Black Skies Riviera

By Catherine Wiltc / Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Women’s Fiction
Black Skies Riviera

An arranged marriage mafia romance where love is a debt no sinner can pay…

Issa Dubova is the queen of cloudy diamonds:
A Bratva princess.
My reluctant new wife.
A pretty bargain in exchange for the names of the men who killed my father.

I’m a black suit of spades:
Determined to bury both her and my demons.
I never asked to see the shape of her heart.
I never asked for her to fill the blank spaces of mine.

But the mafia wants her secrets.
I’m not the first she betrayed.
And Issa? Sweet, not-so-innocent Issa?
She’s now a debt no sinner can pay.

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Billionaire On Air

By Summer Coop / Genre: Holidays, Romance
Billionaire On Air

I’m sick of the billionaire lifestyle.
I’m sick of sleeping with women who are just after my money!
So, I go back to the only place I feel truly safe… grandma’s, my only family.

Just as I started to think I might finally catch a break, grandma announced that she’s going to ‘help’ me find true love — she’s signed me up to a reality TV dating show!

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Four Months, Three Words

By C.W. Farnsworth / Genre: Sports, Romance
Four Months, Three Words

He’s the guy every girl wants…

Jace Dawson is less than a year away from accomplishing everything he’s spent the past decade striving for. Not only has playing professional football been the dream since he was a kid, the financial incentive isn’t one he could walk away from even if he wanted to. That is, until a chance collision has the unexpected outcome of making Jace realize he might want something more than the goal he’s spent most of his life pursuing. Might want someone more.

…she’s the girl he can never have.
For Vivienne Rhodes, the opportunity to attend Lincoln University represents what she’s always craved more than anything: normalcy. One semester is all she has before returning to a future that’s set in stone. Her mere presence on campus is only made possible by an elaborate arrangement. The essential component of it is that no one can know her real identity. Falling for the star quarterback is most definitely not part of the plan. But it will all be fine, just as long as she keeps those feelings to herself. Because that unchangeable future? Can’t include Jace Dawson.

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Academy of Six: A Reverse Harem Academy Series (Origins of the Six Series Book 1)

By A.K. Koonce / Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Academy of Six: A Reverse Harem Academy Series (Origins of the Six Series Book 1)

Deadly monsters live in all of us.

The Academy of Six has just never seen a monster as terribly mundane as Izara Castillo. And that is a dangerous problem. She has four semesters to not only understand her supernatural abilities, but harness them as well.

Everything at the Academy is a disaster, from Interdimensional Travels through hell to the other hell they like to call Gym.

Bullies push her, test her, and simply try to kill her. A few broodingly protective roommates and a scary fake boyfriend could help. Or make her life impossibly harder.

Pretend to date the emotionally detached demon, they said. What’s the worst that could happen, they said.

It’s make or break within this prison of a school. If she succeeds, she’ll finally know what she’s capable of, who she truly is, and where she came from.

If she fails…she dies.

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Alien Instinct (The Alien Series Book 1)

By Tracy Lauren / Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Alien Instinct (The Alien Series Book 1)

Rennek is an honor bound male whose very existence in life is tarnished by the sins of his father. When he and his crew stumble upon a trafficking ring his immediate instinct is to rescue the females. Finding himself drawn to one of them, he sets into motion a dangerous course of events propelling him toward his destiny. Can Rennek be the leader his people need him to be as the secrets of the past are uncovered?

Kate’s spent years muddling through life, never quite finding a place for herself. When she wakes in an alien cargo hold, everything surprisingly becomes a lot easier–with the exception of the bounty hunters and dirty space cops pursuing her, of course.

Kate’s new found happiness has a lot to do with her sexy alien boyfriend, but she doesn’t know how to react when he suddenly starts calling her his mate. Will Kate be able to move beyond the hang ups of her past? Can she give herself completely to Rennek as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime in ALIEN INSTINCT?

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Claiming the Runaway

By Emma Bray / Genre: Suspense, Mystery & Suspense, Romance
Claiming the Runaway

When Hadley’s stepdad creeps into her room one night, she knows she has to run away from the only home she’s ever known before he steals her innocence. She doesn’t know where she’s going, only that she has to run.

When Damon sees a frightened girl run into the bar looking like a fish out of water, he knows he has to help her. She’s the most beautiful little thing he’s ever seen. She’s an angel, but the problem is he’s a felon, and he has no business claiming such an innocent creature.

That doesn’t stop him from wanting to, though.

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Suits and Spark Plugs

By Aspen Hadley / Genre: Clean & Wholesome, Romance
Suits and Spark Plugs

Liv Phelps is on a mission. Get a degree, stay independent, save her family, and start a new life far from the small town where she was raised. Men, love, and emotion have no place in her plans. However, the universe has a different idea of what Liv needs, and when dashing Blaine Harris enters the diner where she’s working, she decides that maybe she should give him a chance. Blaine is world’s away from anyone she’s ever known, and introduces her to things she’s long dreamed about. But when he forces her to get her beat-down car seen by the local mechanic, a wrench is throw into the works.

