Free eBook Walk Away: The Rise and Fall of the Home-Ownership Myth

Free eBook “Walk Away: The Rise and Fall of the Home-Ownership Myth” by Douglas E. French.

Book Description

The home itself could provide full-time employment for half of the American citizenry, as all women became “homemakers” who devoted themselves to cooking, laundry, and cleaning, while all extra time that the man had was to be devoted to lawn care, household repairs, & landscaping. The home was the very foundation of community, of freedom, of the American dream. It embodied who we are and what we do.
Beginning in 2007 & culminating in 2008, this dream was smashed, as home values all over the country plummeted, wiping out a primary means of savings. Some homes fell by as much as 75-80 percent, instilling shock and awe all across the country. The thing that was never supposed to happen had happened. This meant more than mere asset depreciation. An article of faith had fallen, and there were many spillover effects.


  • What is Strategic Default?
  • Double Standard
  • Just Who is the Lender?
  • The Government Gets Behind Home Ownership
  • Building Wealth by Never Paying Off Your Mortgage
  • Social Conscience, Fiduciary Duty and Libertarian Ethics
  • The Cost (and Benefits) of Walking Away
  • Houses vs. Cars
  • Psychology of Regret

Book Details

Author(s): Doug French
Format(s): PDF (1.70MB), ePub (561KB)
Number of pages: 95
Link: Download

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