Stuck-Up Suit (A Series of Standalone Novels Book 2)

By Vi Keeland / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction
Stuck-Up Suit (A Series of Standalone Novels Book 2)

It started out like any other morning on the train.
Until I became mesmerized by the guy sitting across the aisle.
He was barking at someone on his phone like he ruled the world.
Who did the stuck-up suit think he was…God?
Actually, he looked like a God. That was about it.
When his stop came, he got up suddenly and left. So suddenly, he dropped his phone on the way out.
I might have picked it up.
I might have gone through all of his photos and called some of the numbers.
I might have held onto the mystery man’s phone for days?until I finally conjured up the courage to return it.
When I traipsed my ass across town to his fancy company, he refused to see me.
So, I left the phone on the empty desk outside the arrogant jerk’s office.
I might have also left behind a dirty picture on it first though.
I didn’t expect him to text back.
I didn’t expect our exchanges to be hot as hell.
I didn’t expect to fall for him?all before we even met.
The two of us couldn’t have been any more different.
Yet, you know what they say about opposites.
When we finally came face to face, we found out opposites sometimes do more than attract?we consumed each other.
Nothing could have prepared me for the ride he took me on. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for where I’d wind up when the ride was over.
All good things must come to an end, right?
Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

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Mave Fortune: A Rejected Mates Story (Blackstone Academy Book 1)

By Elizabeth Dear / Genre: Romantic, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Mave Fortune: A Rejected Mates Story (Blackstone Academy Book 1)

When my family left our small, ultra-conservative pack back in Utah to join a giant pack in Northwest Louisiana, I thought I’d be able to coast through my last year of high school in semi-anonymity, then get the fuck away from wolf pack politics and just live my life for awhile.

But the Moon decided to prolong my torture by placing my fated mate in front of my face on my first day at Blackstone Academy. He’s the Alpha’s son and king of a school crawling with shifters, and it turns out he doesn’t care to be saddled with a Moon-chosen mate who he thinks is a nobody omega wolf. When he rejects me in front of every shifter in school, I vow to harden my heart, become impervious to the constant, deep hurt of the rejection, and figure out how to be the first wolf in known history to shake the taint of a rejected fated mate bond.

I’m also becoming closer to a new student—a smoking hot and intriguing human, who I can’t manage to scare off even with the drama that surrounds me and the poisonous pack politics that I can’t seem to escape. I can’t even tell him what’s really going on, but I think he’s keeping secrets from me, too.

I’m Mave Fortune, and my mate threw me out like yesterday’s garbage. But fuck that guy.

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Her Alien Priest (Monster Bites Book 1)

By Michele Mills / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
Her Alien Priest (Monster Bites Book 1)

I’m the Hyrrokin High Priest of a remote monastery on the planet Salo. I spend my days in quiet contemplation, keeping my flame-throwing banked and nursing my war wounds. And I take my vows of silence and celibacy very seriously.

Very. Seriously.

Then one day a mouthy, gorgeous human female is dumped onto the stone steps of the main altar.

And suddenly I’m tempted like never before.

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Big Pickle: A Secret Boss Romantic Comedy (The Pickle Family Book 1)

By JJ Knight / Genre: General Humor, Humor & Satire
Big Pickle: A Secret Boss Romantic Comedy (The Pickle Family Book 1)

I’ve got a picklish problem.
I own a family deli. All my brothers do.

But even though I’m the oldest and most experienced Pickle, my restaurant is the one that’s failing.

I hightail it to Texas to see what the hell is going on at Austin Pickle, only to find a sassy little spitfire named Nova Strong in charge.

She’s amazing. She’s funny. She runs our deli like she owns it.

But despite the way we nearly melt the permafrost in the industrial freezer, I have to control myself. Nova thinks I’m a new employee. She has no idea I’m only there to spy.

Or that I’m her boss.

As I get to the bottom of why my franchise is failing, I desperately need to know one thing: Is Nova Strong everything wrong with my deli, or everything right for me?

