Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Series

By Perrin Briar / Genre: Occult, Horror

Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Series

A shipwreck; a deserted island; a horde of zombies; a single family fighting to survive.

Trapped aboard a ferry destined for their new life in the Philippines, the Flowers learn of a virus sweeping across the planet, turning people into flesh-crazed zombies. Early symptoms include a hacking cough, shortness of breath, and deathly pale skin. The exact same symptoms as a fellow passenger on board…

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Artifacts of Death (Manny Rivera Mystery Series Book 1)

By Rich Curtin / Genre: Police Procedurals, Mystery & Thrillers

Artifacts of Death (Manny Rivera Mystery Series Book 1)

Events which took place in 1938 lead to the present-day killing of a ranch hand in the remote canyon country near Moab, Utah, a mecca for outdoor adventure seekers. The only clue besides a 9-mm slug in the victim’s head is an ancient-Indian potsherd stuck into his chest.

Deputy Sheriff Manny Rivera is assigned the case and judges that it’s likely related to a drug deal gone bad. But he’s actually up against an intelligent and cunning adversary driven by greed who’s discovered a long-forgotten cave containing a collection of rare museum-quality Indian artifacts.

Local politicians and merchants are exerting strong pressure on the sheriff for a quick resolution to the case as the killing is threatening to disrupt the upcoming tourist season, Moab’s sole source of economic activity. After all, who would want to explore the backcountry with a killer on the loose out there?

In the end, Rivera faces a moral crisis: Should he enforce the law or serve the cause of justice? And a woman learns the answer to a question that’s been haunting her for seventy years.

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Manalive: Mystery Novel

By G. K. Chesterton / Genre: Legal, Mystery & Thrillers

Manalive: Mystery Novel

Manalive concerns Innocent Smith, a mysterious man who arrives as the new tenant at Beacon House, a London boarding establishment. This man is accompanied by a great wind and he breathes new life into the household with his games and antics. During his first day in residence the eccentric Smith creates the High Court of Beacon and helps several other tenants to accomplish some great deeds. However, when the household is at its happiest two doctors appear with awful news: Smith is wanted on charges of burglary, desertion of a spouse, polygamy, and attempted murder. Before Smith can be taken to a jail or an asylum, one of the tenants declares that the case falls under the purview of the High Court of Beacon and suggests that the household investigate the matter before involving the authorities or the press. Although things do not look good for Smith, evidence presented to the court will throw a new light on his convictions.

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Pretty Little Player (Blackwell-Lyon Book 2)

By J. Kenner / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Pretty Little Player (Blackwell-Lyon Book 2)

Bedroom games are fine … but I need a woman who won’t play with my heart.

After years in the military, I’ve faced down a lot of things, and there’s not much I shy away from. Except relationships. Because when you catch your wife in bed with another man, that tends to sour even the most hardened man against women.

When I was hired to keep surveillance on a woman with a checkered past, I went into the job anticipating the worst. But what I found was a woman who turned my head. Who made my blood heat and my body burn. A woman who made me feel alive again.

A woman who was nothing like what I expected, but everything I wanted. A woman who, it turned out, needed my protection. And wanted my touch.

And as the world fell out from under us, and everything I thought I knew shifted, there was only one reality I could hold onto—that the more I got to know her, the more I wanted her.

But if I’m going to make her mine, I’ll have to not only keep her safe, I’ll have to prove to her that I’ve conquered my own fears and doubts. That I’m done looking into the past, and that all I want is a future—with her.

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Highlands (Journey of Dreams: Book Two)

By Chautona Havig / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Highlands (Journey of Dreams: Book Two)

Journey of Dreams- Dreams have a way of infusing themselves into our souls–becoming an indivisible part of who we are. Five lives irrevocably change when their greatest longings become their new reality–and for one, vice versa.

The Journey of Dreams series is Contemporary Christian Fantasy, exploring the desires of our hearts and how the Lord meets them.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Introspection–this place invites it. I’ve never allowed myself the time to pause and get to know myself. My father taught me it was weak. Focus on the prize–eyes off yourself. The goal matters. You are just the instrument to get you there.

Here… Is this what that goal was and I never knew it? The peaks above, the trees that stand tall beside me as if my own personal bodyguards.

I am alive–maybe for the first time in my life–and I think it’s because I’m dead.

When Tony arrives in Highlands, he must come to grips with a world that embraces birth defects as beautiful and to be celebrated–even those easily corrected. Balancing the beauty of utter acceptance and the wisdom of when to alter the “workmanship of God” creates tension between Tony and the Highlanders.

The Journey of Dreams series explores themes in the Christian life from a different perspective–from a world that can’t exist anywhere but in the dreams of the people who live there.

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Elodie of the Sea (The Eldentimber Series Book 5)

By Shari L. Tapscott / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Elodie of the Sea (The Eldentimber Series Book 5)

He’s a king who gave up on love. She’s a girl with no memory.

An entire ocean is keeping them apart. 

Eight years have passed since the marriage tournament that decided the fate of Princess Pippa of Lauramore and strengthened alliances between the kingdoms of Elden. The competitors have moved on with their lives. Some have found adventure; some have found love.

Prince Bran of Triblue, however, has put his life on hold, preparing for his father’s crown.

