He Who Is a Friend (Sadik Book 1)

By Love Belvin / Genre: Women’s Fiction, African American, United States

He Who Is a Friend (Sadik Book 1)

Sadik Ellis blew into my rather insipid world at breakneck speed and with gripping force. He held all the features: striking feline eyes, golden russet skin, incredible sex appeal, wealth exuding like the enticing scent of cologne, and mind-blowing determination.

He was also trouble from the other side of the tracks, something I’d sensed. Sadik was an Ellis man with a solid education, his own thriving businesses, and self-obtained wealth. However, the Ellis family was known for their long underbelly ruling of the state of New Jersey. When Sadik assured his life was separate of his father’s, I believed him each time.

I fell completely and dangerously head over heels for him. And, my God, all the red flags were there. Yet I ignored them all, throwing caution to the winds of naivety just to add a little spice to my mundane world.

A world that will never be the same because I allowed it to be infiltrated by an Ellis.

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HOT MEN: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

By Ashlee Pric / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

HOT MEN: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

A Collection of 4 Amazon Best Sellers + 1 Exclusive!

This guilty pleasure is for readers who love their bad boys, alpha males and billionaires hot, dark and ready to take the women they want…forget the consequences!

Book 1 – His Secret Baby

Why be an angel when the bad boy always gets the girl?

Book 2 – My Protector

Hot firefighter’s second chance at love

Book 3 – Bossman’s List

Not your typical billionaire office romance

Book 4 – Rekindled

Hot billionaire’s second chance at love

Book 5 – Cowboy’s Bride

Every alpha cowboy deserves a wife

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Cuffed to my Roomies

By Natasha L. Black / Genre: Military, Romance

Cuffed to my Roomies

My heroes wear blue… or nothing at all.

It’s my first night in the city and everything goes wrong.
I’m left to crash the night in my car. All alone on the side of the road.
Then, two gorgeous cops come to my rescue.
Derek the sexy flirt.
Brett the quiet and intense protector.
Sparks fly and we can no longer control our deepest, darkest desires.
Handcuffs, batton sticks… oh my!
My actions leave no alibi…
And my love life is ruined…
Because one night with these two makes it impossible want anything less.
Next thing I know, I’ve got the two hottest roommates ever.
Should I be a good girl and end this charade?
Good cop or bad cop?

If you ask me – bad is so much better…

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Academy of Shifters: Werewolves 101 (Veiled World)

By Marisa Claire / Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Academy of Shifters: Werewolves 101 (Veiled World)

Your Life Begins or Ends at the Academy

For Remi St. James, It started with the blackouts. Then the vivid nightmares. That’s nothing compared to waking up naked, alone in a forest with no recollection of how she got there.

Scary as hell, but what she discovers is far worse.

Remi was changing into something more–something supernatural.

After coming to terms with what she is, Remi starts school at the Gladwell Academy of Shifters, an exclusive and secretive college designed to awaken those with extraordinary abilities.

Remi meets Laith Brighton, an impossibly hot, mountain lion shifter who’s also an irresistible jerk. Then there’s the cliques of werewolves and bears. Plenty of mean girls with mind powers. Everything a regular college has–just a bit weirder. But what she discovers is far darker than anyone could imagine.

Can she maintain her sanity in a place that is incredibly insane?

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On the Edge: (The Edge Book 2)

By CD Reiss / Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romance

On the Edge: (The Edge Book 2)

What if your husband came home a different man?

Caden has shifted so far from the man Greyson married that she doesn’t know who her husband is any more.
Is he the man she fears and desires?
Or the romantic she distrusts?
Was he always both?
Searching for the cause and the cure, the mystery brings Greyson to the heart of the US Army — an organization she once called home. There, she finds an old friend whose soul may be beyond redemption, and whose need to make a difference may be the key to her husband’s identity.
Just when Caden and Greyson think they have it under control, duty calls and unless Greyson makes a dangerous sacrifice, they’ll be split forever.

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HIDDEN: ‘Like Scarpetta? You’ll LOVE Steel’ (CSI Reilly Steel Book 3)

By Casey Hill / Genre: Serial Killers, Crime, Thrillers & Suspense

HIDDEN: 'Like Scarpetta? You'll LOVE Steel' (CSI Reilly Steel Book 3)

‘Prepare to be chilled to the bone … If you like Patricia Cornwell or Kathy Reichs you’ll love this’ — Lovereading

A Fallen Angel. A Devil on the Loose.
When a young girl is discovered dead on an isolated Irish country road, it seems at first glance to be a simple hit and run. Then the cops see the tattoo on her back – a pair of beautifully wrought angel wings that lend the victim a sense of ethereal innocence. Forensic investigator Reilly Steel is soon on the scene and her highly tuned sixth sense tells her there is more to this case than a straightforward murder.

But with almost zero evidence and no way to trace the girl’s origin, Reilly and the police are at a loss. Then the angel tattoo is traced to other children – both dead and alive – who are similarly marked, and Reilly starts to suspect they have all been abducted by the same person. But why? And will Reilly get to the bottom of the mystery and uncover what links these children together before tragedy strikes again?

