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Have you ever searched on the web for a particular tip for iPhone? Do you know all of the iPhone tricks? Here are 59 nifty tips and tricks we’ve compiled to make your life a little easier. Whether you’re an iPhone rookie or pro, these tips will come in handy.


  • Force Quit
  • Pause App download
  • DFU Mode
  • Take Screen Shot
  • Scroll to Top
  • Auto TLD
  • Set content restriction
  • Stop incoming calls
  • Hide SMS preview
  • Access the Scientific Calculator
  • URls Sharing
  • Switch punctuation keys to alphabet keys quickly
  • Insert extra punctuation keys
  • Wi-Fi IP
  • Scrolling Safari
  • Select other domain name endings
  • Disable iPhone 3G GPRS or edge connection
  • Train your iPhone to learn new words
  • Secrets of the Sensors
  • Surfing Internet while talking
  • How to make full screen contact pictures
  • Customize the iPod buttons
  • Loudest speaker volume ever
  • Save images in safari and mail
  • Access iPod controls or phone favorites instantly
  • Forward/rewind music & video
  • Use iPhone as a Modem
  • Earbud Cord Switch
  • Double-Tapping
  • How to maximize iPhone battery life?
  • How to use iPhone as an external hard drive?
  • How to create custom ringtones?
  • Keyboard Speedups
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Google Maps
  • Safari Tricks
  • How to send MMS Multimedia Massage?
  • Control iPod when locked
  • Make calls from Safari
  • Quick delete button

Book Details

Author(s): ImTOO
Format(s): PDF (684 KB), HTML
Number of pages: 27
Link: Download.

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