Red Sin (Sin Series Book 1)

By Aleatha Romig / Genre: Billionaires, Romance
Red Sin (Sin Series Book 1)

Red is the color of blood, sacrifice, danger, and courage. It’s also associated with heat, passion, and sexuality. When two people meet unexpectedly with an inexplicable attraction that defies common understanding…it can be called RED SIN.

Julia and Van found one another in a shaken snow globe. Stranded in a blizzard, they embraced being two individuals with no last names. The plan was to walk away from each other with no regrets—until that plan changed.

Julia’s life was delivered a staggering blow the day she discovered her fiancé’s infidelity. The night she met a handsome stranger, one who showed her the possibility of a life filled with more than the fulfillment of expectations, she took a chance.

When it comes to business, Donovan Sherman is a wolf—a bloodthirsty carnivore who leaves wounded prey and victims in his wake. He learned from the best, his onetime nemesis and now-mentor, Lennox Demetri, who showed him that opportunities are only ripe for those willing to risk it all, a lesson Donovan took to heart.

With Julia McGrath, Donovan must decide if this beautiful woman who showed him the meaning of red sin will fall victim as his prey or if after experiencing the unbridled passion, there is more that he wants.

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Tarnished (Tainted by Ruin Series Book 1)

By Indie Black / Genre: Urban, Contemporary Fiction
Tarnished (Tainted by Ruin Series Book 1)

He was supposed to protect me. Instead, he made me fear the dark.
He was supposed to love me. In the end, his love was
sickening, cruel and filled with malice.

Five years ago, the only bright lights in my world were extinguished.
One decision. One text. One sentence and my fragile life shattered.

I never expected the depravity and lies that greets me when
I return to Montecito, leaving me with one goal…
To flee and never look back.

Everything changes when three gorgeous guys crash into my life.
They’re determined to mark me as theirs, and make me
question everything I hold true.

But when the ghosts of my past and future collide, who will be left standing?
Me… or the monster who coveted me for all of the wrong reasons,
turning me into what I am today…


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Perfect Excuse (Mason Creek Book 11)

By A.D. Justice / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction
Perfect Excuse (Mason Creek Book 11)

Who knew fighting for custody of an African grey parrot would be the perfect excuse to stay married?

Ryder King was always the one for me. He stole my heart in second grade, and I never imagined after seven blissful years of marriage, I’d give it back.

We made one tiny mistake by spending the night together during our separation period and the judge read all about it in the local gossip column. Okay, maybe it was two or three mistakes… but who’s counting?

Instead of granting our divorce, the judge mandated us to marriage counseling. The only way to get out of our marriage without waiting another six months was if our counselor agreed we’re all wrong for each other.

That’s when the fun really started…

A probing therapist, a gossiper who knows all, and a few of my unmentionables on prominent display revealed all our secrets. Seems Ryder and I were both guilty of hiding vital truths from each other.

And what happened behind closed doors…. well, let’s just say it’s the stuff headlines are made of.

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Taken by You: A Complete Romance Series (Trilogy Box Set)

By M.L. Young / Genre: Billionaires, Romance
Taken by You: A Complete Romance Series (Trilogy Box Set)

There are three things I know about Blake Hunter:
1. He’s a billionaire.
2. He makes Brad Pitt look ugly.
3. He has a secret room in his penthouse for playtime.

How do I know number three, you may ask? I let him take me, and in more ways than one.

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Murder Your Darlings (Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries Book 6)

By Debbie Young / Genre: Amateur Sleuths, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Murder Your Darlings (Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries Book 6)

When Sophie Sayers joins a writers’ retreat on a secluded Greek island, she’s hoping to find inspiration and perhaps a little adventure. Away from her rural English comfort zone, she also takes stock of her relationship with her boyfriend Hector.

