Free eBook: Brands in Networks

An eBook by Antony Mayfield that introduces the different forms of social media – from blogs and social networks to wikis and virtual worlds – and outlines how they are already transforming the world and our perception of it.

Book Description

Here is what we believe: the phenomenon of social media changes everything. Since mass marketing has been built around mass media, it follows that sociality changes everything about how brands can be successful. This is true right now and will be even more so in years to come.
This e-book is an attempt to share my thinking and ideas, and those of my colleagues at iCrossing, as we have worked to make sense of the significance of the web revolution and what it means for brands.


  • Introduction
  • The revolution
  • Means of production
  • Means of distribution
  • From channels to Networks
  • What has really changed?
  • Understanding networks
  • How to be successful in networks
  • The three fundamentals of brands in network
  • Re-engineering brand marketing
  • Dealing with complexity: inspirations and models

Book Details

Author(s): Antony Mayfield
Format(s): PDF (2.50 MB)
Number of pages: 47
Link: Download.

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