Justice Brothers Box Set

By Suzanne Halliday / Genre: Military, Romance

Justice Brothers Box Set

Three unforgettable military men and the women who love them.

How much distance do you need from your past before the dust settles?

Broken Justice

Cameron Justice was a throwaway kid heading for trouble. He found a sense of purpose on the battlefield in the Special Forces, but will it be enough to wipe out his painful past? Abused and neglected, Lacey Morrow is a lost girl determined to make something of her life, if only she could catch a break. Unlikely companions thrown together by fate. Now the rest is up to them.

Fixing Justice

Draegyn St. John is all that and then some…and he knows it. He’s the sexy 007 type, complete with tuxedo and an icy-blue stare. A Special Forces Vet with a serious attitude, he has women falling at his feet. It isn’t even a challenge, until Victoria Bennett comes along. She’s a tomboy waif—more nerd than goddess—who rocks his high and mighty world in a very big way—especially when what happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas!

Redeeming Justice

Alexander Marquez is the founder and CEO of the Justice Agency. He’s ex-Special Forces, wounded in action and haunted by regret and what-ifs. After years of too much darkness and not enough light, he’s blindsided when Meghan O’Brien swoops into his life. She’s a ball-busting, curvy goddess who instantly pushes all of Alex’s buttons. When ghosts from the past threaten their relationship, will he finally send the demons packing and lay the past to rest to find his redemption in Meghan’s arms?

Sometimes the last thing you expect is exactly what you need.

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The Goliath Code: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

By Suzanne Leonhard / Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction

The Goliath Code: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

A massive Yellowstone super-eruption has decimated the United States. Millions are dead. Millions more are missing—pulled into the sky by a mysterious white light.

When Sera Donner’s mother is taken by the light, she and her disabled twin brother must seek refuge in the unity of their small mountain community. But ‘survival of the fittest’ quickly becomes the new social justice, compelling neighbor to turn against neighbor in a frantic grab for precious resources, forcing Sera to use lethal means to protect the people she loves.

Sera’s only comfort in the chaos is Micah Abrams, her brother’s bitter enemy. Once a violent thug, Micah now leans on faith and speaks of a glorious King that will soon come to rescue the world. Sera is desperate for hope. But can she really trust this schoolyard bully suddenly turned prophet?

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Code Name: Genesis (Jameson Force Security Book 1)

By Sawyer Bennett / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Code Name: Genesis (Jameson Force Security Book 1)

Years ago, we were in love. She was an up-and-coming superstar and I was the security professional hired to keep her safe. We fell hard and fast, no matter how much we tried to resist one another. But not everyone around us was happy about our relationship, and a string of lies and deceit destroyed what we once had. I moved on from her and didn’t look back.

Now I’ve taken the helm of a nationally renowned protective services company, and I’m looking to rebrand my career. The newly crowned Jameson Force Security is moving from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the mountainous steel town of Pittsburgh, and the last thing I have time for is to deal with my past.

More than a decade has passed since our split, but even a bruised and battered heart remembers its first love. So when Joslyn Meyers comes to me for help, I reluctantly agree to keep her safe from a terrifying stalker who keeps threatening her life.

As the danger continues to intensify, it becomes clear that I’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman who turned her back on me all those years ago. Because one thing is certain—no matter how hard I try to convince myself otherwise, Joslyn still has my heart.

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Reckless Heat (Hostile Operations Team – Book 0)

By Lynn Raye Harris / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Reckless Heat (Hostile Operations Team - Book 0)

There’s only one way I know how to tell him what I feel.
I have to give him what I’ve never given anyone.
I’m going to ask him to be my first…

Matt Girard is the guy every girl wants. Rich, handsome, and popular, his future is brighter than the sun. Unlike mine.

I’m from the wrong side of town, and though he’s been my best friend forever, he doesn’t see the real me. The me who wants more than friendship.

I have a plan though. And it starts with a reckless dare…

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Just Until Morning

By Dani Wyatt / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Just Until Morning

Taking what he wants has never been a second thought for Lincoln Kirk. His empire of private, high stakes poker rooms has brought him everything he thought he wanted in this life. Until it didn’t. The moment the lush, blond pixie burst into his life with her Mae West hips and Judy Garland smile, all bets were off.

Holli Holliday works a poker room like a swan on a still lake. Gliding through life on a hustle is what’s gotten her this far. Her dreams for the future don’t include poker and worrying about back rent, but she needs one more good score before she can take back the reins on her runaway life.

