Free eBook: The Essential Guide to Social Media

“The Essential Guide to Social Media” is an executive outline of Social Media tools and resources needed to listen and participate, guiding PR, Customer Service, Product Development, and Marketing.

Book Description

We live in interesting times. We’re currently enthralled in an immersive, confusing, and definitive transition in our “day job.” If you don’t engage, your competition will. This session will help you become a Social Media sociologist and participant observer, not a cultural voyeur, in order to get to work and build relationships along the way.


  • The State of Social Media and Business Marketing
  • Social Media Tools
  • Social Media is About Social Science and Not Technology
  • Social Sciences and Social Media
  • Differences Between Listening and Research
  • Social Media Voyeurs
  • The Breakup – A Comedic View of One-sided Relationships
  • Social Tools for Listening
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Crowdsourced Content
  • Blogs/Conversations
  • Blog Communities
  • Micromedia
  • Social Networks
  • Live Video and Audio
  • Customers Service Networks
  • Video Aggregation
  • Pictures
  • Documents
  • Creating a Social Map
  • Establishing Policies and Guidelines
  • Your Personal Brand

Book Details

Author(s): Brian Solis
Format(s): Online
Link: Download.

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