Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 12-02-22

Hot Vampire Next Door: Season One (Midnight Harbor Book 1)

By Nikki St. Crowe / Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Hot Vampire Next Door: Season One (Midnight Harbor Book 1)

“Look at me,” he says. “Look at me when I touch you.”

It’s near impossible to ignore my vampire neighbor, Bran Duval, when he has a habit of shucking off his clothes while the blinds are up. He’s playing games with me, but I don’t mind a challenge.

Only problem is, I’m supposed to pledge myself to a rival vampire family and now all I can think about is Bran Duval, black sheep of the Duval vampire family, and the wicked things he’s promising to do to me in the dark.

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The Boss: A Second Chance Mafia Romance (Carfano Crime Family Book 2)

By Rebecca Gannon / Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romance
The Boss: A Second Chance Mafia Romance (Carfano Crime Family Book 2)

Leo Carfano was my everything. Until I woke up one day and he was gone, leaving me with three parting words written on a piece of paper that have haunted me for the past five years.
But even after all this time, the pain in my chest is still as prominent as ever, and there isn’t a day that goes by without him invading my mind.

He’s my walking nightmare.

When my eyes meet his hard stare again in the last place I expect to see him, he makes me question everything I thought I knew about why he left. He seeks absolution in his confessions, and although they break me further, I can’t help but see the truth that’s laced in everything he does and says.
I’m his. Always.
Which is why he’s the only one I trust when everything I thought I knew about my life is a lie.

Abrianna Fleming was the light in my dark world.
An angel I never deserved.
I wanted to give her forever, but she was never mine to keep.

When it was time for me to step up and claim the throne I was born to rule, I did the only thing I knew would keep her safe and alive.
Dragging her into my world would make her the number one target of my enemies, but after five years of depriving myself of her, one look into her eyes has me forgetting any plan I thought I had. Because I’ll be damned if I give her up a second time.

Being together has the potential to destroy the both of us and the family names we bear, but Abrianna is mine, and I’ll eliminate anyone who tries to hurt or take her away from me.

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A Splendidly (Un)suitable Match: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (Love’s Little Helpers)

By Jennifer Joy / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
A Splendidly (Un)suitable Match: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (Love's Little Helpers)

When love needs a helping hand — or paw.

Fitzwilliam Darcy has his hands full. His cousin had his heart broken, his sister’s confidence was recently shattered, one of his closest friends has taken on more responsibility than he can possibly handle, and an overbearing social climber has decided to prove to Darcy that she is his perfect match.

When all of them travel together to Netherfield Park, everything goes wrong. Darcy finds himself dancing when he would rather not, cavorting with mules, and laughing with an impertinent young miss who shows him the lighter side of life.

Elizabeth Bennet’s sympathies often extend to the disadvantaged and mistreated. So, when she meets Fitzwilliam Darcy under less than flattering circumstances, her heart goes out to the unfortunate gentleman. Extending him her friendship and her humor, she tries to be content with her lot while helping her dearest sister and friend find love with their new neighbors at Netherfield Park. But the more she comes to know Mr. Darcy, the greater his danger to her heart.

With the help of a troublesome Maltese puppy and the interference of a tenacious rival whose tactics backfire at every turn, Mr. Darcy discovers that to win Miss Elizabeth’s heart, he must become the gentleman she believes him to be.

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Penalty Kiss (Manchester Athletic Book 1)

By Annie Dyer / Genre: Sports, Romance
Penalty Kiss (Manchester Athletic Book 1)

Clean-living, wholesome, and with a constant smile plastered on her pretty face, Dee Jones is my antithesis.

She’s also what I’m told I need to polish my somewhat tarnished image – apparently being papped getting friendly with a fellow holiday maker on a sun lounger after your ex does a kiss-and-tell with the media isn’t exactly what Manchester Athletic deems great publicity for their bad boy midfielder.

A repair job is needed, and the club is hoping that the super shiny star player for the women’s team can transfer some of her good-girl sunshine stardust on to me.

But Dee hates me and I’m the last thing she wants to deal with right now, because Miss Dee has problems of her own. Problems that could score her an own goal.

She’s meant to be my penalty, but will she let me be her kiss instead?

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Christmas Carol

By Jordan Marie / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
Christmas Carol

Crude. Surly. Mean.
That was the reputation Cyrus Martinez had—especially this time of year.

Cyrus hated everything about Christmas.
Every. Single. Thing.

He didn’t believe in the joy of the season.
Life had dealt him blow after blow and now he lived for himself and no one else.
The one good thing in his life, was baseball and fate had been trying to mess that up too.

When he was traded from his dream team and sent back to the minors to play for a team no one had heard of, in a town no one knew about—he wasn’t happy.

There just wasn’t a lot he could do about it.

Moving to Mistletoe, Montana was definitely a culture shock.
The whole town was Christmas crazy and apparently that way year around.
Cyrus was ready to leave from day one.
He even begged his GM for another trade.

When he agreed to check on Ida Sue Lucas’s family member while in town, he didn’t know what he expected. Someone as crazy as she was probably.

He wasn’t ready for the sexy blonde, with sparkling blue eyes, a laugh that sounded like bells chiming, who had a body that was made to heat up the coldest of winter nights.

Sweet. Cheerful. Loving.
She was Cyrus’s complete opposite.
Heck, the town even nicknamed her Christmas Carol.

It could never work out between the two of them.
No way. No how.