To settle a debt, Lincoln Kirk offers Holli the option of staying with him just until morning. Can one night turn into forever? Or will dangerous plans for starting a new life end one of theirs?

Author’s Note: Toss your chips on the pile because you are in for a long night. This sweet novella will steam your wrinkles flat and have you stacking the deck rooting for these two. It’s love at first sight, straight to the sticky bits with a happily ever after that will leave you swooning.

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The Dragon Hunter and the Mage (Wounds in the Sky Book 1)

By V. R. Cardoso / Genre: Epic, Fantasy

The Dragon Hunter and the Mage (Wounds in the Sky Book 1)

Magic will make you invincible. If it doesn’t kill you first…They call him the Half-Prince. And he has always heard their sneers behind his back.Being the Emperor’s stepson isn’t easy. Locked away in the servant’s wing, Aric is rarely allowed to see his mother, the Empress. And never, in any case, should he even look at his half-brother, the Prince. As the rest of the Imperial family feasts in the great halls of the palace, Aric watches from afar, dreaming of the life he should’ve had.If only he had the power to set himself free…It landed at his feet with a thump. Fallen out of nowhere. Aric knew what it was before he even opened its pages – A Manual of Magic.But does he possess the Magical Talent? Even trying to find out could send him to the gallows, and in the Imperial Citadel, someone is always watching.

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The Cowboy’s Beauty (Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance Book 3)

By Jessie Gussman / Genre: Western & Frontier, Romance, Christian Fiction, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality

The Cowboy's Beauty (Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance Book 3)

He couldn’t face her.

She was too beautiful.

He’d been deformed in a farming accident years ago.

He’d managed to build a successful business on his North Dakota ranch, but clients didn’t need to see him. His sister handled the face of his company.

Until his sister took a vacation and hired an out-of-work supermodel to take her place.

He couldn’t show himself to her. Although after dark he could share his love of the stars with her.

But the more he hides, the more she wants to see.

Can he trust her with his face? Because he’s very close to losing his heart.

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Little Black Girl Lost Book 2 The Forbbiden

By Keith Lee Johnson / Genre: Christian, African American, United States

Little Black Girl Lost Book 2 The Forbbiden

Dare To Imagine Publishing offers Keith Lee Johnson’s followup classic novel of the Little Black Girl Lost series: The Forbidden. Local mob boss, Napoleon Bentley, has been obsessed with 16 year old Johnnie Wise ever since he tricked her into sleeping with him. Johnnie, too, wants to see him again, but she’s confused. She doesn’t understand how she can love her boyfriend, Lucas Matthews, yet the one night stand with Napoleon continues linger in her mind and she finds herself wanting him to pursue her, but she would never ever admit to something so deceitful. Meanwhile, The Chicago Mob his plans to takeover New Orleans while Napoleon is preoccupied with romantic ambition of the forbidden nature. They’ve dispatched a couple of goons to send Napoleon and his bald partner to the morgue with extreme prejudice. Lucas wants to earn enough money to leave Napoleon and New Orleans for good so he decides to choose a life of easy money, but the cops are watching his every move.

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Teach Me New Tricks Book #1

By Ali Parker / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

Teach Me New Tricks Book #1

He’s going to make me break my number one rule.

And possibly lose my job.

How dare he?

It’s pretty simple, though. Don’t date students.

Which is normally easy to stick to. Who wants to date an eighteen-year-old boy?

Not me. I much prefer an older man with rough hands that knows what he’s doing.

Enter Mr. Evans.

A single father billionaire with more time on his plate than he knows what to do with.

And the man is brilliant and wickedly delicious.

Much to my surprise, he’s quickly becoming my star pupil, which means he gets more of my time than necessary.

But I can’t help myself. He’s exactly what I need in my life, in my bed, kissing me at the stroke of midnight…

And the best is even though he’s older than me, he’s more than willing to let me teach him a few new tricks.

Let’s just hope we don’t get caught.

Free as of 03/10/20 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Hibernian Blood (A Vampire Urban Fantasy) (Hibernian Hollows Book 1)

By Dean F. Wilson / Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Hibernian Blood (A Vampire Urban Fantasy) (Hibernian Hollows Book 1)

An action-packed urban fantasy adventure with bite!

James Halmorris has a cursed name. He doesn’t believe the rumours until he travels to Ireland to find his roots, finding a whole new world of witches and vampires instead. He has entered the Hibernian Hollows.

