Lachlan (Immortal Highlander Book 1): A Scottish Time Travel Romance

By Hazel Hunter / Genre: Time Travel, Romance

Lachlan (Immortal Highlander Book 1): A Scottish Time Travel Romance

In a place she doesn’t belong, in a time that is not her own, a shattered woman risks everything for the one thing she’s never had—love.
When Kinley Chandler abruptly lands in medieval Scotland, there isn’t much she’s leaving behind. With her body shattered and her military career over, Kinley has resigned herself to death. But in the past, all that changes.
Lachlan McDonnel, the laird of a clan of immortal highlanders, can hardly believe his good fortune. Not only does the mysterious lass save his life, she awakens his heart in a way he’d thought no longer possible. But the druid spells that allow Lachlan’s clan to live forever have a dark side as well. He and his men know all too well that the magic folk never give without taking. Though he is sworn to protect them from the dreaded undead, the price of his loyalty may finally be too high.

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Promise Cove (A Pelican Pointe Novel Book 1)

By Vickie McKeehan / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Promise Cove (A Pelican Pointe Novel Book 1)

a promise kept
can change your life.

Reeling from the violent death of her husband in war-torn Iraq, Jordan Phillips is at her wit’s end, left to fend for herself and her baby. Alone and desperate in backwater Pelican Pointe, she faces an uphill battle against a judgmental and hostile town as she tries to rebuild her life. But when a mysterious and handsome stranger with a tragic secret appears, her fragile new world threatens to come crashing down around her.

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Shattered Past (Dragon Blood)

By Lindsay Buroker / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Shattered Past (Dragon Blood)

An elite forces officer with a dreadful reputation.
A bookish paleontologist with a love for mysteries.
An ancient stronghold full of secrets that will take both of them to unearth.

Professor Lilah Zirkander (yes, she’s related to the famous pilot, and no, she can’t get him to autograph your undergarments) is looking forward to a summer in the paleontology lab, researching and cataloging new fossils. But that summer takes an unexpected turn when the king sends her into the Ice Blades to a secret mine where ancient dragon bones have been discovered. Rumor has it that they’re cursed and dangerous, but Lilah is more concerned about dealing with the outpost commander, a fierce officer with the temperament of a crabby badger.

As punishment for irking the king, Colonel Vann Therrik is overseeing the hardened criminals working in the remote Magroth Crystal Mines. He would like a chance to redeem himself—and escape the loathsome duty station—but nothing is going his way. Cursed fossils have delayed production, miners are trying to escape, and now a scientist has shown up, making demands on his time. Worse, she’s the cousin of his nemesis General Zirkander. As if one Zirkander in his world wasn’t bad enough.

Investigating the fossils leads Lilah and Vann into the depths of Magroth Mountain where centuries-old secrets lurk, and a long-forgotten threat stalks the passages. To have any chance at survival, they’ll have to work together and perhaps learn that neither is what the other expected.

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Ruining the Rancher (Masterson County Book 3)

By Calle J. Brookes / Genre: Western & Frontier, Romance

Ruining the Rancher (Masterson County Book 3)


Step one. Keep her family fed.
Step two. Keep the roof over their heads.
Step three. Follow the plan.

Pandora Tyler always has a plan. From the moment her mom was killed in a car accident, Pan has had a plan for what she needs from life.

The last thing she needs is a distraction like Levi Masterson, her older sisters’ brother-in-law—and Pan’s new employer.

Step four. Revise the plan.

She will do her job as his housekeeper and do her best not to fall for his rugged cowboy charm. But resisting him is the biggest challenge she’s ever faced.

Levi took one look at Pandora Tyler on a day that changed both of their families—and he fell hard. Beautiful, loving, loyal and determined—Pan is stronger than she knows. And he can’t get her out of his head—or his heart. It’s best to just go with the inevitable. She is the one he’s meant for. But while he was pursuing his housekeeper, someone else kept getting in the way.

Someone who has their eyes on what Levi can do for them.

Someone who will resort to any means necessary to get exactly what they want:

Even if that means separating Levi and Pan forever…

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Mystic Falls (A Coyote Wells Mystery Book 1)

By Vickie McKeehan / Genre: Psychics, Supernatural, Mystery

Mystic Falls (A Coyote Wells Mystery Book 1)

Emotionally reeling after the death of her grandmother, Gemma Channing is settling into Coyote Wells, the hometown where she grew up, after a ten-year absence. While coming to terms with the loss of her Gram, disturbing things begin to happen. Women are disappearing. Just when she begins to realize Coyote Wells has changed—and not for the better—she’s forced to bump heads with Lando Bonner, her ex, a man who still carries around a grudge. But since she’s digging for answers trying to explain exactly how her grandmother died, she needs his help. It won’t be easy. Lando has never forgiven her for leaving him. Tensions flair between the two as a killer grips the town in fear. Is it kill or be killed? Who will the killer target next? And when will it all end?