But maybe Cyrus could be the first man to make sure squeaky clean Carol got put on Santa’s naughty list this year…

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 12-01-22

Crown of Secrets (The Hidden Mage Book 1)

By Melanie Cellier / Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Subjects, Books
Crown of Secrets (The Hidden Mage Book 1)

An enemy kingdom. A powerful prince. And an Academy for mages.
To stay alive, Verene will have to uncover her hidden power.

Verene is a disappointment to her entire kingdom–the first royal ever born without power, despite her mother being the most powerful mage in history. So when she’s sent to the Academy in neighboring Kallorway to forge ties with her people’s traditional enemies, she’s determined to succeed and prove she can still be of value to her kingdom.

Prince Darius of Kallorway is the strongest mage in his family–and the only reason his weak father is still clinging to his throne. Starting at the Academy at the same time as Verene, the crown prince is cold and distant and shows no desire to connect with her. Instead he seems suspicious of both her presence and her claimed lack of power.

Surrounded by unfamiliar politics and long-held enemies, Verene discovers that some at the Academy want her gone by whatever means necessary. As the threats grow ever more sinister, she starts to question all of her assumptions. The hardened prince might just be her best hope of survival and–even more shockingly–he might be right about her power. If Verene wants to survive Kallorway and the Academy, she must uncover her hidden powers and take her true place among the mages.

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Christmas from Hell (Neighbor from Hell Book 7)

By R.L. Mathewson / Genre: Holidays, Romance
Christmas from Hell (Neighbor from Hell Book 7)

Duncan Bradford would do anything to avoid the jinx next door, but when fate steps in, he realizes that there was more to the small woman driving him crazy than he thought…

Necie Dixon was used to a lot of things by now, tripping over her own two feet, setting a record for insurance claims for all those unfortunate incidents that she was really hoping would stop happening, but she could never get used to the way that Duncan made her feel…or just how much he hated her.

She wanted more.
She wanted him.

But that was never going to happen, not when he only saw her as the little jinx next door, and no matter what she told herself, one mistake would never be enough to change that.

Something had to give.

Duncan wasn’t sure how much more he could take. Between work and helping his family, he was exhausted and needed a break. He needed something more in his life, and he sure as hell needed a break from the little jinx next door that was driving him out of his mind.

He’d never expected to find himself drawn to her.

Never thought that he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her. And he sure as hell never thought that he would feel like his world was falling apart when he almost lost her.
Free as of 12/01/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Blame It On The Whiskey (On The Rocks)

By Hope Ford / Genre: Military, Romance
Blame It On The Whiskey (On The Rocks)

Friends to lovers… she just needs a little liquid courage.

I’ve been best friends with Parker since we were little and he punched a boy in the face for pulling my hair. We tell each other everything. Well, almost everything. I may have left out the fact that I’ve also been in love with him since forever.

But he’s Parker. He was the captain of the football team, most popular boy in school and could date any woman he wanted. Now, he’s a big, buff military guy that’s on leave.

Then there’s me. Bartender/college student. Voted class nerd in high school – unofficially of course. I went to libraries instead of dances and I have more curves than Parker’s last three girlfriends combined.

I’ve always kept my crush on Parker hidden. It’s better that way.

Until one night, and I do things that are either going to tear us apart… or bind us forever.

Yea, I think I’m going to blame it on the Whiskey.

Free as of 12/01/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Sleigh Spells (Winter Witches of Holiday Haven Book 1)

By Bella Falls / Genre: Vampires, Supernatural, Mystery
Sleigh Spells (Winter Witches of Holiday Haven Book 1)

Have yourself a very Merry Witchmas in Holiday Haven, where the magic and mystery of Christmas is snow joke!
Aurora Hart hates everything Christmas, but how could she turn down the opportunity to serve one year of probation in Holiday Haven versus a full sentence for her crimes? Saddled with a talking squirrel roommate, Aurora is doing her best to keep a low profile as she bides her time. Everything is going fine…until Santa’s sleigh gets stolen.Now, all eyes are on her and the other town Humbugs, and it’s up to Aurora to keep her behind from ending up back in jail. With the help of a very important person from the North Pole, she finds herself hot on the trail of the real culprit. But it will take her having to do something she’s never done before—accepting new friends and their assistance. Only then will Aurora be able to turn not only her own life around but also Christmas for the entire world!Will Aurora be able to solve the mystery of who stole Santa’s sleigh in time? Or will the culprit get the final sleigh?

Free as of 12/01/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Stolen Midsummer Bride (Court of Midsummer Mayhem)

By Tara Grayce / Genre: Country & Ethnic, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Fantasy
Stolen Midsummer Bride (Court of Midsummer Mayhem)

Steal a bride. Save the library. Try not to die.

Basil, a rather scholarly fae, works as an assistant librarian at the Great Library of the Court of Knowledge. Lonely and unwilling to join the yearly Midsummer Revel to find a mate, Basil takes the advice of his talking horse companion and decides to steal a human bride instead.

But Basil never expected to find a human girl waiting for him, wanting to be snatched. Nor had he expected a girl like Meg, an illiterate farmgirl who has no use for books.

With the barrier with the Realm of Monsters wearing thin and the chaos of Midsummer Night about to descend, will this unlikely pair put aside their differences long enough to save the Great Library from destruction? And maybe find a spark of love along the way?

Free as of 12/01/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

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