Free eBook: How To Connect With New Media

This free eBook by Drew McManus serves as a detailed guide on how performing arts organizations and ensembles can build and maintain productive relationships with new media outlets.

Book Description

Who or what, exactly, is new media? Perhaps the best place to begin is by defining what mew media isn’t. Traditional media outlets include the big four: radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. Although new media outlets encompass dozens of formats, we will concentrate on those which have the most practicality when it comes to building relationships. For example, video games are a form of new media but there is little opportunity to create a two-way relationship with that particular platform. Instead, the forms of new media we will focus on include most forms of all computer-enhanced communication, most of which contain inherent interactive qualities that encourage author and reader to dynamically relate to each other.

Book Details

Author(s): Drew McManus
Format(s): PDF (1.71 MB)
Number of pages: 44
Link: Download.

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