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The Vampire’s Slave (Tales of Vampires Book 1)

By Zara Novak / Genre: , ,
The Vampire's Slave (Tales of Vampires Book 1)

It was late when Claire first heard the knock on her door – too late. Upon opening it she is met with a mysterious and beautiful stranger, who claims to have just moved in across the hall. She makes the mistake of inviting him in – not realizing that her life has just changed forever. Claire quickly learns the man she has invited in is no man at all. He’s Eric Belmont – heir to one of the most powerful vampire families in the world, and a highly sought after bachelor.Eric’s appearance at Claire’s door is no mistake. He’s been watching Claire for some time, waiting for her to reach her Red Moon. Claire may think she’s just a normal human, but she’s in possession of a rare and extraordinary power – she can breed with vampires. Eric takes possession of Claire and escorts her back to the Belmont family castle. Here he begins the long and tantalizing torture of the human vampire mating ritual. It will be some time until Claire’s body is completely ready for him, and during that time Eric has to do everything he can to keep her safe from other vampires within the castle.Little do they both realize, they are just a small piece of a much bigger story…

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Practically Perfect: A Sweet Romcom Novel (Good Girls Don’t Come Last)

By Jennifer Youngblood / Genre: American, Humor & Satire
Practically Perfect: A Sweet Romcom Novel (Good Girls Don't Come Last)

Paradise isn’t quite what she thought. But is her unexpected attraction to an unruly, hunky cowboy really the best thing for this divorcée?
Penelope Primrose has worked tirelessly to create her picket-fence bliss. After dreaming of a beautiful home and an idyllic small-town lifestyle, the would-be Southern belle perfected impeccable grooming and manners to land her childhood sweetheart. But her visions of a rapid ascent up the social ladder shatter when she finds her ideal husband with another woman…

Thrown into a divorce-driven spin and desperate to reinvent herself, the plucky Alabamian is totally confused by the chemistry she feels with the motorcycle-riding, guitar-playing, cowboy next door. And though his loud music and gosh-awful Airstream trailer are rubbing her the wrong way, Penelope secretly wonders if maybe it’s time to unleash her own inner rebel.

Will her mad attempts to let her hair down end in disaster… or happily ever after?

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Forbidden Shifter Protectors (The Quinton Shifters)

By Abigail Raines / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Romance
Forbidden Shifter Protectors (The Quinton Shifters)

I didn’t want to resist her. I had to.

As a Tremblay brother, I’m loyal to my wolf clan. Which means that I have a set of rules to follow. Rules that wouldn’t let me quench my desire for Michelle. For one, she’s human. Absolutely forbidden. Secondly, I’m her boss. And third, making a move on her would mean betraying my pack. This is nothing but torture. Having to look the other way when she’s all I obsess over. I want to make her mine. Claim every inch of her delicious curves. But when my obsession gets the better of me… I have to pay for what I’ve done.

Michelle is pregnant.

I’m about to gain a family… does that mean I lose everything else in the process?

Book 2:

The Tremblay family are notoriously dominant and wealthy.
Ever since my best friend married one of the Tremblay brothers, I’ve been seeing way too much of Micah Tremblay.

Funny, flirtatious, and panty-meltingly hot, Micah makes no bones about the fact that he wants me—and not just in his bed.
That’s the way it’s supposed to be with mates, right?
Yes, I know he’s my mate.
The attraction I feel for him is undeniable.
But, it can’t happen between us.
I won’t risk having my secrets revealed.
Besides, if he knew, he’d hate me anyway.
And, what’s worse, he’d be in danger.
I won’t do that to him.
It takes everything in me to continuously reject him, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

Damn, the mate pull is incredibly powerful.

Book 3:

It’s a new world for me. That gorgeous, strong, yet gentle Mason Tremblay is the best part of it. How do I not fall in love with him?

When I saved one of the Tremblay brothers, Mason Tremblay became indebted to me. But he has to find me first and rescue me from my brother’s ruthless pack who kidnapped me.

My brother is as ruthless as my old pack was. He’s taken me hostage, determined to start a new pack with me whether I like it or not.

Mason Tremblay is my only hope now.

But is Mason finding me only the beginning….?

Book 4:

As the alpha of the Tremblay pack and the de facto leader of my entire clan, I’ve always followed the code of wolf shifters…

Rule#1: Fealty to pack
Rule #2: Loyalty to clan
Rule#3: Avoid humans

Though things have been changing.

At least that’s what I tell myself when I meet Olivia Hathaway, a witch and activist who has a lot to say about how I do things as CEO of the Tremblay Company.


It’s useless to deny the attraction between us but it’s impossible to think I can ever fall in love with a human.


It doesn’t help that the enemies who have been after my family since my brother Aaron chose his mate, are joining together to defeat us in the name of preserving “the true shifter ways.”

But I won’t let them.

Even if I have to declare war.

I’ll fight for my family with every breath in my body and it turns out…that includes Olivia Hathaway.

