How to make a Magazine Style Theme in Wordpress

This free eBook by Syed Balkhi is a tutorial that explains how to create a successful magazine style Wordpress theme. The tutorials on this book are at intermediate level.

Book Description

This tutorial is an intermediate level tutorial. It is assumed you can already design, and code in html. First you need to have a simple blog design in place. Make it very simple. Header, Footer, Sidebar and Content.


  • Making a Custom Home Page in Wordpress.
  • Making a Custom Blog Page in Wordpress.
  • Organizing Content on your Homepage.
  • Pages in Magazine Style Theme.
  • Your Theme’s Identity.
  • Tips on w3c Validation.
  • SEO on Magazine Style Themes.
  • Recommended Plugins.

Book Details

Author(s): Syed Balkhi
Format(s): RTF, PDF (4.79 MB)
Number of pages: 30
Link: Download.

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