One Night Love (Whiskey Run: Sugar)

By Hope Ford / Genre: Sports, Romance

One Night Love (Whiskey Run: Sugar)

My one-night stand wants more.

I’ve always been a plus size girl, and I’ve finally learned to love myself just the way I am.

I was tired of men that only wanted me behind closed doors, so I swore them off and said I was done.

But two years without…uh… companionship and well, let’s just say I have an itch that needs scratched.

So I’m doing this my way.

I found the perfect guy. He’s only in town for a week, plus he’s a hot alpha football player that makes me feel dainty and petite.

One night. No strings.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans…

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Hero Bear: A Feel-Good Fated Mates Shifter Rom-Com (P.O.L.A.R. Book 3)

By Candace Ayers / Genre: Romantic, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Hero Bear: A Feel-Good Fated Mates Shifter Rom-Com (P.O.L.A.R. Book 3)

Substandard job performance,
Indebted to a sleazy loan shark,
Crushing on a shifter who’s out of her league,

Kerrigan’s life is a mess.

Dmitry’s not gentle.
He’s not the nurturing type.
He’s a cold-blooded killer—a P.O.L.A.R. assassin

But, when he steps in to protect her, Kerrigan doesn’t see a killer.
She sees a Hero Bear.

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The Billionaire Player (In Too Deep Book 2)

By Ali Parker / Genre: Powered by Indie, 34875086-8a6a-4dfe-b095-4d85fb30b3ba_601, 34875086-8a6a-4dfe-b095-4d85fb30b3ba_0

The Billionaire Player (In Too Deep Book 2)

New York is auctioning off hot rich guys.

The most eligible billionaire bachelors in the city have offered themselves up for an entire weekend away with some lucky girl. Brother.

I’m far too broke to afford to play this game, but I’m not interested anyway.

Who would want to spend a weekend away with some arrogant, entitled jerk who thinks his money can buy him the world?

Not this girl. But no reason to miss out on the event.

My BFF’s hubs is out of town and she needs a plus-one. Count me in. The snacks are going to be legendary.

Things don’t go as planned, and I end up with a gift from my best friend—a weekend with the most stuck-up and dangerously delicious guy on the auction block.

This guy is the guy all other guys want to be. He’s the one, the only…

The Billionaire Player.

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A Recipe for a Rogue (The Beautiful Barringtons Book 5)

By Kathleen Ayers / Genre: Victorian, Historical Romance, Romance

A Recipe for a Rogue (The Beautiful Barringtons Book 5)

There are many uses for a good custard. Seduction being one of them.

Rosalind Richardson is in her third season, pleasantly plump and with an unrestrained passion for making tarts. Her dream is to become London’s finest purveyor of desserts and sweets. She’s certain the key to her future is a collection of unique recipes so exquisite, so rare, that her success and her independence is guaranteed. She only needs to find a copy of the cookbook. Marriage, especially to the much older, far too handsome Earl of Torrington would ruin all Rosalind’s plans.

No matter how marvelous he kisses.

The earl isn’t only breathtaking to look at, he’s well-versed in the culinary arts. And Torrington owns a copy of the very cookbook Rosalind is desperate to get her hands on.

Soon, Rosalind is being tempted with tortes…and Torrington. Flour and sugar become sensual when whispered in Torrington’s smoky voice. Custard, it seems is meant to be tasted from a man’s fingers. The mere mention of cherries sends Rosalind’s pulse fluttering.

Torrington, unreformed rake, and custard maker is seducing Rosalind…one decadent recipe at a time.

Rosalind might well allow herself to be ruined while learning how to make the perfect cake.

But does Torrington have the recipe to win her heart?

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Stone Cold Kiwi (New Zealand Ever After Book 2)

By Rosalind Jame / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Stone Cold Kiwi (New Zealand Ever After Book 2)

Let’s inventory, shall we?
State of my professional life: Brilliant, if counted in terms of sales of Hazel the Hippo books, the substantial proceeds from selling my Kiwi Adventures New Zealand glamping business, and any number of glossy magazine articles about my charmed existence. Of course, I couldn’t seem to write or draw anymore, but that would pass. Surely.

State of my personal life: Murky. A mysterious siren I was not, in my nursing bra and only-kind-that-fits maternity panties. My three redheaded children? Good thing. Good, exhausting, frustrating, terrifying, wonderful thing. My marriage? Living with a failing marriage is like living with a toothache. It’s not going to get any better, and eventually, it’s going to get heaps worse, but who wants a root canal?