Free as of 05/06/20 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Devil’s Dominion (Battle Lords of de Velt Book 2)

By Kathryn Le Vequ / Genre: Ancient World, Historical Romance, Romance

Devil's Dominion (Battle Lords of de Velt Book 2)

1205 A.D. – It’s years after The Dark Lord, Jax de Velt, tore through the Welsh marches and captured several castles. Still, he holds lands that do not belong to him. Out of the ashes from this dark and lawless time rises the son of one of the men Jax de Velt put to the stake. Bent on revenge against The Dark Lord, Bretton de Llion has grown up in obscurity, hidden from de Velt’s rage, and has learned to hate the very world around him. His sense of vengeance against de Velt has been his guiding force for years. Gathering a powerful mercenary army, Bretton rages through Wales, emulating de Velt’s reign of terror, killing and destroying, moving towards a target he has long planned for – abducting one of Jax de Velt’s children in order to lure Jax into his trap. Discovering that Jax’s eldest daughter is a novice nun at Alberbury Priory, he burns down the priory in his quest to abduct Lady Allaston de Velt. Successful in his endeavor, he sends word to de Velt: come to me or your daughter will suffer. His perfect revenge is planned.

But it is not so perfect when this warrior, who has never known love or kindness, discovers feelings for the daughter of the man he has hated his entire life. Join Bretton and Allaston in a very complex journey of terror, sadness, and the ultimate conquest – love. Old friends such as Christopher de Lohr and Keller de Poyer join Jax de Velt as integral parts of this riveting Medieval tale.

Can Allaston prevent Bretton from killing her father? Or do old hatreds burn too deep? Enter the Devil’s Dominion at your own risk.

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Louisiana Lies (A Roxy Reinhardt Cozy Mystery Book 3)

By Alison Golde / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Louisiana Lies (A Roxy Reinhardt Cozy Mystery Book 3)

A sinister séance. A mysterious murder. A killer with a taste for the occult…

When famous psychic Meredith Romanoff visits New Orleans, getting wrapped up in another mystery is the last thing Roxy would have predicted. Too bad the spirits had other plans.

Roxy finds herself invited to join in a spooky séance but when the lights come up, Meredith has left the land of the living. And to make matters worse, Roxy’s friend Dr. Jack is arrested for her murder…

When he asks Roxy to help clear his name, she finds herself confronted with yet another puzzling case, along with a gaggle of quirky suspects.

Eager to help her friend, and get back to restoring her boutique hotel, Roxy wastes no time searching for clues. But when her investigation lands her in hot water with the law, this amateur sleuth must risk everything to get to the truth.

Can she narrow down the suspects, free Doctor Jack, and get back home in time to feed her cat? And more importantly, can she expose the killer before another victim joins the spirit world?

Cozy mystery fans will love this delicious new book from author Alison Golden. No foul language, no sex, and no gore…Just fun characters, Cajun food, and a puzzling mystery that will keep readers guessing right until the very end!

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A Dreamy Match Made in Heaven: A Historical Regency Romance Book

By Abigail Agar / Genre: Clean & Wholesome, Romance

A Dreamy Match Made in Heaven: A Historical Regency Romance Book

Lady Sophia Hastings gets her heart broken when she learns that her betrothed has run off with another. Turning to the most successful Matchmaker of London, she is shocked to be paired with the very man she used to love once upon a time. Overwhelmed by the path that her heart has been on, she realises she has to make a critical decision. Will she let her anger prevail or will she listen to what the man who once abandoned her has to say? Could she really forget about her lost love by finding a new one, or is it impossible for her heart to overlook how she once felt?

Thomas Gregory is an Officer in the army, but after a tour of service, he has decided to retire. After getting back to his estate, he is inevitably overcome by the memories of a long lost love. Tired of being haunted by his painful past, he decides to obey society’s rules and turn to a London matchmaker in order to make a satisfactory match. But how will his heart react when the lady who once betrayed him will be chosen as the perfect match? Will he dare to give love a second chance?

When past bitterness and hurt arises, Sophia and Thomas cannot pretend that love was ever easy. Will they be able to overcome the wounds of the past? Or will the chance of finding another match be too tempting to resist?

Free as of 05/06/20 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Every Deep Desire (Deadly Force Book 1)

By Sharon Wray / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

Every Deep Desire (Deadly Force Book 1)

He’s taking back his honor, his freedom, and the woman he loves.

Rafe Montfort was a decorated Green Beret, the best of the best, until a disastrous mission and an unforgivable betrayal destroyed his life. Now, this deadly soldier has returned to the sultry Georgia swamps to reunite with his brothers, and take back all he lost. But Juliet must never know the truth behind what he’s done…or the dangerous secret that threatens to take him from her forever.

It took Juliet Capel eight long years to put her life back together after her husband was taken from her. Now Rafe is back, determined to protect her at any cost, and it’s not just her heart that’s in danger. The swamps hold a secret long buried and far deadlier than either of them could have imagined.

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Charlie The Horse

By Deanie Humphrys-Du / Genre: Children’s eBooks

Charlie The Horse

Charlie is an adorable young horse. He wants to be a famous racehorse like his dad, Charles the Great. But he doesn’t like to focus on his work. He’d rather munch on flowers. Who helps him progress toward his big dream? What happens when he has trouble on the racetrack. Does he persevere? Does his dream come true?
Charlie’s story will help your child learn the importance of working hard, setting goals and persevering.
Your child will enjoy this tale that Charlie narrates.

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By SAMANTHA MORRISO / Genre: Ketogenic, Special Diet, Cookbooks, Food & Wine


What if you could:
• Shed up to 70lbs and more, and start turning heads…
• Naturally lower blood pressure and triglycerides…
• Save a TON of money from reduced healthcare costs…
• Improve sleep and increase energy levels…
• Become healthier while ENJOYING what you eat…

…without medication or exercise? Would you be interested?

This Ketogenic Diet Recipes Cookbook will get you started right away and will provide you with recipes suitable for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Desserts

The best part is: These delectable recipes can be easily prepared under 30 minutes, without you spending hours in the kitchen.

Minutes from now, you can finally begin to regain control of your health, shed those extra pounds and FEEL GREAT!

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