Caught in Us

By Layla Hagen / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

Caught in Us

Damon Cooper has all the markings of a bad boy:

• A tattoo

• A bike

• An attitude to go with point one and two

In the beginning I hated him, but now I’m falling in love with him.

My parents forbid us to be together, but Damon’s not one to obey rules.
And since I met him, neither am I.

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Virulent: The Release (Virulent Book 1) (Virulent Trilogy)

By Shelbi Wescott / Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction

Virulent: The Release (Virulent Book 1) (Virulent Trilogy)

Lucy King is only an hour away from embarking on the most incredible vacation of her life: White sandy beaches in a tropical paradise, snorkeling and sunbathing in peaceful tranquility. But as Lucy looks forward to her trip, a sinister plot is unfolding that will demolish the world as she knows it. An unknown bioterrorist group unleashes a virus that virtually wipes out the earth’s population—leaving Lucy, and a small faction of survivors, trapped inside her high school to wait out the apocalypse.

As war, looting, and death wreak havoc outside, inside, the students must contend with a tyrannical and paranoid principal and their own struggles of being orphaned, frightened, and unsure of what the future will bring.

What begins as a basic fight for survival turns into a search for answers that will challenge everything Lucy has ever known about her life and her family.

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Behind Shadows: A Psychological Mystery Thriller (The Adam Stanley Series Book 1)

By Netta Newbound / Genre: Detective, Mystery & Thrillers, Women’s Fiction

Behind Shadows: A Psychological Mystery Thriller (The Adam Stanley Series Book 1)

Amanda Flynn’s life is falling apart. Her spineless cheating husband has taken her beloved children. Her paedophile father, who went to prison vowing revenge, has been abruptly released. And now someone in the shadows is watching her every move.

When one by one her father and his cohorts turn up dead, Amanda finds herself at the centre of several murder investigations—with no alibi and a diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder. Abandoned, scared and fighting to clear her name as more and more damning evidence comes to light, Amanda begins to doubt her own sanity.

Could she really be a brutal killer?

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The BillionWere: A Paranormal Billionaire Shifter Romance

By Ellie Valentina / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

The BillionWere: A Paranormal Billionaire Shifter Romance

“The Billionaire has more then one secret…..”

When Malinda Rose accepted a job as a live in nanny at a plush mansion in Manhattan it sounded easy. Room, board and a nice paycheck, however she had no idea what she was letting herself in for..

The owner of the mansion is reclusive billionaire Garrett Millieur. A man who surprises her with his youthful good looks and attractively authoritative nature.

Amongst other things, he makes an odd request, that his son Brandon must NEVER leave the mansion. EVER.

It is clear to Malinda that the stunning Garrett has many secrets and as she gets closer to him, it seems she is going to find out everything she ever wanted to know about his dark and furry side.

And she might just like what she finds…

This is a stunning paranormal billionaire romance filled with mystery, secrets, adventure alongside lots of hot mating. An absolute must read for anyone who enjoys shifter romances with a billionaire twist!

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The Stranger’s Baby

By Tasha Blue / Genre: Romance, African American, United States

The Stranger's Baby

Having waited all of her adult life to meet a decent man to start a family with, Chloe Gibbons had lost faith that she ever would.

With her biological clock ticking she decided to get artificially inseminated so she could raise a beautiful baby all by herself.

However, as fate would have it, the day she had the procedure done was the day her destiny walked into her life.

Her new neighbor Lucas is sweet, handsome, charming and everything she ever wanted in a man. The two of them seem perfect for each other.

But soon the truth must come out.

How will Lucas react when he discovers the woman he loves is carrying another man’s baby? Can he possibly consider raising a stranger’s baby?

If you are looking for a romance story full of twists that will leave you stunned then this is it! Start reading this right away by scrolling up and clicking “buy now with 1 click”.

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Cipher (The Shadow Ravens Book 1)

By Aileen Erin / Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Cipher (The Shadow Ravens Book 1)

Alone and on the run, Cipher doesn’t talk about her secrets, her powers, or the people chasing her. She can’t let anyone get that close. At least, she shouldn’t.

Knight is working undercover for the bad guys. He’s done things that have marked his soul, but it’ll all be worth it if he can save the girl who means everything to him—the girl who saved his life by putting herself in danger. It’s been twelve years, but Knight knows she’s still alive, and he’s made it his mission to find her and keep her safe.

When Knight finally catches up to Cipher, electricity sparks. He’s crazy gorgeous, stupid brilliant, and begging to lift the burden from Cipher’s shoulders. Can she really trust him with her secrets? With her life?

She doesn’t have long to decide, because Knight isn’t the only who’s been looking for her. Now Cipher can’t run without leaving him behind. What good is being together if they’re both dead?

To save Knight, Cipher will finally stop running…one way or another.

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Here’s to Tomorrow

By Teagan Hunter / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Here's to Tomorrow

A chance meeting… A slip of the tongue… Two lives forever changed…

Rae Kamden has no idea what she wants to do in life. She thinks leaving her small town is the way to go, but after running into car trouble (and the sexiest man she’s ever seen), she begins rethinking everything she thought she wanted out of life.

Hudson Tamell isn’t your typical twenty-four year old. The last seven years haven’t been a cake walk. But after finally getting his life just where he wants it, he meets Rae and her impossibly unfiltered mouth. She’s like no one he’s ever met before, totally throwing him off that carefully paved road. But can she handle his life and all the baggage that comes along with it?

Now the girl who doesn’t really fit into his world is the one person he wants in it…no matter what demons she has.