He arrives right at the point where five vampire families are readying to fight a war for the vampire thrones of the Emerald Isle. James is forced to cast off his doubt and fear and step into the bloody ring. He’s supposed to be the peace-keeper, but if he can’t stop the battle, he’ll have to join the war.

Free as of 03/10/20 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Melting Ice: Game On in Seattle (Seattle Sockeyes Book 3)

By Jami Davenport / Genre: Sports

Melting Ice: Game On in Seattle (Seattle Sockeyes Book 3)

Brimming with attitude and broken beyond repair, Isaac “Ice” Wolfe has a heart as cold as his nickname, and he likes it that way–until he meets his neighbor Avery Maxwell. Avery is unlike any woman he’s ever known. Her smile thaws his frozen heart. Being with her heals his broken places. She makes him feel, and for Isaac that’s not always a good thing. Isaac has burned every bridge in his professional hockey career. When he’s traded to the Seattle Sockeyes halfway through their inaugural season, he knows he won’t get another chance. He’s never been a team player, yet he needs to become one–and fast.

Avery has only wanted one thing in her life–to train and show horses. Her decision to drop out of college to pursue her riding career causes a rift with her big sister, but Avery is tired of following everyone else’s dreams. Now she’s following her own, and no one is going to distract her from her passion–until she meets a dark stranger and his cantankerous dog.

When Isaac is warned away from Avery by the team’s captain, who happens to be Avery’s future brother-in-law, Isaac sees the writing on the wall. It’s Avery or his career. To Isaac, a life without hockey wouldn’t be a life worth living. But what about a life without Avery?

Do Isaac and Avery sacrifice their mutual passion for each other in order to achieve their goals, or do they fight to have it all, even if by doing so, they might lose everything in the end?

Free as of 03/10/20 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Secret for Children

By Cindy DeHaven / Genre: Bedtime & Dreaming, Children’s eBooks

The Secret for Children

While most self-help and motivational books only target adult audiences, Cindy DeHaven’s “The Secret for Children” reaches out to a younger, smaller audience. Her book speaks to early readers in elementary school with its easy-to-understand content, fun rhymes and illustrations.

Full of motivation and an appreciation of life, DeHaven believes “The Secret for Children” has lessons for adults and young ones alike. She wants readers to walk away from the work with the power and knowledge that they can think for themselves and be proud of who they are.

Free as of 03/10/20 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Plant Based Cookbook: A Complete Meal Prep Guide with Quick and Easy Recipes for Healthy Eating and to Reset and Energize Your Body and Mind

By Sophia Scott / Genre: Vegetables, Vegan & Vegetarian, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Plant Based Cookbook: A Complete Meal Prep Guide with Quick and Easy Recipes for Healthy Eating and to Reset and Energize Your Body and Mind

Do you want to know the most exciting and healthy cooking style, which is being suggested by more and more doctors and nutritionists and adopted by influencers and chefs?
In the last decade, the most influential biologists and doctors have ascertained that, in our society, more and more people are getting sick and, in the worst cases, they are going to die prematurely because of their bad eating habits.
These bad habits maintained throughout life can lead to diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, tumors, etc.
For this reason, many people are starting to become aware of the topic by adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle.
Unfortunately, in most cases, by improvising and not following an expert’s guide, we risk harming our body because we deprive it of the essential micro and macronutrients that prevent us from achieving our goal: a healthier and happy life.
With this plant-based diet cookbook, you will not only follow a step-by-step guide to cooking delicious dishes, but it will also provide you with all the information you need to make sure you get all the micro and macronutrients required to have a healthy body!
A small taste of what you will find in this cookbook:

  • The healthiest foods that purify your body
  • All foods to avoid preventing strokes, diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • The 5 health benefits of a plant-based diet 
  • How to burn fat by eating more and without being hungry all-day
  • The advantages of the plant-based diet against all other diets
  • How to fight environmental pollution thanks to what we eat
  • Some tricks to give your dishes an explosion of flavors
  • The best plant-based meat alternatives
  • Hundreds of simple, quick and tasty recipes step-by-step
  • And much more!

If you are thinking of having to eat only salads, stewed vegetables and tasteless dishes every day, don’t worry, because Sophia Scott, executive chef for over ten years, will make you discover tasty and delicious recipes that will make your mouth water, as soon as you start to read them!

Free as of 03/10/20 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

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