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Realms of Ghosts and Magic: Fae Witch Chronicles Book 1

By J.S. Malcom / Genre: Vampires, Supernatural, Thrillers & Suspense

Realms of Ghosts and Magic: Fae Witch Chronicles Book 1

When the fae beckon, few resist. Even fewer return.

As a veil witch, I’m used to taking out the supernatural trash. Everything from poltergeists to vampires, you name it and I’ve dealt with it. So opening a paranormal cleanup business just seemed to make sense. If I’m already dealing with the pests, why not get paid?

But when I accidentally breach the faerie realm to encounter a girl recently reported missing, start seeing the ghost of a witch whose disappearance has never been solved, and discover a Book of Shadows that opens only for me, I can’t just go back to business as usual. Especially when I also gain the interest of a sexy and mysterious mage. Timing is everything, and even as my desire grows, a little voice inside keeps reminding me to step carefully. I know all too well that, in the supernatural world, opening doors means facing consequences. In this case, those consequences might just mean never being heard from again.

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Rich Fake Witch

By Weston Parker / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Rich Fake Witch

The King of Halloween needs a fake date and this girl needs to be a true witch.

He’s got a killer reputation, social status, unfathomable wealth, fast cars, and all the women he wants.

Hell, he even has a video game character made in his likeness. Brother…

But, he’s willing to pay the big bucks for my high-end escort services.

If the boy needs a monster to prance around his annual Halloween Crawl of Horrors experience, then I’m his ghoul.

The only real problem is that I’m terrified of things that go bump in the night.

Halloween is NOT my holiday.

But, I can swallow my fear for a month and play Barbie to his Ken.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the man is a client. None of this is real.

Not the wealth, the heat, the steamy moments where I want to give up all of my candies and stop being a trick… all fake.

And he is completely off limits.

The fact that he keeps making me feel so safe in the swirls of horror around us isn’t helping anything.

He might be looking for a rich fake witch, but I’m starting to feel forever.

Maybe I’ll just put a spell on him. ‘Cause then he’s mine… right?

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Storm Harem: House of Storms (Dragon Shifter Romance) (Dragon Guardians Book 5)

By Scarlett Grov / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Romance

Storm Harem: House of Storms (Dragon Shifter Romance) (Dragon Guardians Book 5)

What will she do with three dragon mates?

A Lonely Woman
Real estate broker Krista Wilder has dedicated her life to her career. After a bad break up, she realizes it’s no longer enough. When three mysterious, sexy men hire her to find them a multi-million dollar mansion, she knows the job is just what she needs to take her mind off her loneliness. Too bad she can’t stop imagining doing the naughtiest things with all three of them.

Three dragons, one mate
When the dragons of the House of Storms awaken, clever Yuki, diplomatic Akash, and warrior Ragnar are tasked with buying the crew a new home. After their first meeting with curvy Krista, they are each convinced she is the one.

Who will win her heart?
After the Storms profess their feelings, Krista agrees to date all three. Getting to know them as they wine and dine her, Krista starts to fall for all three.
Before she can admit her growing affection, she is rudely awakened to the truth of her dragon mates and the vampire threat that lurks in the shadows.
Even if Krista can accept her new reality, will it be possible to choose just one mate?

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A Wife for Carter: A Sweet Mail Order Bride Romance (Married by Proxy)

By Wendy May Andrews / Genre: Historical, Women’s Fiction

A Wife for Carter: A Sweet Mail Order Bride Romance (Married by Proxy)

Carter McLain has finally accomplished the success he was striving for when he moved to the frontier a decade ago. All that’s missing is a wife to share it with. Having no desire to leave his land, he requests a friend back home to arrange a proxy marriage for him. When his bride seems too good to be true, Carter wonders if he did the right thing.

The highly publicized deaths of Ella St. Clair’s parents cause her to lose everything. Left destitute, alone, and friendless, she grudgingly accepts the offer of marriage by proxy to a man she has never met. The long trip West leaves her plenty of time for second thoughts.

What does the future hold for these legally bound strangers? Can they get past their secrets to find happiness?

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Mermaid Mayhem: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel: (Eerie Investigations) (Misty Hollow Book 1)

By H.P. Mallory / Genre: Witches & Wizards, Supernatural, Thrillers & Suspense

Mermaid Mayhem: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel: (Eerie Investigations) (Misty Hollow Book 1)

My name is Marina Estuary, and I’m a mermaid.

Actually, I’m a lot more than a mermaid—I’m a siren, but I have to keep that little tidbit on the down-low. Why? Because anyone who hears the song of the siren will either lose their mind or become desperately in love with me.