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CARVER (An NCIS Special Agent Ruben Carver Novel Book 1)

By Jeffrey Seay / Genre: Espionage, Mystery & Thrillers

CARVER (An NCIS Special Agent Ruben Carver Novel Book 1)

Three agents are dead and one missing in what was supposed to be a cookie cutter operation in support of the Seventh Fleet’s visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The culprits initially suspected were members of an Indonesian terrorist group with connections to Al Qaeda. Special Agent Ruben Carver, as the NCIS Case Agent, takes a small, hand picked team to Singapore to begin unraveling the mystery.

The story, set in Southeast Asia, is the first book in the Ruben Carver series. A man tolerated by the agency’s hierarchy because he’s most effective when he lands “in the shit [sic]”. In truth, a six foot two, two hundred and twenty pound shit magnet, who lives by the maxim: “You can never have too many friends or bullets.”

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Arianna Rose Boxed Set (Parts 1-3)

By Jennifer Martucci / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Arianna Rose Boxed Set (Parts 1-3)

Arianna Rose was never like other girls her age. She always knew she was different. But shortly after moving to a new town and starting a new school, she realizes her differences are far greater than she originally imagined. Suddenly empowered with seemingly supernatural abilities, Arianna struggles to discover the meaning behind their abrupt appearance.

In this spellbinding three-book boxed set, Arianna Rose must come to terms with what she is, and how to protect herself from forces that want to destroy her.

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Q And Harlem: Blindsided By A Love Affair

By Shaytrece / Genre: Urban

Q And Harlem: Blindsided By A Love Affair

Quintell ‘Q’ Santos was returning home from a two year bid he had to serve when he got caught with a gun charge. His boys Preston and Presley, who were identical twin brothers, held him down as well as his big brother Martell. Q had his chick Skylar in his corner as well, or at least, that’s what he thought. When Q swore he was coming home to focus on getting his paper back up and nothing else, he was reunited with the chick he felt was meant to be his in the beginning. He’d wanted her before he got locked up, but he wasn’t letting her get away that easily this time.

Meanwhile, Harlem ‘Lem’ Santana was living in hell with her boyfriend Dreon until he went beyond too far and had Harlem in the hospital and distanced from her friends and family. Harlem found the strength to leave Dre and relocating was her first move. She vowed to herself to stay away from men for a while because she’d gone through a lot with Dre and wasn’t looking forward to Dre part two. However, one of her friends, Shayn asked her to attend the welcome home party of the man Harlem had been interested in when she met him in college right before she met Dre. When Harlem, Shayn and their other two best friends, Rena and Renae, who were also identical twins, made it to the club that night, everything in her life changed. Some for the good and some for the worst, but there is only so much Harlem can take once she realizes she is not only facing demons of her own past; she has to face everyone else’s as well.

Once skeletons begin to fall out the closet, there are all sorts of chaos that leads to a domino effect. There are fights, cheating, beatings and deep, dark family secrets that could possibly lead to some incest. Everyone has a past and it’s only a matter of time before it come back to bite you. Let’s just see who can survive a thing of the past.

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The Drowning Shark: A Sierra Rouge Adventure (Sierra Rouge Adventures)

By Stormy Sweitzer / Genre: Environment, Nature, Science, Nature & How It Works, Children’s eBooks

The Drowning Shark: A Sierra Rouge Adventure (Sierra Rouge Adventures)

When her mother dies unexpectedly, fifteen-year-old Sierra Rouge travels to South Africa, a country she’s never been to, to live with her celebrity chef father, a man she barely knows.

During a boat tour, she learns from local activists that dead sharks are washing up on the shore without their fins.

Sierra decides to take matters into her own hands to find the people responsible. In her efforts to bring down the shark finning operation, the past sneaks up on her and she discovers that there may be more to her mother’s death–and life–than she realized.

A fast-paced adventure novel rooted in a real-life environmental challenge, The Drowning Shark is the story of one girl’s quest to discover answers, find a new sense of normal, and do good in the world.

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By Tom Chan / Genre: Rice & Grains, Cooking by Ingredient, Cookbooks, Food & Wine


We all have tasted fried rice once or many times but how many people know that fried rice itself, is having a number of variations and there are many types of fried rice available in term of the preparation method or ingredients.

Fried rice is originated in Asia and every region in Asia has its own way and method of cooking this wonderful dish.

Here, in this book I have gathered some of the recipes that would tell the authentic and traditional ways of preparing various types of fried rice.

This “Asian Fried Rice Recipes” book contains 20 fried rice recipes including images, from different countries in Asia- some of them are very easy to make, some of them take a little more effort, some of them would snatch your soul with its appearance and texture, some them would drag your taste bud to taste once more time.

ASIAN FRIED RICE RECIPES (This Book Contains ….)

  • Hokkien: Fujian Fried Rice
  • Lap Cheong Fried Rice
  • NasiGoreng: An Indonesian Delicacy
  • Omurice: Japanese Omelet Rice
  • Pineapple Fried Rice: A Thai Delight
  • Sinangag: Garlic Fried Rice
  • Yakimeshi: Cha Han fried rice
  • Yeung Chow: Fried Rice
  • Fried Rice with baked Cheese
  • Kimchi Fried Rice
  • Richman Fried Rice: Sea food
  • Vegetarian Fried rice
  • Chicken and Salty Fish Fried Rice
  • Curry Fried Rice
  • Golden Fried Rice
  • Lobster Fried Rice
  • Ying Yang rice: The Honeymoon Rice
  • Conpoy and Egg white Fried rice
  • ried Glutinous RiceF
  • Szechuan Fried Rice
  • Here, in this book you will also find the history and origin of some fried rice recipes, which will complete the circle of enjoying the recipes. This book is an easy and complete guide to make numerous numbers of fried rice dishes. I assure you that you would enjoy the entertainment of making various fried rice recipes.

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