Connor Hunt, resident of her same small town, has been at the very top of Liv’s ‘do not disturb’ list ever since she had a front row seat to watching him create his terrible reputation. A magician with cars, he agrees to fix Liv’s in exchange for her willingness to clean his mechanic shop once a week. Although hesitant, a deal is struck. Liv never could have imagined how one simple ‘yes’ would throw her life into the type of tailspin that she’d always planned to avoid.

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Big Bad Shifters: A Ten-Book Paranormal Romance Box Set

By Selina Coffey / Genre: Vampires, Romance
Big Bad Shifters: A Ten-Book Paranormal Romance Box Set

Dragons. Bears. Wolves…
Who said you can’t have it all?

Explore your wildest fantasies with 10 sizzling shifter stories. This collection of steamy monogamous and menage paranormal romance books will make you blush and have you begging for more.

In this box set:
Book 1 – Bride Of The Dragons
Life in a nunnery or marrying two men – that’s the choice a woman without dowry has to make.

Book 2 – Kane (Alexander Shifter Brothers 1)
A psychic finds herself drawn into the world of dragon shifters.

Book 3 – Cane (Alexander Shifter Brothers 2)
A dragon shifter tired of false rumors gets himself a mail-order bride.

Book 4 – Jacob (Alexander Shifter Brothers 3)
A dragon shifter will do anything for his brother, even get involved with the vampire queen.

Book 5 – Ivy’s Bears
An intern finds herself struggling to choose between her billionaire boss and his best friend.

Book 6 – Bearly Wolf
A forbidden romance between a half-breed and two werewolves destined to rule the clan.

Book 7 – Bearly Friends
A trip to the mountains leads three friends unexpectedly into the world of sexy bear shifters.

Book 8 – Sold To The Werewolf
A woman desperate for help turns to a biker gang leader.

Book 9 – King From The Sky
A curvy woman discovers an injured man shifting back and forth from lion to man in her clinic.

Book 10 – Bearly Witch
A witch casts a sexy billionaire playboy with a dark secret in her show.

Like what you’ve seen so far?

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Wrong to Love You (Strong Brothers Book 3)

By Ajme Williams / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
Wrong to Love You (Strong Brothers Book 3)

We kept love out of it.
We kept our names out of it.
And we also kept drama out of it.

Or so I thought!

I met a mysterious stranger on a magical cruise.
His touch gave me the butterflies.
I would immediately go weak in the knees.
But it was all temporary.
One week. That was the deal.
That week turned into four years of raising a kid alone.
A son that reminds me of him and one that he knows nothing about.
These years have changed me.
But my mysterious stranger is still the same.
How do I know?
He just showed up at my client’s home.
Seeing his face has turned my world upside down.
This can’t be a coincidence.
The universe is playing a sick game with me.
So… will I win, or will I lose?

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A Groom for Altar

By Parker J Col / Genre: Historical, Black & African American, United States
A Groom for Altar

Altar Pennington isn’t like most of the widows in Last Chance, Nebraska. After a blizzard takes her husband’s life, she’s neither mournful nor joyful at his death. Her biggest concern isn’t how she’s going to live now that she’s a widow; but how is she going to raise a child on her own? When the preacher demands that all the widows remarry or leave town, she is forced to seek a husband to provide a father for her child.

When former steel driver Wolfe Laingsburg receives Altar Pennington’s letter, he accepts her proposal to meet in Last Chance and from there decide if they can form a life together. Arriving in town, he unwittingly sets a chain of events that lead to Altar and himself being found in a compromising position. With the preacher breathing down their necks to wed for the sake of propriety, Wolfe must make the decision if he can marry a woman he doesn’t know much about.

Altar and Wolfe are forced to trust each other…but is trust the only element needed to build a marriage upon, especially when a danger from her dead husband’s past rears its head, threatening her life and the life of her child. Will trust be enough for Altar to depend on Wolfe to protect her family? Would it be enough for Wolfe to risk his life to save a woman he barely knows?

Free as of 02/14/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Super Scar

By Melanie Tucker / Genre: Diseases, Health, Growing Up & Facts of Life
Super Scar

Super Scar tells the story of a young boy who has a scar from open-heart surgery for his congenital heart defect. Although he may face difficult situations, his super scar gives him the confidence he needs to remember how brave and special he really is.

Melanie is a proud mom of two little boys, including one who has a Congenital Heart Defect. She is passionate about increasing representation of characters with scars in children’s books.

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The Newly Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook: Quick & Easy Diabetic Friendly Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users.

By Jessica Mazzolen / Genre: Quick & Easy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine
The Newly Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook: Quick & Easy Diabetic Friendly Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users.

Have you just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?
Are you finding it confusing trying to figure out what you can eat safely?
If the answer is “YES”, then you found the right book.

In type-2 diabetes, the body either does not make enough insulin or uses insulin poorly. There is no cure for type-2 diabetes mellitus with current medical care, but we can control the disease through weight loss, exercise, and most importantly, a healthy diet.

Following a healthy diet from the beginning is the first step. Eating healthy, being more active physically, and losing weight can reduce symptoms.

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