His Amazing Baby: A Miracle Baby Romance (Miracle Babies Book 5)

By B. B. Hamel / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

His Amazing Baby: A Miracle Baby Romance (Miracle Babies Book 5)

My brother’s best friend got me pregnant.
And now that gorgeous bastard’s coming for his baby.

I gave up on becoming a mother. I replaced a family with my job. Having a baby was supposed to be impossible for me.

One night with Aaron Ward, my brother’s old best friend and my childhood crush, was all it took to knock me up. He proved my doctors wrong and changed my life forever.

Deep sea-foam green eyes. The kind of rough, practiced hands that would make a professional musician jealous. He’s everything I fantasized he’d be and much more.

Unfortunately, while he’s totally impressive in the bedroom, he’s a complete ass everywhere else.

Cocky. Conceited. The world revolves around Aaron and his ambitions. He doesn’t care what anyone else wants, so long as he gets his.

I’m stuck working with him, and it feels like the end of the world. I want him every single second of every day, but I’m pregnant with his child, and I can’t risk getting sucked into his void.

I’m not going to sacrifice my career for this man, no matter how good it feels when his hands slide down along my hips.

But there’s more going on than I realized. My boss secretly wants to destroy the project I’ve devoted myself to and Aaron’s the only person who actually believes in me.

He says I have to trust him to save my life’s work.

But first I have to let him keep my baby.

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Runes of Mortality: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (A Demon’s Fall series Book 2)

By G. Bailey / Genre: Angels, Paranormal, Romance

Runes of Mortality: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (A Demon's Fall series Book 2)

Death should have been the end, but instead, it’s the start of my revenge… and they won’t see me coming.

Evie survived a trip to hell, literally, to find herself somewhere even more dangerous, with the angels. Angels who do not want to let her leave, not without a paying a price for the life they saved.

Angels. Demons. Protectors and more secrets than one world should hold. Who can Evie trust when everything is a lie? When it’s time for the assassin to return, and to claim what is hers, who will be on her side?

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Murder is a Tricky Business (DCI Cook Thriller Series Book 1)

By Phillip Strang / Genre: Contemporary, British, World Literature

Murder is a Tricky Business (DCI Cook Thriller Series Book 1)

There’s a secret, that much is certain, but who knows? The missing actress? The executive producer, his eavesdropping assistant? Or the actor who portrayed her fictional brother on the Soap Opera? DCI Isaac Cook of the Murder Investigation Team at Challis Street Police Station in London is searching for the missing woman.Why has he been taken away from more important crimes to search for the woman? It’s not the first time she’s gone missing, and why does everyone assume she’s been murdered?

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A Memory for Murder: Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 6)

By Ruby Loren / Genre: Humor & Satire, British, World Literature

A Memory for Murder: Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 6)

A zoo abandoned for years.
An entire family vanished into thin air.
Everyone at Avery Zoo knows the story of the Abraham family’s disappearance. They were planning to open a rival zoo just five miles away from Avery.

And then one day… they were gone.

Seven years later, a new team of investors has decided to complete the project the Abrahams begun. When they contact Madi and offer her a consulting job, she jumps at the chance to help shape the future of the new zoo.

But when Auryn reacts to her new job with anger, she can’t help but wonder… how far would one family go to keep away the competition?

Madi is determined to find out what really happened to the Abraham family, but the old mystery proves to be more dangerous than she’d ever anticipated.

Someone doesn’t like the questions she’s asking… and they’re willing to do anything to keep the mystery unsolved.

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Fix It Up

By Jessica Gadziala / Genre: Humorous, Romance

Fix It Up

“The chance of a lifetime. With one little catch.”

All Brinley Spears has ever dreamed about since she completed design school four years ago was getting noticed. By the right people. By the right companies. Anyone who could finally help launch her career onto a new level.

Unfortunately, the opportunity comes to her in the aisle of a home improvement store while she was arguing with the world’s most irritating contractor… Warren Reyes.

It was everything she ever wanted, the chance to star in HITV’s hit show Fix It Up. There’s one problem though. The producers think Brin and Warren are married. And want them as a pair… or not at all.

So, desperate for the opportunity she has always wanted, Brin hatches a plan. One fake marriage. One season of a show. And then they can both go their separate ways.

You know, if they don’t kill each other first…

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Ranch Hand For Auction

By Kimberly Krey / Genre: Contemporary, Westerns

Ranch Hand For Auction

Meg left her Montana home, earned her bachelor’s degree, and lived out her dream of selling her art. But now her life is in limbo. Stay in Colorado with a man who won’t commit, or call it quits and move back to her home state. Her answer comes in the form of Jake Billings, a woman-courting, dimple-sporting cowboy her father bids on at the county fair. The auctioned ranch hand is meant to help Meg process grapes on her father’s land, but along the way he steals her heart. Can Meg trust this sudden shift in direction, or will she be drawn back to the man she left behind?

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Colton (Wild Men Book 1)

By Melissa Belle / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Colton (Wild Men Book 1)

She never thought she’d see him again…this is a second chance romance and first book in the Wild Men Series.


