Her Cowboy Billionaire Butler: A Hammond Brothers Novel (Christmas at Whiskey Mountain Lodge Book 2)

By Liz Isaacson / Genre: Christmas, Holidays, Christian Living

Her Cowboy Billionaire Butler: A Hammond Brothers Novel (Christmas at Whiskey Mountain Lodge Book 2)

She broke up with him to date another man…who broke her heart. He’s a former CEO with nothing to do who can’t get her out of his head. Can Wes and Bree find a way toward happily-ever-after at Whiskey Mountain Lodge?

Breeann Richards plans events that everyone loves at Whiskey Mountain Lodge, where she lives and works. But when it comes to matters of the heart, she fears hers has been broken ten times too many, most recently by a man who made her pay for everything. So much so, that Bree had to get a second job to make ends meet.

Not only that, but she can’t get Wesley Hammond out of her head, and she’s never even met him. They texted and called a lot once, but she broke up with him and is too embarrassed to reach out to him now that she’s single again.

Wesley Hammond recently retired from being the CEO of his family’s multi-billion-dollar business, and he’s spent the last six months on a bucket list quest to visit every state in the US. When he rolls into Wyoming – state number 40 – he plans to meet his brother for lunch.

And hears the female voice that has haunted him since last Christmas.

Bree’s voice.

He takes a job at the lodge where she works just to be near her, and a new relationship quickly forms between them. But Bree has secrets she hasn’t told anyone…a terrible, awful event from her past that has shaped who she is and how she trusts those around her–including Wes. Can they navigate their challenges to find happily-ever-after?

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King of Hearts (Hearts Series Book 3)

By L.H. Cosway / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

King of Hearts (Hearts Series Book 3)

In London’s financial district, Oliver King is a rising prince.

Ambitious, intelligent and educated, Oliver wants to excel. His goal is to surpass the achievements of his peers and those who came before him. He doesn’t care much for love and romance until Alexis walks into his office. Oliver’s new executive assistant lights up a room with her quick wit and charm. He’s never met a woman quite like her and can’t resist the banter they share. However, their forbidden love affair is short-lived and outside forces pry them apart.

Years later Alexis and Oliver finally find their way back to each other. But can she forgive him for leaving her behind all those years ago? And is he the same man she used to know?

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New Years SEAL Dream: A Bone Frog Brotherhood Novella

By Sharon Hamilt / Genre: Military, Romance

New Years SEAL Dream: A Bone Frog Brotherhood Novella

He’s a Silver Fox SEAL, but he’s still prime time! Tucker Hudson has been off SEAL Team 3 for nearly ten years. He reluctantly attends his former Teammate’s wedding on New Years Eve, vowing to keep his hands to himself and his mouth shut. Suffering nightmares from a tragic deployment, he barely left the Teams with an honorable discharge. Romance is one complication he does not need. And no one needs him either: not the Teams, not his family.

Brandy Cook knows she isn’t as attractive as the skinny blondes who usually attend SEAL weddings. Although she’s dieted for three months straight, she’s only managed to fit into a size 16 dress, and only then with the help of a monstrous undergarment that nearly prevents her from breathing. So when the big grey-haired former SEAL with a body built like Shrek takes a passing interest in her, she figures he’s been forced by a wager or some kind of trick.

But as the clock strikes midnight, the improbable happens and suppressed passions take over, ending in a steamy night neither will forget, but both will admit later was a huge mistake. When Brandy finds herself in trouble, Tucker turns out to be the only one who can keep her safe from the fury building around her world.

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Thrill Me Deadly: A Six-Book Thriller Boxset

By Andy Masle / Genre: Vampires, Supernatural, Thrillers & Suspense

Thrill Me Deadly: A Six-Book Thriller Boxset

In this boxset of six thrilling stories, you will meet some of the toughest heroes ever to come from a writer’s imagination.

Detective Inspector Stella Cole. A badass cop who becomes a deadly vigilante after her family is torn apart.

Ex-SAS member Gabriel Wolfe. A martial arts expert skilled in languages and ancient techniques learned from a mentor in Hong Kong.

Caroline Murray. A lawyer and unlikely vampire hunter until she receives a visit from a leather-clad stranger who tells her her fiancé is in danger.

