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Good Enough Parenting - Free Kindle Book

“I recommend this book to every parent – it will definitely make parenting easier and more enjoyable!”

Discipline is one of the key aspects of parenting that often makes parents feel as if they are not doing well enough. In fact, many new parents find it difficult to adopt a consistent approach on how to discipline their toddlers and children effectively, and more importantly, without guilt.

The wide range of books, formulas and methods about parenting toddlers and child discipline available today unfortunately makes it more complicated for new parents to understand the topic as they usually lack practical ideas that can be adapted and implemented in their own households.

In Good Enough Parenting, Lisl Fair encourages parents to stop trying to be the “Perfect Parent” they believe they ought to be. Referencing studies from various books and real-life examples, she helps parents to strike a balance between their children’s needs and their own, and at the same time raise children who will be happy and responsible.

Lisl advocates and provides a framework from which parents can make informed decisions on disciplining toddlers and children that fit their own parenting goals and needs.

This guide book is for parents who find prescriptive discipline methods limiting and want to learn more about adopting the best toddler and child discipline and parenting approaches based on their own household situation and beliefs.

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