Colton Wild isn’t just the famous football player everyone sees on their television screen.

I met Colton one summer vacation when we lined up on opposite sides of a flag football field. He was the cocky kid with clear blue eyes and a constant smirk. When he picked me up over his shoulder and ran with me the length of the field, I wanted to hate him.

But somehow we were the last two left around the campfire that night. We talked for hours under the stars. And when he kissed me, I didn’t want him to stop.

The next morning, I left.

I thought I’d never see him again.

And for ten years, I didn’t.


Sky Rosewood was the one that got away, the fiery redhead with a temper to match.

It felt like way more than a teenage crush, but what did I know back then? Plus she gave me a fake phone number, not to mention a false last name. I tried everything to find her, but it was like she’d disappeared into the ethers.

Ten years later, I’m out for my morning beach run and I crash into…Sky Rosewood, just before she gets knocked out by an errant wave. I try to be a gentleman and give her mouth to mouth, but she comes to and tells me off, her temper still intact. And so is my crush.

Except now Sky’s a woman. A beautiful woman who agrees to give me the right number this time.

I’ve got my second chance with the woman I never forgot, and there’s no way I’m letting her get away again.

Turns out I shouldn’t have been so cocky…

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The Billion Dollar Baby: A Billionaire Romance

By Stella Andrews / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

The Billion Dollar Baby: A Billionaire Romance

It should have been easy.
It was all about Revenge.
I had one woman to find. Marry her and put my baby in her belly.
Clinical. Cold. Ruthless. That’s me. My father’s son.
Then I met her.
Sydney Lawrence. All American Girl. Goddess. Broken Angel.
“It is more important that innocence is protected than it is that guilt be punished.”
Guess what? I didn’t listen.
I spun my web and trapped her inside.
Then I took her to Hell.
When you play with fire – someone always gets burned.

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The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach: (Volume 3)

By Jerry West / Genre: Mysteries & Detectives, Action & Adventure, Children’s eBooks

The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach: (Volume 3)

Looking forward to a visit at Sea Gull Beach, the Happy Hollister children have a wonderful time giving a play about pirates and American sailors. Then when they discover that a present they received from Uncle Russ, a lighthouse lamp, contains a real emerald, they are more eager than ever to get to Sea Gull Beach and find out where it came from. They have many exciting and new adventures during their search for the one hundred-year-old treasure which is buried with the MYSTERY ship. Pete, in an underwater outfit, visits the sea bottom, while Uncle Russ sketches cartoons of him from a glass-bottom boat. Pete enters his sea gull kite in the big Kite Contest. Holly and Sue are caught on a sandbar with an incoming tide and are rescued by their new friend, Rachel. In their search for the treasure an old tomb and a strange half-house are among the unusual clues that lead the Hollisters to the treasure. To the Happy Hollisters, every day brings new fun and adventures as they eagerly welcome new experiences and new friends. That is why the stories about this lovable family make exciting reading.
First published in 1953, these charming mystery-adventure stories, faithfully reproduced, are now available in paperback and eBook for the first time! Written for boys and girls between the ages of six and twelve, The Happy Hollisters are wholesome books, with an accent on humor and good, clean fun. Integrity always pays off and right wins over wrong. This is a perfect gift for the young reader in your life. Parents, grandparents, and teachers love these books for their healthy celebration of life in simpler times. Kids are thrilled with the fast-paced action and will not want to put them down. Over seventy action-packed illustrations make the story – and the Hollister family – so vivid that the reader has a feeling of really sharing in on the adventures of this lovable and interesting family.

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Breakfasts in Jars Cookbook: Healthy, Quick and Easy Mason Jar Recipes

By Louise Davidson / Genre: Breakfast, Meals, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Breakfasts in Jars Cookbook: Healthy, Quick and Easy Mason Jar Recipes

Healthy Breakfasts in Jars: the Perfect Way to Start the Day! Stress-Free and Energized
Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but it is also the meal people skip most often. Making sure to have a good breakfast in the morning helps keep your energy up for the rest of the day.

This book aims to help you to start the day right with 50 delicious and nutritious morning options. The recipes inside provide an assortment of hot and cold breakfast jars. Most of them can be prepared in under 15 minutes, or even made the night before so your morning routine will be easy and stress-free.

Thanks to the versatility of preparing meals in jars, the options are endless when it comes to making these breakfasts in jars.

Inside find:

•Tips to prepare breakfasts in jars
•Types of jars to use
•Quick and easy oats recipes like the Pomegranate and Almond Overnight Oats
•Delicious pudding recipes like the Triple Berry Chia Pudding
•Nutritious parfait recipes like the Strawberry and Chocolate Yogurt Parfait
•Easy to prepare smoothie recipes like the Avocado Spinach and Grape Smoothie
•And many other classics and new recipes HOT or COLD like the Spinach, Ham and Egg White Omelet, the Vegan Banana Bread in a Jar, the Blueberry French Toast or the Gluten-free Apple Breakfast Muffin

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