How to Save More Money: 349 Tips to Help You Keep Your Hard Earned Cash

By Brian Carr

“The sooner you get this book the faster you will start saving lots of money.”

The reason “349 Ways to Save” looks at pretty much every conceivable way to save money (without being redundant like most money saving books) is simple. What does it matter if you save $1,000 once or $1 one thousand times? Either way you’re saving $1,000!

In “349 Ways to Save” you’ll learn about money saving tips both big and small that won’t affect your lifestyle and, over time, will save you an incredible amount of money.

From the Author

I wanted to put together a practical guide to saving money that did the following things:

  • Listed ideas that didn’t affect the reader’s lifestyle
  • Covered big one-time expenses
  • Covered little everyday expenses
  • Provided unique ways to save money so the reader didn’t waste their money on the same old rehased savings tips

I spent about a month and a half doing a ton of research and ended up coming up with these 349 ways to save money that ultimately the four objectives I have listed above. I think you will find this book to be both useful and entertaining.

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