Free eBook: The BIG Book of iTunes

Download Free eBook “The BIG Book of iTunes” from 50+ pages of great iTunes tips along with illustrative screenshots.

Book Description

This manual was created with the intention of introducing iTunes to beginners and to provide basic information and instructions to perform various tasks when using iTunes on both Mac and Windows.
This manual also contains some very useful tips on how to achieve various actions such as transferring iTunes libraries from Windows to Mac and using iTunes as your alarm clock. iTunes can actually be more than just a music player. Also, this manual will introduce cool, new software to complement and extend the functionality of iTunes.This manual will begin with the very basics, introducing iTunes and organizing music. Then it will move on to more advanced topics like integrating and using Applescripts.

Book Details

Author(s): Jackson Chung
Format(s): PDF (6.82 MB)
Number of pages: 59
Link: Download.

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