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The Vampire’s Prisoner (Tales of Vampires Book 2)

By Zara Novak / Genre: Vampires, Romance
The Vampire's Prisoner (Tales of Vampires Book 2)

Kat had always believed in vampires, and one night her search for truth brought her to a dark and mysterious bar on the edge of town. She soon realizes she’s made a grave mistake, and runs for her life, only to fall into the arms of a dark and mysterious stranger.

Kat is bewitched by the man’s strange beauty and mysterious ways, but what she doesn’t realize, is that he’s an outlaw vampire on the run, being hunted by a dark and powerful force…

Ansel Draco is a vampire out for revenge. Hunted and kept as a prisoner by his own makers, Ansel managed to defy death at the last minute and break free. Now he’s out and running for his life, waiting for the perfect moment to get back at the dark society ruling the world of vampires.

That’s when he runs into Kat, and everything in his life is turned upside down. Ansel quickly realizes that there is something different about Kat, and then, she’s swept into his outlaw world, forced into running for her life right alongside him. Kat has a precious gift, and he’ll protect it with his life if he has to. Now he has her in his arms, he’s not letting go.

Fate works in mysterious ways, but their story is just part of something even bigger…

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Wicked Legacy (Serenity’s Plain Secrets Book 10)

By Karen Ann Hopkins / Genre: Small Town & Rural, Literature & Fiction
Wicked Legacy (Serenity's Plain Secrets Book 10)

Sheriff Serenity Adams teams up with U.S. Marshal Toby Bryant in this heart-stopping mystery thriller when it comes to light that eighteen-year-old women are disappearing from a nearby Amish community every four years. Is it some kind of ritualistic cult activity? Serenity investigates, and the clues lead her to an isolated Nevada brothel in the desert—the perfect place to hide a scandalous and deadly secret.

Serenity’s Plain Secrets is a unique and riveting crime fiction/mystery series that follows the adventures of Sheriff Serenity Adams as she investigates criminal activities in rural Indiana. Currently there are twelve books in the series and two companion novels. The latest release is The Offering, which is now available. Serenity, the 13th installment, will hit the shelves in May, 2022.

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Jewels of Smoky Quartz: An Epic Fantasy Novel

By Anat Eliraz / Genre: Fantasy, Christian Fiction, Christian Books & Bibles
Jewels of Smoky Quartz: An Epic Fantasy Novel

A world ruled by force and magic. A game which could have a fatal ending.

She is just an ordinary woman – an emergency room nurse who practices martial arts in her free time.

Teleported into a harsh, strange world and sold into slavery to the fighters’ ring of Tur’an, she must use her wit and skills to survive.

On the brink of death, she wakes up in a strange room – only to meet one of her captors. Now, he acts as her protector.

Together they leave the city, but their journey will confront them with their own fears and deepest secrets.

And through it all, she finds solace in an old tune. Not knowing yet how it will impact her life – and the lives of everyone else.

Free as of 02/21/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

A Dinosaur Named Gus

By Elwyn Tate / Genre: Literature & Fiction, Children’s eBooks
A Dinosaur Named Gus

Most dinosaurs were giant things, I’m sure you will agree.
Some were the height of houses. Some stood taller than a tree.
Some were as big as rockets, and as heavy as a bus.
But did you know there was a little dinosaur named Gus?

A Dinosaur Named Gus is a picture book about a clever little dinosaur who likes to invent things.
One day Gus notices a volcano eruption and runs to help save the other dinosaurs.

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Cannabis Cocktails Cookbook: Step By Step Guide to Making Cannabis Infused Mixed Drink Extracts with Tools and Techniques You Want to Know

By Randy Woodwar / Genre: Liquor, Spirits & Mixed Drinks, Alcoholic, Drinks & Beverages
Cannabis Cocktails Cookbook: Step By Step Guide to Making Cannabis Infused Mixed Drink Extracts with Tools and Techniques You Want to Know

Welcome to the world of beverages in the future! Cannabis can be infused into drinks in a variety of ways. Learn everything you need to know while making amazing cocktails, smoothies, lattes, and spirit-free mixed drinks.

Have you considered infusing cannabis into your cocktails? Since states like Canada and many states in the United States have legalised marijuana in some form, the debate over mixing alcohol and cannabis has become more relevant than ever. Cannabis cocktails aren’t only about finding a new method to get high. Many cannabis users are interested in them because of their therapeutic properties.

In The Cannabis Cocktails Cookbook Learn to Making Cannabis Infused Mixed Drink Extracts with Tool and Technique you want to know.

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