Love Beyond Time : A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Morna’s Legacy Book 1)

By Bethany Clair / Genre: Scottish, Historical, Romance

Love Beyond Time : A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Morna's Legacy Book 1)

A powerful Scottish laird. A time-traveling teacher. A tragic destiny only she can prevent.

Unlucky in love, schoolteacher Brielle “Bri” Montgomery wonders where all the good men have gone. They certainly don’t waltz through her safe and meticulous life in Texas. Venturing out of her comfort zone, she joins her archaeologist mother on a dig in Scotland… and finds herself transported 400 years into the past. Shocked and bewildered, Bri learns she’s just moments away from marrying an impossibly handsome Scotsman…

Eoin Conall has no interest in wedding the woman who irritates him to no end. But with a promise made to his dying father fresh on his mind, he ties the knot with his insufferable bride. Once wed, to his surprise, he notices something has changed about her. Something irresistible. Could he be falling for the wife he never wanted?

As her initial wary attraction to the gallant highlander turns to love, Bri wishes she wasn’t aware of history’s impending slaughter of Eoin and the entire Conall Clan. Unable to accept his gruesome destiny, she sets out to rewrite history.

Will Bri and Eoin succeed in protecting their impossible romance or is their heartbreaking fate already sealed?

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The Art of Victory (The Donovans Book 2)

By Martha Keyes / Genre: Historical, Literature & Fiction, Christian Books & Bibles

The Art of Victory (The Donovans Book 2)

If she doesn’t defeat him, she just might lose her heart to him.

Diana Donovan was raised aboard a naval ship on a steady diet of war strategy, so when her orphaned friend, Lucy, is denied a perfectly respectable love match by her controlling guardian, Diana sees an opportunity to put her battle knowledge to use in service of a deserving friend.

But Marmaduke Russell is not the middle-aged curmudgeon Diana is expecting. He is a maddeningly cool, unmarried gentleman who seems uniquely able to parry her tactics—and infuse her with even more determination to win. As battle ensues, though, it becomes clear that there may be more hearts in the balance than just Lucy’s.

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Mysteries of an Earl’s Daughter: A Regency Romance Mystery (The Duchess’s Investigative Society Book 6)

By Samantha Hol / Genre: Historical, Romance

Mysteries of an Earl's Daughter: A Regency Romance Mystery (The Duchess's Investigative Society Book 6)

Lady Clementine Musgrave had no intention of getting roped into her cousins’ investigative society. But that doesn’t mean she can let the mystery of the sighting of a dead man go unsolved. The fact that the man just happens to be the uncle of her greatest enemy, the loathsome (and unfairly handsome) man who helped get her family cut from society, only makes the intrigue more delicious…

The Marquis of Rochdale doesn’t have time for ghost stories. Roman’s focus needs to remain on protecting his title and arranging an advantageous marriage, not on helping Clementine solve a supposed mystery. They’re complete opposites, she hates him, and she’s entirely unsuitable. But for some reason, that all slips his mind when she’s in his arms…
He can’t afford a scandal. Her life is nothing but scandalous. Can Clementine and Roman find a way to overcome their differences and carve out a path to happily ever after? Possibly. But first, they’ll have to figure out why a dead man is wandering the streets of Bath…

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To Hell with a Highlander: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance

By Juliana Wight / Genre: Scottish, Historical, Romance

To Hell with a Highlander: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance

An inevitable wedding, an enemy from the past, and a brutal murder…
Lorna McAdam is desperate. Her true love is getting married. Though, she’s determined not to lament. She will stop the upcoming wedding at any cost.

Till a warrior from the past alternates her plans…

Bryce MacDowell has the reputation of a savage warrior. When he returns from the battlefield, he comes across his unrequited love. Buried desire arises, yet he knows it is already doomed.

For this lass is infatuated with his brother…

Everything seems to change when he approaches her. He was the boy who bullied her in childhood. Now he’s a grown man who feels for her. Would she ever see it and stop loathing him?

It’s inevitable. Loathing mingles with lust, the warrior becomes the protector. The romance that blossoms, gets interrupted by a brutally murdered woman.

When all hell breaks loose, how will they solve the riddle and find their own happiness?

