Hating My New Boss (Hate Love Book 1)

By B. B. Hamel / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Hating My New Boss (Hate Love Book 1)

He ruined my life.
Now he really wants to screw me.

Justin Hayes was my best friend up until the day he broke my heart and disappeared.

When I find out he’s my new boss, I’m about to leave with my middle fingers held high. Instead, I stop dead in my tracks as soon as he steps into my office.

Justin’s all grown up, and he’s even more gorgeous than I remembered. He was always handsome but now he’s the kind of man I really want to… get to know.

But it doesn’t matter. I despise him.

He says he wants to work together very, very closely, but I can’t let him anywhere near me. I’m afraid I might slap him right before I kiss his soft, full lips.

He says he remembers everything we went through, and he wants to make it right.

I think he just wants to taste the one girl that got away.

I don’t know what to do. This is my dream job and “quitter” isn’t in my vocabulary, but the sight of Justin makes me want to run my nails down his bare back, nice and rough.

I hate my new boss.

But I want him so badly it hurts.

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Queen Takes Queen (Their Vampire Queen Book 3)

By Joely Sue Burkhart / Genre: Vampires, Paranormal, Romance

Queen Takes Queen (Their Vampire Queen Book 3)

The Triune’s attention is a deadly thing to attract. The world’s oldest and most powerful vampire queens devise a plan to ensure the fledgling Isador queen is eliminated before she can call enough Blood to protect her.

But Shara has already drawn formidable and famously powerful Blood to her side: Leviathan, king of the depths. Guillaume de Payne, the headless Templar knight. Wu Tien Xin, the silent invisible assassin. Nevarre, the Morrigan’s own Shadow. And of course, her first two Blood, Alrik and Daire, inexperienced–but extremely powerful in their own right.

Though well fed on queen’s blood and well loved, six Blood are not enough to stand against the mighty Triune. Shara needs more.

She needs more Blood. She needs allies.

What she really needs is a queen of her own.

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INVESTED (Dunning Trilogy Book 1)

By Iris Bolling / Genre: Romance, African American, United States

INVESTED (Dunning Trilogy Book 1)

Myles Dunning, the thirty-five-year-old CEO of Dunning Bank and Trust, is fighting off one takeover attempt after another to save his family’s historical bank. Recently ranked the third largest bank in the world, the leaders in the financial industry conspire to prevent further growth by any means necessary.

Chrystina Price is a voluptuous, lovable, powerhouse, whose sole purpose in life is to uplift and protect the man she has loved from the first day they met…Myles Dunning. Discovering enemies, close and afar, Chrystina throws everything she has into uncovering and blocking each attempt to bring Myles down.

After a boardroom victory raised the bank closer to the number two ranking, Myles and Chrystina share a victory kiss that unleashes an unstoppable flow of love that no dam could control. The bliss of love is short lived when Miles learns a tragic truth.

When the integrity of the family always comes first is it worth Investing in love.

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Protected by the Lawman (Lawmen of Wyoming Book 1)

By Rhonda Lee Carver / Genre: Westerns, Romance

Protected by the Lawman (Lawmen of Wyoming Book 1)

The hat. The gun. And the will to protect.

Showing up to investigate a double homicide, Sheriff Phoenix Cade almost comes out of his boots when he sees the blonde–the only witness to the crime–covered in blood. He’d danced with her a few nights before and had every intention of getting her number until she threw up all over his shoes. Hell, his shoes would wash…

Ria Portman has spent the better part of six years convincing her family and friends that she could take care of herself. The accident took her sight, but it didn’t take her independence. There were a lot of things she’d learned over the years, especially regarding men. They said they could handle her disability, but truth was, they lied. When her assistant and client are murdered in her studio she will have to rely on one man—the one man who makes her want to trust again.

Phoenix is over his ex, but since he caught her cheating he’s compared relationships to playing with fire. It’s only a matter of time before a man gets burnt. Yet, Ria is different. She’s beautiful, smart, challenging, and doesn’t need him…even when she does. He should keep his head on straight because the killers want her dead and it’s his job to keep her safe. However, he’s realizing, a man in love becomes a giant. He’ll protect Ria with a force unlike any that has ever been seen before.

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Shattered (The Southern Comfort Series/Dahlonega Trilogy Book 1)

By Lisa Clark O’Neill / Genre: Private Investigators, Mystery & Thrillers

Shattered (The Southern Comfort Series/Dahlonega Trilogy Book 1)

Eighteen years ago, Lucy Flannery’s young life was shattered when her mother and little brother were murdered – a crime made all the more heartbreaking by the fact that the killer was her father. However, recently uncovered evidence proves that her father was wrongfully convicted. Reeling from this revelation, Lucy comes back to her hometown, both terrified and desperate to reconnect with the father whom she’d rejected.
Trespassing at her childhood home, Lucy finds herself facing down the county sheriff, Ben Paulson, who is as intrigued by this prodigal daughter as he is horrified by the legal misconduct which resulted in her father’s conviction all those years ago. And when things start to happen to Lucy, things which suggest that someone may not want her back in Dahlonega, Ben realizes that this professionally problematic attraction is the least of their worries.

