Free eBook: Why Blog +25 Tips To Make It Work

Free eBook “Why Blog +25 Tips To Make It Work”, by Conversation Agent.

Book Description

To me the first question that needs answering about starting any social media or network activity is that of why – why start a blog? In my post how a blog is born I shared a graphic on the emergence and rise of mass social media. It describes in visual form the shift to consumer control, pull, and its network effect.

For businesses especially, people have come to expect that you have a Web presence. But, when they research you or your type of business, they prefer to read what others are saying about you, or they want to see you in action – read how you solve problems, what kind of expertise you have, etc.

Book Details

Author(s): Valeria Maltoni
Format(s): Online
Number of pages: 29
Link: Download.

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