Phoenix Pick’s free ebook for June is Paul Cook’s “Tintagel”. The coupon code for June is 9991527 and will be good from now through June 30.

Book Description

Music can be many things, but when it is used as a medium to spread a deadly virus that transports listeners to a deadly world of dreams, it threatens the future of humanity itself. But not everyone is susceptible to the deadly virus and there is a group of ‘stalkers’ who are immune to its effects. Francis Lanier is a stalker who can walk through the deadly dream worlds of others. He spends his time rescuing others from their dreams and races to find a final cure for this deadly infection.

Book Details

Author(s): Paul Cook
Format(s): PDF (4.56 MB), Mobi, ePub, PDB, LRF
Number of pages: 205
Link: Download.

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