Two days before Bran’s winter coronation, just when the prince cannot afford distractions, a girl washes onto the Triblue shore. She has no memory of her past life, no clue who she is or where she belongs—nothing but a ring on her finger and a peculiar marking on her cheek.

And the newly crowned king has more than a mysterious girl to worry about. The sea has become unpredictable. Storms claim ships in the dead of night, and sailors return with horrifying stories of monsters from the deep. It soon becomes clear the girl and the bizarre events are connected.

The girl came from the sea… and the sea wants her back.

But Bran isn’t willing to give her or his kingdom up without a fight, even if it means he must request help from every corner of Elden.

An entire cast of Eldentimber characters returns in an epic series conclusion that readers have been asking for.

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Last Good Man (Crown Creek)

By Theresa Leigh / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Last Good Man (Crown Creek)

Cooper Grant is not my type. Yes, he’s drool-worthy, with that glint in his blue eyes and the jaw-dropping way he fills out his jeans. Yes, other women might fall all over themselves for a glimpse of his slow, crooked smile. I’m not other women.

He hates me. And the feeling is mutual.

In a town as small as ours, it’s pretty hard to avoid him…and it’s completely impossible once I wake up in a hospital bed to find Cooper pacing the floor of my room.

He’s rumpled. He’s frantic. And he’s swearing I’m his fiancee.

What the hell?

I hate him, but he saved my life. So when he asks me to lie and pretend we’re engaged, I have no choice but to play along. One moment we’re fighting like usual, the next moment he’s kissing me and slipping a gorgeous ring onto my finger. It’s enough to give me whiplash… again.

And maybe it’s the bump on my head, but it’s getting pretty easy to pretend I’m in love with him.

Now, instead of avoiding him, I’m surrendering to his crushing kisses. Our fiery hatred for each other isn’t nearly as hot as the nights we spend entwined.
The engagement is fake. The love is pretend.

But the way I ache for him is real.

And now I want to know… Can your worst enemy be your best lover?

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Straight and True: A Regency Novella

By Justice Joy / Genre: Regency, Historical Fiction

Straight and True: A Regency Novella

Isabella Reed has loved Nathan Trammell since she was eleven. Unfortunately, he does not return her affections. When she is invited to a house party at his family’s estate, she makes plans to win his heart.

Alexander Brent, her childhood nemesis, has been in love with her for most of his life, but he could never hold a candle to his cousin, Nathan. Now, fresh from a tour of the continent and changed from the ungainly youth he once was, Alex is determined to foil Isabella’s plans and make her his.

He offers to help her so he could secretly thwart her…but in doing so, he just might end up ensuring her success.

This sweet Regency novella is approximately 34,000 words.

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Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs: A STEM Career Book for Kids (STEMpowering STEM Books for Children 1)

By Donald Jacobsen / Genre: Careers, Geography & Cultures, Children’s eBooks

Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs: A STEM Career Book for Kids (STEMpowering STEM Books for Children 1)

Are you looking for a great book that encourages kids to learn more about science and technology in a fun and exciting way?

Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs is an engaging and easy-to-read rhyming picture book that teaches children about various STEM / STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). This book is packed with colorful illustrations by artist Graham Evans as well as creative descriptions that will pique the interest of children. Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs features awesome women in STEM / STEAM careers, which works both to encourage young girls to pursue those careers and also promotes gender positivity.

Parents and teachers: because you play such a challenging and meaningful role in the development of children, this book includes free lesson plan resources. Be sure to read to the back of the book to get the lesson plan resources, coloring pages, samples of the author’s other books, and more free stuff!

Get the eBook edition for free via Kindle Matchbook when you buy the paperback edition!
Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs includes fun descriptions of the following careers (in this order):

  • Doctor
  • Architect
  • Pilot
  • Marine Biologist
  • Police Officer
  • Programmer
  • Engineer
  • Teacher
  • Attorney
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist
  • Firefighter
  • Scientist
  • Chef
  • Paleontologist
  • Accountant
  • Astronaut
  • Veterinarian

    Grab your copy of Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs today to set your kids on the path to learning about awesome STEM careers!

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    Kitchen Dads The Basics: Have Fun with Friends and Family Cooking Real Food

    By Cliff Pelloni / Genre: Culinary Arts & Techniques, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

    Kitchen Dads The Basics: Have Fun with Friends and Family Cooking Real Food

    Get Free Video Cooking Lessons – Kitchen Dads Classroom. Details in book.

    Cooking Should Be Fun, Not Frustrating

    Packed full of advice, useful information and over 90 great tasting recipes!

    Put down the takeout menu, ditch the boxed food, and get ready for some fun and delicious meals! Whether you’re a Kitchen Dad, a new or young cook, or just someone who needs to brush up on your skills, this book is for you.

    Cliff Pelloni of Kitchen Dads shares useful advice and tips to get your started in making fantastic meals in no time.

    Discover the essentials for your kitchen, including pantry staples, spices, herbs, and equipment. Learn basic knife skills, common cooking terms, how to read a recipe, grocery shopping tips and much more.

    Packed full of tips, charts, and guides, as well as over 90 easy-to-make and delicious recipes, Kitchen Dads – The Basics teaches you how to whip up simple and delicious meals in no time.

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