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Biker Bait: The Lost Souls MC Series Book 1

By Ellie R. Hunter / Genre: Historical, Romance

Biker Bait: The Lost Souls MC Series Book 1

Alannah Blake was born and raised in The Lost Souls Motorcycle Club. She has grown up surrounded by men dressed in leather, blood on their hands and living by a code society deems morally corrupt. She couldn’t be happier at the thought of finishing college and returning home to the men she regards as her uncles and brothers, her family. While she’s been at college, she’s been hidden from the ever growing, never ending feud between her uncle’s club and The Raging Riders MC. Her uncle, Michael Blake, The Lost Souls president, is under pressure against their rivals. In a game that long ago began, he makes decisions that place not only his brothers in danger but everyone connected to the club, including Alannah. Castiel ‘Cas’ Jackson is the Vice President of The Lost Souls MC and gave up the only thing that ever meant anything to him when his VP patch was threatened. His loyalty to his brothers and his club has never been a problem, until he got close to the president’s niece – Alannah Blake. After breaking her heart before she left for college, can he keep his word to stay away from her now she’s back? With Michael’s decisions affecting the club and Alannah, can Cas figure out his president’s secrets before it’s too late for Alannah and the club?

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Spies Like Me (M.I.T.H.O.S Book 1)

By Lexie Winston / Genre: Polyamory, Romance

Spies Like Me (M.I.T.H.O.S Book 1)

For so long now I’ve been a solo operative, not having to worry about anyone but my target and myself. I even have a code name that is whispered throughout the underworld. The Phantom. And people know to be scared if they get on my radar.

But the director of the secret agency I work for is also my dad, and I’m still his little girl despite how many kills I have under my belt. He’s decided that I need to have a team to back me up.

I strongly disagree.

But we made a deal. If he wins, I have to join a team of his choosing and work a sex trafficking case with them, leaving the Phantom to retire. But if I win, he never brings it up again and I get to stay a ghost.

I’m going to hand this team their ass, because the Phantom is not a team player

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The Billionaire’s Second Chance: A Small Town Romance

By Weston Parker / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

The Billionaire’s Second Chance: A Small Town Romance

Fake it with me.

That’s what he wanted. My best friend’s brother.

Oh, you know the one.

Tall. Messy brown hair. Rich as hell.

And my ex-boyfriend that I let go years ago to give him freedom to make something of himself.

But the past is the past, and honestly, I’m broke.

I could use a pick-me-up, and his offer not only helps my pocketbook, but lets me get some points with my best friend too.

Did I mention the man is hot enough to melt me and every other woman in the room? *girly sigh*

Besides, his career as a Hollywood producer is on the line. And I’m a good person. Sometimes.

Sticking it to his lying, cheating fiancée is something I’m 100% down for.

I didn’t give him up to have some floozy tear his heart out and ruin his future.

So fake it, I must.

Until I can’t. My head knows it isn’t real, but my heart?

I’m falling hard. Again. He’s always been the one.

Time to give my fake billionaire boyfriend a second chance.

Or is it?

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The Alien King’s Prey: A Dark Alien Romance (Royal Aliens)

By Loki Renard / Genre: First Contact, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Alien King's Prey: A Dark Alien Romance (Royal Aliens)

Submit, or be hunted.

King Archon is a dominant, ruthless hunter interested only in war and conquest – much to the sorrow of his advisors who insist he should select a mate and produce an heir.

To escape the expectations of court, Archon travels to break a human rebellion. When one of the human females defies him and escapes his wrath, she marks herself as his prey. He vows to hunt her to the very end of her world and exact punishing justice on her tender flesh.

A young human woman has almost no chance against an all powerful alien king, but Iris is not as weak as she seems. This will be Archon’s most dangerous hunt yet.

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Lespada (Reign of the House of de Winter Book 1)

By Kathryn Le Vequ / Genre: Ancient World, Historical Romance, Romance

Lespada (Reign of the House of de Winter Book 1)

The legendary sword of the House of de Winter, champions of kings, leads the charge in this dark and turbulent time between Henry III and Simon de Montfort…

1264 A.D. – Davyss de Winter is the champion for King Henry III, a powerful and arrogant man that descends from a long line of powerful knights. He is also a much-sought after man and has had more than his share of female admirers, including a besotted baron’s daughter who bore him bastard twins.His mother and family matriarch, the Lady Katharine de Warrenne de Winter, loses patience with her son’s behavior and betroths him to a woman she hopes will tame his wild ways. She selects a young woman from a lesser noble family with no political ties or ambitions, a perfect match for her son’s prideful personality.

Enter Lady Devereux d’Arcy Allington.

