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“101 Tips to control the chaos” by Nicole Avery from Kleenex Mums. What do you do to help control the chaos that comes with having kids?. That was the question Kleenex Mums asked readers in a competition to win a copy of her book Planning With Kids – A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting.

The response was amazing! Close to 1,000 tips were crowd-sourced from the Kleenex Mums community. The tips collected ranged from the practical to the more supportive: letting you know that you are not alone when trying to manage the chaos of family life.

Book Description

This eBook brings you just a portion of the collective wisdom shared by your fellow Australian parents. Wisdom that will help you control the chaos and allow you to spend more time enjoying your kids.

  • Cooking and menu planning: My menu planning secrets that will get you on the right track for monthly meal plans.
  • Creating and setting routines: How to get the kids involved in routines. Don’t be afraid to assign some chores either!
  • Finding moments for me time: It’s all about the diary – don’t forget to make some time for yourself.
  • Monthly planner: To make everything that little bit easier, we’ve included a monthly planner, perfect for the fridge.
  • 101 tips from real mums and more! A wealth of valuable tips and insights from other Aussie mums.

All tips have been classified into six broad categories:

  1. Making it fun
  2. Making it through the day
  3. Making routines
  4. Making the food
  5. Making the kids do it!
  6. Making time for you

Book Details

Author(s): Nicole Avery
Format(s): PDF (15.90 MB)
Number of pages: 40
Link: Download.

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