You get three full-length novels, including the first books in the author’s best-selling series. And, as if that weren’t enough, you also get three short stories, ideal for a quick, one-sitting read.

The novels

Hit and Run

Stella, Richard and baby Lola. A perfect family. Stella’s a high-flying cop and Richard’s legal work aims to expose corruption in high places. But powerful people want Richard dead, and they don’t care who gets in the way. In a calculated act of violence, the family is torn apart and Stella is plunged into a nightmare of grief, barely surviving on alcohol and pills.

A year later, after compassionate leave, she starts to pick apart the original investigation into the hit and run that left her a widow. Her shocking discovery forces her into a dangerous world of lies and cover-ups where the law doesn’t apply. And the only rule is kill or be killed.

Trigger Point

Two Special Forces veterans battle a power-hungry billionaire. Gabriel Wolfe and Sean Cunningham have just days to stop Sir Toby Maitland seizing power in the UK by force.

Working undercover, Wolfe travels to the US with Maitland. His brief, discover Maitland’s plan and then stop him. As he gathers intel, he teams up with an ex-Delta Force operator, Shaun Cunningham. The two men bond over shared experiences in service, although Wolfe must hide the terrifying PTSD-induced visions that haunt him.

Blood Loss

Caroline Murray thinks vampires are the stuff of fantasy. A successful lawyer, engaged to a brilliant, if erratic, scientist, she has no idea of the horror about to engulf her.

In a series of journal entries, texts, emails, blog posts and “Hunt Books”, we learn how Caroline discovers the truth about vampires. Their leader in the UK, Peta Velds. And what she has to sacrifice to defeat them.

The short stories

Weep, Willow, Weep

It’s 3.00 a.m. and newly promoted Detective Inspector Stella Cole catches her first murder. An intruder has murdered the husband of a glamorous older lady who turns out to have an interesting past.

As Stella investigates, pieces of the puzzle come together but then fly apart and she’s left wondering how she’s going to solve the case.

Reversal of Fortune

A walk with his friend’s terrier turns into a mission to exact retribution on a local bully when Gabriel Wolfe finds one of his female neighbours crying at the wheel of her car.

Lander Reeve is a mega-successful bond trader with a big mouth and an even bigger SUV. He’s been running Gabriel’s neighbour off the road and Gabriel decides it’s time to put a stop to the man’s behaviour. For good.


In this sharp little horror story, a rich industrialist who collects Nazi memorabilia spots an odd-looking antiques shop on his drive home.

His insatiable desire for the most twisted artefacts of the camps sets him on collision course with powerful forces beyond this world. What he is offered by Zadok, the thin, pale man behind the counter, will change him for ever.

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State of Justice: A Mystery Thriller Novel (Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series Book 10)

By Thomas Scott / Genre: Suspense, Thrillers & Suspense, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

State of Justice: A Mystery Thriller Novel (Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series Book 10)

The note was direct and to the point, scrawled in her own hand…a frantic, hurried, and hectic message that left Virgil Jones and his brother, Murton Wheeler, wondering if they’d just lost another of their own.

I’m not doing this to you. I’m doing it for you. Please forgive me.

Murton Wheeler’s girlfriend, Becky Taylor, is fighting the demons of her past, and when she goes missing in the middle of the night, Virgil and Murton begin a fast and furious search. Her car is in the drive. Her purse, wallet, and phone are on the kitchen counter. There is no sign of a struggle. In fact, there was no struggle at all because when Virgil and Murton check the property’s security cameras, they witness Becky walk out onto the road where she is placed in a windowless panel van by two masked men. Who were they, and more importantly, why didn’t Becky resist or put up any kind of fight? And the note? What meaning does it hold? Did Becky leave of her own free will, or are there other forces at play, causing her to cooperate in something unknown to Virgil and Murton?

As their investigation unfolds, the clues are few and mysterious. And just when they begin to make any sort of progress, Virgil’s boss, Cora LaRue, calls and orders Virgil and the entire Major Crimes Unit down to Clay County, where the sheriff needs their help with a murder investigation in the small town of Harmony. But with Becky still missing, Virgil doesn’t want to leave Murton behind to continue the search alone and unaided.