But scarcely has the writing course begun when bestselling romantic novelist Marina Milanese disappears on a solo excursion to an old windmill. First on the scene, Sophie is prime suspect for Marina’s murder. When a storm prevents the Greek police from landing on the island to investigate, Sophie must try to solve the crime herself – not easy, when everyone at the retreat has a motive.

As she strives to uncover the truth about Marina’s fate, Sophie arrives at a life-changing decision about her own future.

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Thoroughly in Love (Aldbey Park Book 1)

By Chantry Dawes / Genre: Regency, Romance
Thoroughly in Love (Aldbey Park Book 1)

A beautiful young widow trying to save her estate.
A murderer determined to ruin her.
A duke in disguise who has vowed to get to the bottom of it all.
And a life changing kiss…

Widowed at a young age, Lady Amelia Darley is left struggling to save her estate ever since her husband died in a suspicious riding accident. She has only the dwindling sales from the thoroughly bred horses that Aldbey Park is known for, for her home is where one of the first Thoroughbred horses was bred so long ago. And now it has been left in a woman’s hands for the first time. Lady Amelia’s hands.

Lady Amelia does not care if the men of the Ton do not think she should be training horses or wearing breeches.It seems that there are those among the Ton that will do whatever it takes to see Lady Amelia Darley fail so they can take her estate and her prized Thoroughbreds.

Are they the same men responsible for her husband’s death?

Enter Alexander Godolphin Hawke, the Duke of Leids. He has returned to England to collect a debt from Aldbey Park from horses sold before the war. He is battle hardened and unrecognizable after being away fighting wars for so many years.
He is surprised to find that Lord Darley is dead and it is his beautiful young widow that has been stubbornly trying to manage all the work of the estate and its stables. He soon realizes that not only are the estate’s horses in danger but Lady Amelia is as well.

Can Amelia trust Alexander enough to tell him her plan? Can the two of them keep each other from harm while falling thoroughly in love with one another?

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Redemption (The Youngbloods Book 1)

By Monique Orger / Genre: Billionaires, Romance
Redemption (The Youngbloods Book 1)

Is there a road to redemption?Her coming into my life was a miracle. She saved me. But she also came in like rolling thunder to my lightning strikes.Opinionated, aggressive, argumentative, and fuck did it make me react. She is the first woman to ever call me on my bullshit, causing my blood to boil like no other.The problem is, she sees right through me. I’m a bad man with no redeeming qualities or is that true?I might not be who she wants, but I can be the only man she will ever need, and she is the only one that can penetrate my blackened heart.The price is high but with her, I get not one but two hearts that will be solely mine.Fire and ice!Freedom is all I wanted and what I got were surprises.All wrapped up in a man that was everything I hated.Life was supposed to be simple. Stick to the plan, that’s all I had to do and then he came in tempting me and pushing my buttons.So why did I let him get under my skin, in my thoughts, and in my bed?There is too much to risk but what a delicious risk it would be.Is it possible to love someone you hate?

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BUM DEAL (Lassiter, Solomon & Lord Legal Thrillers Book 3)

By PAUL LEVINE / Genre: Marriage, Family & Health Law, Law
BUM DEAL (Lassiter, Solomon & Lord Legal Thrillers Book 3)

No witness? No evidence? No body?
Big problem for new prosecutor Jake Lassiter.

Appointed to prosecute a murder case, Lassiter vows to take down a prominent surgeon accused of killing his wife. Problem is…there’s not a scrap of forensic evidence, and the defense lawyers are the crafty team of Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord.

Lassiter’s symptoms of the brain disease CTE worsen, even as Melissa Gold, his doctor and lover, performs experimental treatments. Can he even survive a high-pressure trial?

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Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs

By Michelle Rayburn / Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Subjects, Books
Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs

Classic Marriage is a fun-filled marriage book with practical tips and tools for communication and a long-term commitment.

