Free ebook what is social media?

Free eBook, “What is Social Media?”, by iCrossing is written as a short, sweet summary of the phenomenon called social media.

Book Description

It’s an unashamedly straightforward work, intended to give you a brief overview of the story so far, maybe fill in a few gaps and act as a reference guide. It’s intended for anyone, but will be most useful to people working in media, marketing and communications.


  • Introduction
  • What is social media?
  • The new means of production and distribution
  • How social media works
  • How social networks work
  • How blogs work
  • How wikis work
  • How podcasts work
  • How forums work
  • How content communities work
  • How micro-blogging works
  • How Second Life works

Book Details

Author(s): Antony Mayfield
Format(s): PDF (2.58 MB)
Number of pages: 36
Link: Download.

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