Free eBook: 108 Tips to Raise Your Fuel Economy

Free Wise Driving Guide: “108 tips to raise your fuel economy” by Wise Bread. Survive the high gas prices and economic slump with these actionable tips to increase your car’s fuel efficiency, including extreme hypermiling techniques and popular myths.

Book Description

No matter what kind of car you drive, you can benefit in knowing more about how driving habits, car maintenance, and lifestyle affects how much you pay for gas. While applying some of these tips will have a bigger impact than others, just knowing your options for obtaining better fuel economy is invaluable. Many common driving habits are detrimental to fuel economy, and many drivers unknowingly spend more on gas than they have to. This ebook will guide you through all the ways to get better fuel economy (it’s FE in hypermiling lingo). Getting more mileage from every gallon of gas isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s great for the environment. You can lower your fuel consumption (without sacrificing anything), spend less on gas, and have a better driving experience. It’s all in this Wise Driving Guide.

Book Details

Author(s): Lynn Truong
Format(s): PDF (1.85 MB)
Number of pages: 29
Link: Download.

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