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Free eBook “Social Networking” by Linda Goin from DMXzone.

Book Description

If you’ve ever wondered what the hubbub was about social media, this book may help you learn about the basics. And, if you’re already involved with Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and LinkedIn, this eBook may provide ideas
about how to use these tools. As a bonus, you can pick up some creative ideas about how to update your blog and how to become involved with online community development.
The author of this book, Linda Goin, has been grappling with community development and social media for several years, with an introduction to the Web and its concepts of open discourse back in 1991. While the topics in this eBook cover current tools for community development as well as for marketing, the concepts may have you reaching for your own answers for questions about how personal and public you should make your life and your business.


  • Facebook
  • FriendFeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Community
  • Blogging
  • More Social Media Tools and Issues

Book Details

Author(s): Linda Goin
Format(s): PDF (28.44 MB)
Number of pages: 131
Link: Download.

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