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Free eBook “Animation Insiders: Workflow edition” from “Les Shamans”. Animation Insiders is a book dedicated to animation. AI book is a compilation of know-how, experience and anecdotes from 13 talented animators (from Dreamworks, Pixar, Illion and other studios). Animation Insiders is aimed at people who are passionate about animation, those who are looking to surpass their limits and acquire new techniques.

Book Description

Animation Insiders offer a new approach by compiling the various work methods of many different artists. In the industry, this is what we call “gold.” Back in the old days, many artists in the field of special effects and animation did not want to give away their secrets. At Disney, the nine old men did not pass on their knowledge and expertise until the end of their careers. Fortunately, this philosophy has changed and education has become more open and shared. My students always inspire me, because the great ones push the medium further, bringing
something fresh and new to their work. Every artist must develop his or her own style; no one way is right. It’s really what works for you that ultimately wins out. This book allows you to peer into the artistic appro-
aches of professionals, so that you can gain some insight into the way they go about solving specific problems.

Book Details

Author(s): Mike Nguyen, Emile Ghorayeb, Pablo Navarro, Jason Ryan, Jason Mortinsen, Ana Maria Alvarado, Reno Armanet, Jason Schleifer, Pedro Blumenbaum, Anthea Kerou, Gabriele Pennacchioli, Matt Strangio, Victor Navone.
Format(s): PDF (51.81 MB)
Number of pages: 113
Link: Download

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