Free Fantasy eBook: Mothers and Other Monsters

Free eBook “Mothers and Other Monsters” by Maureen F. McHugh from Small Beer Press. Now, in her luminous, long-awaited debut collection, award-winning novelist Maureen F. McHugh wryly and delicately examines the impacts of social and technological shifts on families.

Book Description

Using beautiful, deceptively simple prose, she illuminates the relationship between parents and children and the expected and unexpected chasms that open between generations.


  • Ancestor Money
  • In the Air
  • The Cost to Be Wise
  • The Lincoln Train
  • Interview: On Any Given Day
  • Oversite
  • Wicked
  • Laika Comes Back Safe
  • Presence
  • Eight-Legged Story
  • The Beast
  • Nekropolis
  • Frankenstein’s Daughter

Book Details

Author(s): Maureen F. McHugh
Format(s): PDF (2.08 MB), HTML, Text, RTF, PRC
Number of pages: 198
Link: Download.

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