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Book Description

This book is designed for the security manager who uses video surveillance/CCTV systems. You should be able to understand this book if you have used a DVR system. The book’s goal is to help you make better decisions about evaluating and selecting video surveillance systems.


  • How to Design Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Introduction to NVRs / IP Video Software
  • Introduction to Video CODECs
  • Bandwidth Basics for Video Surveillance
  • Examining Video Analytics
  • Wireless Video Surveillance Tutorial
  • API and System Integration Tutorial
  • How to Integrate Video With Other Systems
  • Directory of On-Line Video Surveillance Tutorials
  • Will Security Integrators Survive?
  • Should I Use IP Cameras?
  • Value of Hybrid DVRs/NVRs
  • Examining ‘Open’ Systems
  • The Danger of Buying Packages
  • Is Public CCTV Effective?
  • How to Read Marketing Material
  • How to Evaluate New Technology
  • How to Calculate Video Surveillance ROIs

Book Details

Author(s): John Honovich
Format(s): PDF (587 KB)
Number of pages: 102
Link: Download.

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