Free eBook: Great Wars and Great Leaders

Free eBook “Great Wars and Great Leaders” by Ralph Raico.

Book Description

The great historian of classical liberalism strips away the veneer of exalted leaders and beloved wars. Professor Ralph Raico shows them to be wolves in sheep’s clothing and their wars as attacks on human liberty and human rights.

In the backdrop of this blistering and deeply insightful and scholarly history is the whitewashing of “great leaders” like Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill, FDR, Truman, Stalin, Trotsky, and other collectivists. They are highly regarded because they were on the “right side” of the rise of the state. But do they deserve adulation? Raico says no: these great leaders were main agents in the decline of civilization in the 20th century, all of them anti-liberals who used their power to celebrate and enhance state power.


  • Introduction
  • World War I: The Turning Point
  • Rethinking Churchill
  • Harry S. Truman: Advancing the Revolution
  • Marxist Dreams and Soviet Realities
  • Nazifying the Germans
  • Trotsky: The Ignorance and the Evil
  • The Two “Testaments” of American Foreign Policy
  • The Other Ward that Never Ends
  • Starving a People into Submission
  • John T. Flynn and the Apotheosis of Franklin Roosevelt
  • On the Brink of World War II
  • The Great World Retold

Book Details

Author(s): Ralph Raico
Format(s): PDF, ePub
File size: 1.57 MB
Number of pages: 265
Link: Download

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