Free eLearning eBook: 382 Tips on the Selection of an LMS or LCMS

382 Tips on the Selection of an LMS or LCMS by The eLearning Guild is an awesome collection of tips from hundreds of your professional colleagues. These tips will help you navigate the LMS minefield, streamline your selection process, and help you save money! Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use to improve your LMS and LCMS selection efforts.


  • Comprehensive tips for LMS selection
  • Tips for matching features to business needs
  • Tips for LMS review and evaluation procedures or process
  • Tips for matching LMSs to users
  • Tips for matching LMS features to business objectives
  • Tips for obtaining stakeholder involvement and support
  • Tips for managing vendor involvement

Book Details

Author(s): The eLearning Guild
Format(s): PDF (439 KB)
Number of pages: 49
Link: Download this free eLearning eBook.

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