BEAST: A Bad Boy Marine Romance (Heroes Ever After Book 1)

By Alana Albertson / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

BEAST: A Bad Boy Marine Romance (Heroes Ever After Book 1)

I no longer believe in fairy tales. But without her love, I’ll forever remain a BEAST.
Isabella—Grady Williams is a national treasure, the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, America’s scarred superhero. With tattooed arms sculpted from carrying M-16s, this bad boy has girls begging from sea to shining sea to get a piece of his action.

When my father squanders away my college fund, I make a deal with this dirty-talking Devil Dog—I will pretend to be Grady’s girlfriend for the Marine Corps Ball, and my dad will write Grady’s war memoir.

Grady is fearless. Hell, this badass jumped on a grenade to save his fellow Marines! As much as I crave him, I refuse to allow myself to become addicted to a dangerous man who will detonate my heart.

Grady—Isabella Cuesta is an angel who can see beyond my mangled skin, a pawn used to repay her father’s debt, a woman who makes me feel like a man instead of a monster.

But I no longer believe in fairy tales.

She’s mine until our contract ends. I’ll take her hard and rough, listen to all her hopes and fears, lay down my life to protect her.

This beauty will never let herself love a dangerous man like me—a man who has killed, a man who runs towards gunfire, a man who never backs down from a fight.

But without her love, I’m not a man—I’ll remain forever a beast.

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The Billionaire Bold (Untamed Billionaires Book 2)

By Romi Hart / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

The Billionaire Bold (Untamed Billionaires Book 2)

Billions, beauties and more billions.

I get what I want, when I want and who I want.

But I can’t forget Denise.
The woman I met when I was not a billionaire.

Her sweet lips, gorgeous eyes, smooth curves.
Lust, love, infatuation.
It was everything.
Bad intentions. Real desires.
But they were unfulfilled…

Now she’s back in my life.
She wants my autograph.
I’ll give her much more than that.

I can’t wait to make her mine!

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Covert Vengeance (Vengeance Series Book 2)

By Kaylea Cross / Genre: Military, Romance

Covert Vengeance (Vengeance Series Book 2)

Revenge came at a heavy price.

Valkyrie hacker Amber Brown is deadly in her own right, but her preferred weapon is a keyboard. So after her teammates left her for dead, she took her revenge the way she was trained to—swiftly and brutally. Except one of her targets might be innocent. To right that wrong, Amber vows to rescue the at-risk Valkyrie no matter the cost, and this time she’s working alone. So when a sexy stranger shows up in the middle of a firefight and announces he’s been sent by her sister, it’s going to take a whole lot more than his word to make her trust him.

Chasing redemption may prove deadly.

Elite gun for hire Jesse Cordova lives on the edge of the law. When a new job offer sets off warning bells, he digs deeper and finds the startling truth. The woman he’s been tasked with capturing is a secret government assassin, and Amber Brown is unlike any target he’s gone after before. But bringing her in opens them up to a whole new level of danger, pitting them against one of the most ruthless assassins in the world. Now that the sexy Valkyrie has stolen his heart, Jesse will risk everything to see their mission through—knowing that the only way this ends is with one of them dying.

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State of Exile: A Virgil Jones Mystery Series Novel

By Thomas Scott / Genre: Action & Adventure, Literary Fiction

State of Exile: A Virgil Jones Mystery Series Novel

Detective Virgil Jones knew it would come back on them one day. He just didn’t think it would happen quite so soon…When Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agent Chris Dobson goes after one of Virgil’s own, he does so in a horrific manner, one that leaves Virgil and his wife, Sandy in shock, and exiles two of their best friends at a time when they need them the most…Virgil’s life is in a state of chaos. He’s managing a new family, a bar he owns with his best friends, he’s trying to unload two-thousand acres of inherited farmland in Shelby County without giving up the mineral rights, and he is working both for and against the head of the MCU, Ron Miles. But something else is happening as well: He feels as if his mind is not his own and the turmoil and confusion have placed him at a crossroads…Three months ago, Virgil rescued a young woman, Patty Doyle, from certain death. As a result, Patty and her uncle, Rick Said, show their gratitude by using Virgil’s Shelby County farmland as a test bed for their new natural gas extraction method, one that Virgil hopes will free him and his family from a major burden in their lives. But while extracting core samples for testing, Patty is once again forced to face her demons, all while making a discovery that will either save Virgil financially, or ruin him once and for all…But Patty’s discovery brings pure evil to light, and Dobson’s thirst for revenge put forces in motion that change everything. And when it does, not only does Virgil once again find himself and those he loves at the very center of terror, he makes an unexpected and perilous decision, one that will ultimately change his life forever, because for Virgil, all crossroads lead back to Shelby County.You’ve felt the Anger.
You’ve experienced the Betrayal.
You’ve taken Control.
You’ve faced the Deception.