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Luvin’ You Until It Hurts

By Trinity DeKane / Genre: Urban

Luvin' You Until It Hurts

Loving You Until It Hurts isn’t just a novel about romance and sex… It goes much deeper than that. It’s also about family betrayal!
Renisha has always fought to be loved by a mother who makes it hard to be accepted, a father who lives his life to please her mother at any cost, and a man who plays emotional games with her heart and mind.
Disappointment, betrayal and the numerous attempts on her life has turned Renisha’s heart cold.
As she fights to stay alive, in search of the truth behind the attacks against her, she may just find more than she bargained for in Loving You Until It Hurts.

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Feral: A Dark Paranormal Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 2)

By Lucretia Stanhope / Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror

Feral: A Dark Paranormal Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 2)

Why are werewolves going missing? When a frustrated alpha requests the aid of the Paranormal Peacekeepers, a new partnership is formed. Alice and Amarok are assigned to get in and get answers before the pack problems bleed into the lives of the townspeople.

Prisoner or ambassador? As a hybrid, Alice is still struggling with what her place is at the Paranormal Peacekeepers when she is assigned her first mission and given her permanent partner. Before she can find out who is responsible for the missing werewolves, she has to commit to the job and ignore the voice in her head telling her use the mission as a chance to escape.

Loyal ambassador and former member of the para-military. Amarok is still broken from the death of his partner when he is assigned to work with new recruit, Alice. While he will vet her, and make sure she is safely returned to the Paranormal Peacekeepers, the bond of partnership means something to him that blurs the lines of following orders.

The mission takes them to emotional places they never imagined and tests the limits of their supernatural abilities. To solve the mystery of where the werewolves have gone they will need to redefine themselves and come together as a team.

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Honeymoon in Baghdad

By Heidi Radkiewicz / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

Honeymoon in Baghdad

Heidi Radkiewicz’ Honeymoon in Baghdad explores the challenges and joys of a new marriage beset by the horrors of war. Beyond the usual complications of limited closet space and awkward dinners with the in-laws, National Guard recruits Heidi and Jake learned that they were both shipping off to Iraq mere weeks after tying the knot. In the months that followed, intense heat, mind-numbing boredom, and the ever-present danger of roadside bombs and murderous insurgents forged this pair into a team that can take on the world.

Written with grace and humor, Heidi’s account of this formative period in her young marriage is a lesson in the unwavering power of faith, hope, and finding joy in unexpected places. From bucket showers to palm-sized water beetles, Heidi’s message is clear: hold tight to the people you love, take comfort in the man by your side, and keep a look out for anything that can make you smile. Through the grace of God, adversity can pull you closer together.

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“WOW! Weather!”

By Paul Deanno / Genre: Weather, Nature, Science, Nature & How It Works, Children’s eBooks

Empower your child to experience the joy of science & weather at a level they can easily understand.  “WOW! Weather!” is the perfect “1st weather book” for your son or daughter.  #1 in New Weather Books For Kids (April 2018/Amazon).  Fun illustrations, amazing weather facts, and parents will enjoy learning, too!  Emmy-winning broadcast meteorologist Paul Deanno brings the “pure magic of meteorology” to this engaging story.

Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Snowstorms. Thunderstorms. Hail. “WOW! Weather!” covers it all and adds amazing weather facts that will have your kids… and you… saying “WOW!”. It’s the perfect preschool science book, preschool ebook, or science book for kids age 4 and up. Do your kids marvel at the clouds in the sky? Do they get excited when it snows, when there’s a thunderstorm outside, or when they see video of a tornado? If your child ages 6-8 has a love for all things weather, then watch that fascination grow when they read “WOW! Weather!”.

“WOW! Weather!” is a story about how big, how amazing, and how wonderful our weather really is… but told from the child’s perspective. Read this book to your son or daughter, and then enjoy listening to them reading it to you as they learn more about all different kinds of extreme weather. Emmy-award winning meteorologist Paul Deanno has worked in some of the largest television markets in the country, and has visited hundreds of classrooms along the way. He wrote this fun-filled book to bring the excitement of his school visits directly to you and your child.

“WOW! Weather!” will be a book your kids will want to read over and over again. The weather around us is BIG. Their love for the weather will be big, too!

Great introductory book for: Weather for kids, science picture books, science books for kids, stem for preschool.

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30 Delicious No-Bake Refrigerator Cake Recipes

By Lori Burke / Genre: Desserts, Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

30 Delicious No-Bake Refrigerator Cake Recipes

Make mouth-watering, delicious cakes that require little to no baking in an oven! Best-selling author Lori Burke brings you 24 Refrigerator cakes that are fun and easy to prepare. In addition she includes recipes for 6 Refrigerator Poke cakes that require minimal baking but are fun to make and so delicious. That’s a total of 30 crowd-pleasing recipes! If you love desserts that melt in your mouth and make you go “Mmmmmm” then this is the book for you!

Here’s a sampling of just a few of the recipes in this book:

* Ambrosia Refrigerator Cake
* Banana Icebox Cake
* Brandy Refrigerator Cake
* Banana Split Poke Cake
* Chocolate Eclair Refrigerator Cake
* Coconut Refrigerator Poke Cake
* German Chocolate Icebox Cake
* Happy Holidays Refrigerator Cake
* Holy Cannoli Refrigerator Cake
* Ice Box Fruit Cake
* Lemon Snap Refrigerator Cake
* Neopolitan Refrigerator Poke Cake
* Oreo Refrigerator Cake
* Peppermint Refrigerator Cake
* Pineapple Icebox Dessert
* Raspberry Icebox Cake
* Strawberry Icebox Cake
* Sweet Chocolate Refrigerator Cake
* Vanilla Refrigerator Cake

And Many More!


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