Once again caught between the duties of his job, and the loyalty to his family, Virgil finds himself juggling two seemingly unrelated events…Becky’s disappearance, and the murder in Clay County. And he’s about to discover the choices he makes will determine not only Becky and Murton’s fate, but his own as well.

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Rosario’s Revenge: (San Juan Islands Mystery Book 4)

By D.W. Ulsterman / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Rosario's Revenge: (San Juan Islands Mystery Book 4)

Love is complicated but death is permanent…

A man is shot dead in the street. A close friend is accused of murder. A Russian crime lord lurks in the shadows. Local reporter Adele Plank knows that in the San Juan Islands things are rarely what they seem and that secrets run as fast and deep as the waters that surround them. She must fight to uncover the truth and stay one step ahead of those who would silence her forever.

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Trust No Alpha (The Omega Misfits Book 1)

By Wendy Rathbo / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Trust No Alpha (The Omega Misfits Book 1)

It’s a world gone mad. The Alphas are out of control.

When you discover you’re not who you thought you were, the nightmare begins.


At age eighteen, life as he knows it is over for Kris. A secret to his nature he was not aware of has been revealed.

Now, kept as a prisoner in a locked room in the mansion of his wealthy father, Kris is at the mercy of Alpha laws and Alpha domination.

Things take a turn for the worse when his own litter mate threatens him, and his father starts behaving strangely around him.

Escape is his only hope. But where can he go in a world that allows him no rights?


Marked as a dangerous Alpha, and living a secluded life alone and unloved, Thorne still grieves for the mate whose death he feels responsible for.

Years have passed, and he refuses to even try to function in normal society.

One day he discovers a young man on his property, disheveled, desperate, and scared. He acts like a runaway Omega, but he doesn’t smell like one.

What is this boy? And why does Thorne feel an immediate need to protect him? To bond him? To make him his?

Free as of 04/12/21 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.


By Julian Rodriguez / Genre: Multicultural, Romance


A read as exotic, wild, intoxicating, and vibrant as the titular country!

It’s a plot that is just laced with romance, Intrigue, and suspense. And the information and reveals trickle in at a maddening pace that should keep the reader biting their nails throughout the course of the novel.
A.P. Judge at BlueCat Fellini awards

The substance of The Girl from Colombia is RIVETING. It starts off as the story of an arranged marriage between two nice young people and ends up with proof of blackmail and murder.
The surprise plot twist at the end is well worth the entire read.
Amazon Top reviewer

An incredible Mystery-Romance story .
If you like books full of intrigue and romance, this is the perfect story for you.
Amazon Top reviewer

It is always thrilling when fast-pace is combined with a Victorian era. When you think about ACTION, PAGE-TURNING scenes, and HIGH-BEAT events, you almost ever imagine a tale of the modern era. “The Girl from Colombia” manages these two approaches EXQUISITELY.
Lorenza Seldner. Amazon reviewer

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Don’t Share, Ms. Hare (Critter Compassion)

By Becky Cummings / Genre: Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs & Squirrels, More Animals, Animals

Don't Share, Ms. Hare (Critter Compassion)

Sharing is caring, right? ?

Ms. Hare thinks so and she loves to share with her farm friends! Giving to others and showing kindness is great.

But there’s a tiny problem…

Ms. Hare forgets that she must take care of herself, too.

Once she has a good look in the mirror and realizes what she has done…she remembers the importance of self-care.

Her farm friends come together to help make things right.

Grab this adorable tale of friendship and self-care. Plants seeds for future generations to teach them you can’t pour from an empty cup. When children practice self-love, they will grow up to be the change we need in this world.

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Air Fryer Cookbook 2021: Easy Home-made Recipes 2021| The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook 600 | Must-Try Delicious & Quick-to-Make Air Fryer Recipes

By Elliot Davis / Genre: Outdoor Cooking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Air Fryer Cookbook 2021: Easy Home-made Recipes 2021| The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook 600 | Must-Try Delicious & Quick-to-Make Air Fryer Recipes

In this unique Air Fryer Cookbook, you will find an exclusive collection of recipes to prepare diverse cuisines from the comfort of your home. Now you can cook hand-picked recipes from your favorite ingredients, including breakfasts, snacks, sides, vegetarian meals, meat meals, appetizers, rice, main course, and desserts.

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