Especially when this murder is only the beginning…

Only he can unravel the mystery that she is…

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The Last Berserker: An action-packed Viking adventure (Fire Born Book 1)

By Angus Donald / Genre: Medieval, Historical, Genre Fiction

The Last Berserker: An action-packed Viking adventure (Fire Born Book 1)

The greatest warriors are forged in the flames
Two pagan fighters
771AD, Northern Europe. Bjarki Bloodhand and Tor Hildarsdottir are journeying south into Saxony. Their destination is the Irminsul, the One Tree that links the Nine Worlds of the Middle-Realm. In this most holy place, they hope to learn how to summon their animal spirits so they can enter the ranks of the legendary berserkir: the elite frenzied fighters of the North.

One Christian king
Karolus, newly crowned King of the Franks, has a thorn in his side: the warlike Saxon tribes on his northern borders who shun the teachings of the Church, blasphemously continuing to worship their pagan gods.

An epic battle for the soul of the North
The West’s greatest warlord vows to stamp out his neighbours’ superstitions and bring the light of the True Faith to the Northmen – at the point of a sword. It will fall to Bjarki, Tor and the men and women of Saxony to resist him in a struggle for the fate of all Europe.

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The Year of the Scorpion (Sarah Cable Book 5)

By Michael Hartland / Genre: International Mystery & Crime, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Year of the Scorpion (Sarah Cable Book 5)

The first bullet caught the girl in the shoulder, the second in the thigh…

The Chinese border guard stopped firing – she was dead, snared in the wire that had ended her dash for freedom. The Hong Kong police could collect her body in the morning.

The murderous old men who clung to power in Peking would never know how close she had come to unmasking their prize spymaster in the West: The elusive Scorpion, who has penetrated the nerve centre of the Trident submarines they fear so much because they still have no defence against them.

And now Scorpion has also penetrated the seething opposition that threatens to destroy the last and greatest Communist empire . . .

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Huntress Reborn: Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Shrouded Nation)

By Brenda Trim / Genre: Vampires, Romance

Huntress Reborn: Paranormal Women's Fiction (Shrouded Nation)

A Hunter. An Infected Vampire. A Rejected God.

Since my divorce and moving to the States, I only practice martial arts to blow off steam, but when my mentor is murdered by a shape-shifting vampire, I’m on the hunt for the monster that killed him.

My pursuit leads me to the Shadow Council. The ruling body of the supernatural world. As if that isn’t strange enough, a forgotten God wants me to train a new breed of hunters, to prepare for the impending war.

Armed with an immortal weapon and a sexy sidekick, will I be able to slay my demons, or am I one bite away from an apocalypse?

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Sweet Meadows Murder: Christian Cozy Mystery

By Donna Doyle / Genre: Crafts & Hobbies, Cozy, Mystery

Sweet Meadows Murder: Christian Cozy Mystery

When the minister of Sweet Meadows is swept up in the flames of his burning church, most said it was a tragic accident. Molly Gertrude thinks otherwise. But can she find the hand that sparked the flame?

Another marriage coming up in the idyllic small town of Sweet Meadows seems like good news for Molly Gertrude and her Cozy Bridal Agency. Until the pastor of Sweet Meadows points to problems that stand in the way. Problems that would soon lead to a grisly end for Reverend Manny Dimple!

When the church burns down with Manny in its enclaves, the community is rocked by the tragedy.

But was it really an accident?

Not according to Molly Gertrude and her helpful sidekick, Dora.

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A Grave Spell (The Spellwork Files Book 1)

By Jenna Collett / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

A Grave Spell (The Spellwork Files Book 1)

With a name like Graves, evil comes with the territory.

Monsters are real. I should know. I come from a long line of demon-hunting royalty. But not everyone is destined for the throne, and I’m just the backup if anything ever happens to my cousin. Not a bad gig, since I prefer books to blades and use magic mostly to get out of speeding tickets.

Enrolled in university and living a normal college life has its perks until one of my professors summons a demon and ends up dead.

Coincidence, right?


When the unthinkable happens, I’m forced to take my cousin’s place, and I’m less than prepared. But I’m not alone. My assigned team comes with a mysterious new partner. Caden Bishop is drop-dead gorgeous, but he’s got a secret that could get me killed.

Lucky me. With demons on the hunt, the last thing I need is another reason to die. Too bad, I might not get a choice.