There will be moments in your relationship where you haul yourselves back to “the garage” for work. Like a trusty classic truck, a classic marriage needs regular upkeep. As the odometer climbs, everyday challenges have probably affected your communication, romantic feelings, and even your commitment. Michelle and Phil have been there, and they want to help you experience wedded bliss well into the golden years.

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No Nonsense Exam Success: Exam Success Without Stress

By Tony Ra / Genre: Study Guides, Studying & Workbooks, Education & Teaching
No Nonsense Exam Success: Exam Success Without Stress

No Nonsense Exam Success is here to show you how to revise, reduce exam stress and gain excellent marks in whatever exam you take. You will learn a range of revision techniques, which will help you achieve top marks whether you need help with GCSE English or with GCSE Maths revision.

The study skills in No Nonsense Exam Success will provide you with techniques and revision tips to help improve memory, confidence and self-esteem. Take a few minutes out of your revision timetable to improve your chances of GCSE success.

No Nonsense Exam Success is not just designed for those doing GCSE revision. Whether you are studying, GCSE Maths, A Level Chemistry or degree study, whatever subject or level of study, No Nonsense Exam Success can help to improve your level of success.

The most effective revision techniques have been brought together, so you can learn everything in about an hour. Once you have learned these techniques, you will not need to learn them again. You will simply know what to do to be successful.

The revision skills taught in No Nonsense Exam Success are can be useful whether you enter a graduate scheme, or decide apprenticeships are your best option. If you become self employed or decide on further education or training the skills you’ll learn in No Nonsense Exam Success will make a difference.

The skills you learn in No Nonsense Exam Success will give you a competitive edge over other job seekers, and as you progress in your career.

No Nonsense Exam Success can be useful in human resources, as a means of improving personal development and even leadership training. Techniques for building self esteem, reducing stress levels and improving memory, can all help to improve staff performance. Improve your chances of success with No Nonsense Exam Success.

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Dream Big (The Live Big Series Book 1)

By Kat Kronenberg / Genre: Values, Family Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life
Dream Big (The Live Big Series Book 1)

Set long ago in the heart of the African savanna, Dream Big–a mythological fable–follows moody Baboon as he discovers a powerful secret.

One by one, Caterpillar, Tadpole, and Flamingo gaze up at the night sky and wish upon a star for their wildest dreams. Baboon insists these dreams could never come true. But when he sees Caterpillar turn into a winged butterfly, Tadpole into a dancing frog, and Flamingo into a beautiful pink bird, Baboon realizes that a transformative power exists between the stars and the animals once they truly believe in themselves and their dreams. When Baboon tries out this secret, CATCH-M, his Magical, Mystical, Wished-Upon Star, whooshes down from the heavens to wham! ignite the courage in his chest. Read on to see if his dream comes true too . . .

Dream Big’s inspirational message makes it a perfect gift for dreamers of all ages, from children to young adults about to enter a new chapter in their lives. Together we can all be inspired to identify and pursue our dreams, no matter how big or impossible they may seem.

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Gastric Sleeve Cookbook: 365 Days of Healthy Bariatric Recipes to Keep the Weight Off For Good | Beginners Edition with 21-Day Meal Plan

By Debby Hayes / Genre: Healthy, Special Diet, Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Gastric Sleeve Cookbook: 365 Days of Healthy Bariatric Recipes to Keep the Weight Off For Good | Beginners Edition with 21-Day Meal Plan

Set Yourself Up for Success with These Healing Weight-Loss Recipes
Have you just undergone Bariatric Surgery?

Or are you looking for some guidance on what to do and eat pre-op?

Then the Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Cookbook is here to make life easy for you.

This cookbook is your all-in-one guide to make sure you eat right – before and after bariatric surgery. The recipes remove any guesswork and help you create perfectly portioned, doctor-approved meals so you can heal up in no time.

Backed by the most up-to-date medical science, accredited nutritionist and expert recipe developer Debby Hayes shares her easy to follow Bariatric Surgery Action-Plan to help you to keep the weight off… forever.

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