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Let’s Begin Again (Pine Valley Book 7)

By Heather B. Moore / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Let's Begin Again (Pine Valley Book 7)

Maurie’s dreams are finally coming true, but when Grant Shelton shows up at her doorstep, she discovers that she’s left love out of the equation.

When Maurie Ledbetter moves back to her hometown to open her dream shop, she calls a local construction crew for help. Former teenage crush Grant Shelton shows up on her front porch, answering the call for the construction job. Seeing Grant again brings back Maurie’s memories of her troubled childhood, and she doesn’t know if spending time around Grant is the best way to move on. But when she discovers Grant has gone through difficulties of his own, Maurie realizes that he might be the key to her own healing.

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Best Murder in Show (Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries Book 1)

By Debbie Young / Genre: Contemporary, British, World Literature

Best Murder in Show (Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries Book 1)

A dead body on a carnival float at the village show.

A clear case of murder in plain sight, thinks new arrival Sophie Sayers – but why do none of the villagers agree?

What dark secrets are they hiding to prevent her unmasking the murderer, and who holds the key to the mystery?

– Hector, the gorgeous but enigmatic owner of the village bookshop

– Joshua, the intrusive yet insightful old man from next door

– Carol, village shopkeeper, the fount of village gossip, not all of it reliable

And what is that mysterious ingredient that almost knocks Sophie out when she takes tea at the village bookshop? (Not the best way to start a job interview.)

Can Sophie unearth the clues tucked away in this outwardly idyllic Cotswold village before anyone else comes to harm, not least herself?

For fans of classic cozy mysteries everywhere, Best Murder in Show will make you laugh out loud at the idiosyncrasies of English country life, and rack your brains to discover the murderer before Sophie can.

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Spider! (Fear Not Book 1)

By Carrie Hyatt / Genre: Bugs & Spiders, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Spider! (Fear Not Book 1)

Get your vocal cords ready because this book makes everyone shout, SPIDER! A silly librarian guides readers through this interactive story. She invites them to speak on behalf of a boy frozen in fear and speechless at the sight of a spider. An adorable arachnid friend gives up his space in the park for a gentle mom with a fearful son.

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet 2020: Selected and Delicious Recipes To Reduce Inflammation & Heal The Immune System

By TUTHILL SYMMES / Genre: Mental Health, Nursing, Medical eBooks

Anti-Inflammatory  Diet 2020: Selected and Delicious Recipes To Reduce Inflammation & Heal The Immune System

A Comprehensive Guide to Heal Your Body, Reducing Inflammation with Tasty Recipes

Anti-Inflammatory Diet is a well-known fact that different foods have different metabolizations, some of which stimulate inflammation and some of which suppress it. The aim of the anti-inflammatory diet is to promote optimal health and healing through the selection of foods that reduce inflammation
Inflammation seems to be at the root of the most significant health issues in America today. From obesity to Alzheimer’s, inflammation seems to close off blood vessels, age cells, and damage our internal organs. As Hippocrates once said, let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.
Inflammation can be prevented in large part through dietary choices. It’s an excellent resource to introduce beginners to the health risks of a sugar-heavy inflammatory diet, with easy recipes and guidance to implement a diet that features anti-inflammatory food. This is a great resource to understand the importance of diet in maintaining health.

In this cookbook, you will discover :

  • Details of Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Special Tips For Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Desserts Recipes
  • Smoothies and Drinks
  • Snacks Recipes
  • Vegetarian Recipes

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