Ayoung woman of astounding beauty, Devereux wants nothing to do with Davyss. When Davyss, in protest of the marriage, sends his sword Lespada to the marriage ceremony, Devereux is beyond offended. Livid, she battles tooth and nail, refusing to marry a sword by proxy, until Lady Katharine intervenes. Cornered, Devereux is forced to marry Lespada because her groom refuses to show up for the ceremony.

When Davyss gives in to his curiosity and meets his wife for the first time, he is overwhelmed with her beauty. Roughly consummating the marriage, he has set the tone for what both Davyss and Devereux believe will be a loveless, hateful marriage. But when Davyss begins to realize what he’s done, he swallows his considerable pride and is determined to get to know the woman he married, a woman of grace and compassion like nothing he has ever known before.

Though trials and tribulations, Davyss and Devereux’s bond only strengthens. When Davyss is involved in the Battle of Evesham against Simon de Montfort, Devereux faces her own life and death situation.

Lespada is a love story for the ages.

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The Lion of Blacklaw Tower (Highlander: The Legends Book 2)

By Rebecca Ruger / Genre: Scottish, Historical, Romance

The Lion of Blacklaw Tower (Highlander: The Legends Book 2)

They owe each other their lives. Having saved her from a fate worse than death, John Craig would have paid with his life if not for Ava Guthrie coming to his rescue. So, while they might now be even, there is no way that John can abandon Ava. Saving him essentially made her a criminal, and that is the only reason he insists she must flee with him. Certainly, it has nothing to do with the bone-melting kiss they shared just before he would have hanged.

Between her disquiet at the prospect of leaving the only home she has ever known, and the greater foreboding roused by the ferocious warrior and his astonishing kiss, the last thing Ava wants to do is take flight with the man. He’s brusque and angry and seems to have little use for women, despite the fact that she did just save his life. But then there’s something beneath the façade of that lion, something that suggests his heart is not so impenetrable as he would have her believe.

Pursued from the city by an English-aligned sheriff, keen to make a name for himself with the capture of the legendary Lion of Blacklaw Tower, John, Ava, and their small band of accomplices are literally running for their lives inside inhospitable territory. John is supposed to be about the king’s business, not being enthralled by the recklessly fearless lass. When the king issues a direct order calling John to his side at the same time Ava is captured, John is forced to make a choice between honor and duty…and maybe love?

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Ebony’s Legacy Year One: Paranormal Academy Romance (Ebony’s Legacy 1)

By M Guida / Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Ebony's Legacy Year One: Paranormal Academy Romance (Ebony's Legacy 1)

Want more Legacy? This is Raven’s sister’s story! Watch the legacy continue!!!
Ebony: I’m stuck at Legacy Academy, trying to live down my big sister’s reputation.
I’m not Raven. But try telling this to the other girls who want my head on a platter. I’m not special. In fact, I’m a big, fat mess. I didn’t want to go to school. I wanted revenge, but like my sister before me, I can’t control my powers. My anger gets in the way and everybody knows it, because my stupid horns pop out of my head when I get mad.

All I want to do is punish Ryker, King of the Dark Demons, for what he did to my grandparents. I can’t shake this fury, brewing inside me. It’s getting stronger day by day.

The only thing that keeps me sane are the two alphas who are part of the Six Sentinels. They watch over me, but I have to stay away from them.

My power and my feelings are too unstable. When I lash out, crazy things happen. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.I want to run away, but I can’t break the ward keeping me trapped at school. Plus, I know the Sentinels would hunt me down.

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Baron of Rake Street (Sisterhood of Secrets Book 2)

By Jennifer Monro / Genre: Clean & Wholesome, Romance

Baron of Rake Street (Sisterhood of Secrets Book 2)

To escape the despicable betrothal her father is planning, Miss Emma Hunter lies about having a dowry in hopes of attracting a better suitor. Riddled with debts, rakish Lord Andrew St. John needs a wealthy wife to save his estates. But can a match founded on lies result in true love?

A woman he overhears at a party boasting of her family’s wealth.
A woman who can change his life forever if she can believe just one little lie.
?A woman named Miss Emma Hunter…

Lord St. John’s reckless ways at the Rake Street Gaming Hell has driven his estate to near bankruptcy. In desperation, Andrew relies on his one saving grace—charm. With each sweet kiss and tender whisper of love, he convinces naïve, wealthy women to part with both jewelry and coin. Still falling short, Andrew sets his sights on a beautiful young lady who apparently comes with the largest dowry he’s ever known.???

The man whose great wealth can purchase her hand.
The man who can save her heart if he believes just one little lie.
?A man named Andrew St. John, whose charm she cannot resist.

Miss Emma Hunter never forgot her introduction to the infamous Baron of Rake Street. The kiss he’d demanded left her breathless—and stole her heart. Unfortunately, her father has promised her hand to another, so any notion of love with Andrew is just a dream. But when Lord St. John requests to call on her, he makes her believe dreams can come true.?

