Your Unofficial Kindle Fire Manual

“Your Unofficial Kindle Fire Manual”, from, breaks all the features of the Fire down with easy-to-follow, step-by-step explanations and tutorials. After reading it you’ll know exactly how to get the most out of your device.

Book Description

The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s centrepiece consumer hardware, a quality tablet that can be used to read emails, browse the web and of course read books using the Kindle software. At just 7.5 by 4.7 inches, the Kindle Fire is of a similar size to the standard Kindle devices, but has high specifications that make it ideal for a range of tasks and activities beyond reading.

Combining of Android and Kindle makes this device most intriguing. To all intents and purposes, the Kindle Fire is an Android tablet, with a special layer of software added to resemble a Kindle reader.


  • Introduction: What Is the Kindle Fire?
  • Setting Up the Kindle Fire
  • The Kindle Fire User Interface
  • Installing and Launching Apps
  • Music, Video and Amazon Prime
  • Accessing the Web on Your Kindle Fire
  • Sending Email on the Kindle Fire
  • Kindle Fire Settings & Connectivity
  • Kindle Fire Security

Book Details:

Author(s): Christian Cawley
Format(s): PDF (3.78 MB)
Number of pages: 38
Link: Download

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