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Book Description

This manual teaches you to use the many features of Windows Phones 7 along with tips and tricks for doing just about everything. It’s the perfect way to find out how to use your Windows phone, if you already own one. It’s also a great way to decide whether you should buy a Windows Phone or not, because you’ll learn exactly what the platform can and can’t do.


  • Introduction
  • The Metro User Interface
  • Contacts, Social Networking and Photos
  • What Microsoft Brings to Windows Phone
  • Music and Video with Zune
  • Microsoft Office Mobile
  • The Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Gaming with Xbox Live
  • Tweaking Your Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone Security
  • Internet, Email and Connectivity
  • Misconceptions About Windows Phone

Book Details

Author(s): Christian Crawley
Format(s): PDF (1.66 MB)
Number of pages: 40
Link: Download.

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