That’s usually a buzzkill to most people.

Anyway, not only am I a siren-in-hiding, but I’m also a private investigator. And I’ve been called to the newest of the supernatural hollows, Misty Hollow, to investigate the disappearance of three women.

Not only did the women go missing from the blossoming hollow (which is more like an old west boomtown dropped into the middle of a Louisiana swamp), but the facts behind their disappearance are hazy at best.

I’m not entirely sure that the quick-talking, devious and secretive vampire mayor of Misty Hollow, Alistair Beaumont, didn’t have something to do with it.

Or could the truth lie with the unfriendly leader of the weregator community, Jean-Baptiste, a man as surly as he is sexy?

Good thing for me that I’m an expert at unearthing truths that don’t want to be unearthed…

Free as of 03/20/24 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Peppermint Kisses for the Omega: Mountain Springs Omegas Book 1

By Lacey Daiz / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Peppermint Kisses for the Omega: Mountain Springs Omegas Book 1

When Liam’s Christmas plans are upended he decides to take his mom’s advice and plan a friends’ getaway at the family cabin.
Liam’s loved his alpha best friend, Alex, ever since he presented as an omega, but he’d rather keep the other man in his life as a friend than scare him off as a lover. That doesn’t keep him from wanting to spend every possible second with him, so he invites the alpha to help plan the getaway at the cabin.

Alex has loved his best friend Liam for years, but kept his attraction to the beautiful omega to himself.

Alex would like nothing more than to claim and breed his best friend, but doesn’t want to risk losing the omega if the interest isn’t mutual. So he hides his feelings. But that doesn’t stop him from jumping at the opportunity to spend several days with the other man at the secluded mountain cabin.

Arriving several days ahead of the rest of the group, Liam and Alex set about readying the cabin for the holiday getaway, but a surprise heat in the middle of a snowstorm means they are forced to confront their emotions. Do they dare admit their mutual attraction, or do they attempt to fight their instincts?

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Through the Mist: Restoration

By C. Renee Freema / Genre: Scottish, Historical Romance, Romance

Through the Mist: Restoration

Tilly Munro’s Scottish road trip with her best friend Beth Madison was supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She never expected her fresh start would involve a trip back in time.

A stop at an inn in the valley of Gleann A’bunadh puts Tilly on a collision course with an ancient blessing that will change her life forever. One fateful night, she takes a walk across a misty field and discovers the new beginning she seeks.

In another time, Benjamin Campbell is tormented by the loss of his wife Mary and plagued by a dark sin from his past. His ruthless father threatens to return, destroying his hard work. He seeks a moment’s respite and meets a woman who claims to be from the future.

Separated by time and united by grief, Tilly and Benjamin discover a love they never believed they could feel again. Will his father’s meddling ways end any chance they have at restoring happiness to their lives? Will Benjamin’s dark deeds sever any hope of a future together?

An old feud formed by tartan, iron, and blood…a promise to protect the people of Castle Fion…and the pull to return to the 21st century…will Tilly and Benjamin fight the forces that could separate them forever? Will love prevail, just as it did centuries ago?

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The Bee Who Hated Honey: A Bad Seed’s Redemption (The Animal Who…)

By Adisan Book / Genre: Peer Pressure, Friendship, Social Skills & School Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life

The Bee Who Hated Honey: A Bad Seed's Redemption (The Animal Who...)

Meet Benny, a bee with a peculiar palate, in “The Bee Who Hated Honey: A Bad Seed’s Redemption.” In his buzzing hive, Benny stands out, not for his wings or his buzz, but for his distaste for honey. Preferring pickles, salads, and sandwiches, Benny’s unique tastes puzzle his fellow bees and the Queen Bee. But Benny is undeterred. He embarks on a flavorful journey, turning his hive into a haven of savory delights.

This charming tale weaves the importance of embracing individuality and the beauty of diversity. Benny’s culinary adventures show that it’s okay to be different and to follow one’s heart. His innovative recipes transform the hive, introducing his fellow bees to a world beyond sweet nectar.

“The Bee Who Hated Honey” is a delightful and inspiring story for children, highlighting the joy of pursuing one’s passions and the acceptance of others’ uniqueness. Join Benny as he changes his world one savory dish at a time, proving that even the smallest bee can make a big difference.

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Easy Indian Cookbook: A Simple Asian Cookbook for Preparing Tasty Indian Foods

By BookSumo Press / Genre: Indian, Asian, Regional & International

Easy Indian Cookbook: A Simple Asian Cookbook for Preparing Tasty Indian Foods

All of India

Get your copy of the best and most unique Indian recipes from BookSumo Press!

Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

In this book we focus on Indian cooking. The Easy Indian Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Indian recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?

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