?From seedy gaming hells to abandoned castles, Andrew is running out of time to right the wrongs of his past. Now the problem is not only his near-ruined estate, but the growing feelings he has for Emma. To win her heart, he must tell the truth—a game of chance with the highest stakes he has ever played.

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A Side Order Of Murder: The 6th Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

By Nancy Skopi / Genre: Cozy, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A Side Order Of Murder: The 6th Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

Private Investigator Nicoli “Nikki” Hunter can’t seem to stay out of trouble in her sixth mystery A Side Order Of Murder. A thirty-six-year-old beauty, Nikki lives on the California coast aboard a 46-foot sailboat, and rents an office in the marina complex where her boat is docked. Though she normally specializes in covert restaurant and bar employee surveillance, she seems to have developed a perilous sideline investigating homicides.
In A Side Order Of Murder Nikki is hired by a wealthy, if socially stunted, young man named Clifford Montgomery, who is convinced that someone is trying to drive him insane. Because he was referred by Nikki’s friend, Jack “The Cat” McGuire, she agrees to look into Cliff’s case. Nikki quickly discovers that his assumptions are correct. Someone is, indeed, tampering with his sanity. Within a week she discovers that his former professor at Cal Berkeley recently committed suicide, and Cliff’s classmates from an elite physics study group are being systematically assassinated. When Nikki realizes that Cliff’s life is in danger, she decides to help him disappear and to expose the conspiracy as quickly and as publicly as possible.
A Side Order Of Murder is a twisted journey through the world of government black ops and mind control. Through it all Nikki Hunter never seems to lose her sense of humor. She is an enigma – feminine and emotional, yet tough and action oriented, and is constantly both annoyed and moved by young Cliff Montgomery, who arrives on her doorstep a hapless geek, and leaves her care as a strong, confident man she is proud to call her friend.

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Speak German in 90 Days: A Self Study Guide to Becoming Fluent

By Kevin Marx / Genre: Germany, Europe, Travel

Speak German in 90 Days: A Self Study Guide to Becoming Fluent

Want to speak German but don’t know where to start? This textbook is for you! Speak German in 90 Days is a comprehensive 90 lesson instructional course that uses an innovative, tested, and proven theoretical framework to teach students not only what to study, but more importantly, how to study. Many textbooks only help you practice written grammar exercises. With Speak German in 90 Days, you will learn to speak! You will learn how to effectively study, and become a successful self-study learner for life. All of the prep work is done for you. Each daily lesson contains easy to understand grammar explanations as well as ten vocabulary words chosen from the most common 1000, each with their own example sentence.

With this textbook you will quickly master the basics of elementary German grammar, and learn everything that is taught in two years of a college level German course. You will learn everything you need to achieve conversational fluency.

Free as of 03/29/24 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Children’s Book: The Dragon Who Couldn’t Breathe Fire (funny bedtime story collection)

By Yonit Werber / Genre: Fantasy & Magic, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Children’s Books

Children's Book: The Dragon Who Couldn't Breathe Fire (funny bedtime story collection)

For young children, growing up can seem to take forever. But, like butterflies must first be caterpillars, becoming a big boy or girl doesn’t happen overnight.
In this funny rhyming story for children aged 3 to 7 years old, children will laugh at the illustrations and the extremes that our little dragon friend goes to, as he tries to breathe fire for the first time. After trying so hard with no luck at all, he meets a wise owl who tells him that his Mom has all the answers.
This humorous story was created with the intention of helping young children to understand that life is magic. But, just like real magic, you never really know when it will happen!

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SOUTHERN KITCHEN COOKBOOK: Timeless Southern Cooking Family Recipes

By Marie Adams / Genre: South, U.S. Regional, Regional & International

SOUTHERN KITCHEN COOKBOOK: Timeless Southern Cooking Family Recipes

Bring the soulful goodness of Southern cuisine to your table! Your family and friends will love you for it.
Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

We are all familiar with foods that are particularly “Southern” – fried chicken, jambalaya, collard greens, biscuits, and pecan pie, to name only a few favorites. All foods develop from a combination of the tastes and traditions of its populations, together with ingredients that are available in the area. Africa, Spain, France, and Scotland have all contributed to the development of Southern food as we think of it today. Each region brought its own ingredients and cooking methods, and combined them with the fresh local foods to create an irresistible cuisine we all love.

Cooking authentic and traditional Southern favorites is easy when you have the right recipes like the ones contained in this cookbook. Your friends and family will certainly ask for seconds and, of course, your secret family recipes!

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