you should be applauded. It is also the easiest part of the process, unfortunately which is why this book and others like it will be so useful when it comes helping you stay on track. It content the ultimate guide to losing weight and the best recipes with smart point tobe use with the Instant Pot

You will find recipes that cover beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian options, each perfect for four or more people.
Pressure cooking has many advantages, among which saving time & energy, preserving nutrients and eliminating harmful micro-organisms from food are most significant.

Saving Time & Energy
Foods are cooked much faster by pressure cooking than by other methods. Typically electric pressure cooker can reduce cooking time by up to 70% comparing with other methods.

With much less water used in cooking and a fully insulated external pot, much less energy is required, saving up to 70% of energy comparing with boiling, steaming, oven cooking or slow cooking. Electric pressure cookers are the second most energy efficient cooking appliance after microwaves.

Electric pressure cookers, such as Instant Pot, has a unique fully sealed cooking mechanism. No steam and smells spread throughout the kitchen and your home. This makes it an ideal clean and convenient cooking appliance.
Everyone wants to look and feel good, but few are willing to do what it takes to get there. We are all so caught up in our busy lives that we hardly pay any attention to the small habits that make a huge difference. One of the main issues is what we eat and how it affects our bodies.

For many of us, Weight Watchers is the ideal way to help us losing those un-wanted pounds, and to really get the flab off our bodies. Weight Watchers has been through many changes over the years, but at the heart of the program is an easy to understand food and Smart Points calculation.
Weight Watchers has helped millions understand the impact certain foods have on health. Once you understand you cannot unlearn it, you will carry it with you forever and it is information that you will use.

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