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Book Description

Welcome to the Thoughtcrime Experiments anthology. Our aim was to find mind-breakingly good science fiction/fantasy stories that other editors had rejected, and release them into the commons for readers to enjoy. My co-editor Leonard writes extensively on our methodology and aims in Appendix A, but the short version is: we did it. Here it is.

There isn’t a theme, really, just “what we like.” It turns out that we like political satire and family drama and detective thrillers and fables and fable deconstructions and the mysteries of debugging. It’s all good stuff and we hope you like it.

We received many awesome submissions. You’re just seeing a fraction of them because we couldn’t publish them all. Appendix A is a step-by-step guide showing you how you can do it too, with a few thousand dollars and some sweat.


  • Gaia’s Strange Seedlike Brood (Homage to Lynn Margulis) — art by Patrick Farley
  • Introduction by Sumana Harihareswara
  • Pirate vs. Alien — art by Erin Ptah
  • Welcome to the Federation — story by Mark Onspaugh
  • Jump Space — story by Mary Anne Mohanraj
  • The Last Christmas of Mrs. Claus — story by Alex Wilson
  • Times Square — art by David Kelmer
  • Qubit Slip — story by William Highsmith
  • Daisy — story by Andrew Willett
  • The Ambassador’s Staff — story by Sherry D. Ramsey
  • Bio Break — art by Brittany Hague
  • Goldenseed — story by Therese Arkenberg
  • Single-Bit Error — story by Ken Liu
  • Friar Garden, Mister Samuel, and the Jilly Jally Butter Mints — story by Carole Lanham
  • Robot v. Ninjas — art by Marc Scheff

Book Details

Author(s): Sumana Harihareswara and Leonard Richardson.
Format(s): PDF (1.75 MB), HTML, ePub, Mobi
Number of pages: 178
Link: Download.

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