I’m the dark horse in a fight against evil. But don’t count me out just yet.

Free as of 06/18/23 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Roommates (Three Player Grind Book 1)

By Allyson Lindt / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

The Roommates (Three Player Grind Book 1)

My ex taking our daughters to Disneyland is his latest way to prove Dad Rules and Mom Sucks.

While they’re riding roller coasters, I’m taking a trip of my own—a long deserved island getaway for one. And I’m letting my oldest’s swim coaches stay at my place while we’re all gone, and their apartment is fumigated.

Except a last minute work emergency means I’m stuck at home, rather than lying on a beach enjoying the view.

First time I see Colin wandering around the house shirtless, I realize the view has come to me.

First time Tanner offers me an entirely different type of vacation—the no-clothes-horizontal-grind kind—I’m so very tempted.

But I can’t hook up with a man almost a decade younger than me, and definitely not two of them. Can I?

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Road Trip Madness Seek And Find: Perfect Road Trip Activity Book With Hidden Pictures and A Lot to Search and Find

By Amanda Bluefiel / Genre: Spies & Spying, Activities, Crafts & Games, Children’s eBooks

Road Trip Madness Seek And Find: Perfect Road Trip Activity Book With Hidden Pictures and A Lot to Search and Find

Are you ready to join the thrilling adventure of a lovely family on a road trip across town? This captivating search and find book for kids is a treasure trove of excitement and discovery.
Join Billy, Kira, Mom, and Dad as they journey through captivating scenes filled with vibrant illustrations. From driving through picturesque countryside to exploring a spooky haunted hotel room, riding a magnificent ferris wheel, and encountering fascinating animals at the zoo, every page is brimming with hidden treasures waiting to be found.

Discover Hidden Objects: Get ready to put your detective skills to the test! Each scene is teeming with objects relevant to the adventure. Can you spot them all? Search high and low, from the beach to the carnival, and circle your findings on the “hidden items” chart at the bottom of each page. The thrill of discovery awaits!

Explore Captivating Settings: Immerse yourself in a world of color and wonder. The vibrant illustrations will transport you to breathtaking locations, making you feel like you’re right there with Billy, Kira, Mom, and Dad. Experience the joy of a sunny beach, the thrill of a carnival, and the excitement of exploring new places together.

Sharpen Observation Skills: Prepare for an adventure that engages your mind! “Road Trip Madness Seek and Find” is not only entertaining but also a great way to develop crucial observation skills. As you search for hidden objects, your attention to detail and concentration will improve, enhancing your ability to spot even the sneakiest of items.

Cherish Family Bonding: Join the lovable family of four as they embark on an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, excitement, and shared experiences. Road Trip Madness Look and Find celebrates the joy of family connections and the magic of creating lifelong memories together.

Hours of Fun and Entertainment: With its captivating illustrations and hidden objects galore, this hidden pictures book guarantees hours of engaging entertainment. Whether it’s a rainy day or a long car ride, this book will keep kids happily occupied, fostering their love for exploration and discovery.

Unlock the thrill of adventure and ignite your curiosity with “Road Trip Madness Seek and Find.” This search and find book is the perfect companion for young explorers, combining the excitement of a road trip with the challenge of finding hidden objects. Don’t miss out on this incredible journey—gift it to your kids and let the adventure begin!

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Smoke it: Barbecue Cookbook: Mouth Watering Barbecue Sauces Rubs And Marinades

By Matt Allan / Genre: Vegan, Vegetarian & Vegan, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Smoke it: Barbecue Cookbook: Mouth Watering Barbecue Sauces Rubs And Marinades

We have collected the most delicious and best selling recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

Are you sick of making the same meat and BBQ dishes on your grill?
Do you want to surprise family and friends with some new delicious barbecue meals?
Or if the idea of having a collection of proven popular BBQ recipes that are ready-to-go when you need them sounds appealing to you…

Do you want to be able to cook perfect barbecue, every single time you light the charcoal?
We reveal the essential Pitmasters recipes and techniques most used by both backyarders and competition teams. This is more than just a cook book. Sometimes the secret is more in the technique than the ingredients. Many of us just throw items onto a grill and hope for the best. With one click you’ll have easy to read, step by step, tricks in time to grill tonight, with this amazing barbecue cookbook.

Where can you find the secrets of successful barbecuing?

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