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Free eBook “Twittertales: Stories of connections on Twitter”, by Conversation Agent.

Book Description

Because so many have been quite incredulous as to the value of spending time on Twitter, instead of writing a tutorial on how to do that effectively – Twitter is a tool of the moment – I thought it would be more interesting to help tell the story through those of the people who’ve made valuable connections via Twitter. I put the question out in a post:
» Did you make connections on Twitter?
» Did the connection lead to a friendship, project, career opportunity, meaningful and purposeful new something?

Several responded by adding their connection story to the comments or as a post on their blog. These are their stories. Talk can and does change our lives.


  • Mint, the Derby, and a new friend
  • Personal Superheroes
  • How Twitter Helped Reward a Selfless Act
  • My Connection Story
  • Learning from and collaborating with one of the best
  • Opportunity, please meet my friends Amy and Mike
  • Collaborating with a local thought leader
  • One hundred and forty is all it takes
  • #Twittertale? How about #Twittertales
  • It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know
  • A discovery of like minded individuals

Book Details

Author(s): Valeria Maltoni
Format(s): PDF (651 KB)
Number of pages: 21
Link: Download.

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