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Download eBook Rip-off!: The Scandalous Inside Story of the Management Consulting Money Machine by David Craig for free. The scandalous inside story of the consulting money machine. Lying, cheating, falsifying results, plagiarism, incompetence, manipulation, tax evasion, expenses fraud, sex and alcohol abuse.

Book Description

Who are management consultants? What power do they have? How can they charge so many millions for their services? Do they really deliver any value? Why do organisations use them? * Every single working day, British companies and the government pay over GBP30million for management consultants’ advice * Each year Management Consultancy creates more millionaires than the National Lottery * A leading consultancy recently repaid USD54million to a client after allegedly defrauding that client * Confidential surveys show consultants believe that about half the work they do is of little value to clients and a further 20 per cent is “junk” At last, an insider takes the lid off Management Consulting and reveals how too often this vast and secretive business has become a licence to siphon off almost unlimited quantities of clients’ money. In Rip-Off! the author shows that there can sometimes be truly great management consultancy. However, he also reveals how most of the world’s major management consultancies have become vast and incredibly profitable factories churning out thousands of almost identical “warm bodies”, whose time must be sold to clients, whether clients have problems to be solved or not.


  • Introduction
  • The money machine
  • The unsubtle art of cost-cutting
  • Baby butchers – cost-cutting continued
  • Reaching consulting heaven
  • Delivering value and making a difference?
  • The easy art of selling million pound/dollar/euro projects
  • Some tricks of the trade
  • Who buys consultancy?
  • Why clients need help
  • Far out in the far east
  • The rot sets in
  • The great systems swindle
  • You can’t get any lower
  • Making money should be ‘e’-asy
  • The end – dis-integration

Book Details

Author(s): David Craig
Format(s): PDF (633 KB)
Number of pages: 167
Link: Download the free eBook.

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