Before The Clock Strikes: (A Kyle Simmons Thriller – Book 1)

By E.G. Michaels / Genre: Police Procedurals, Mystery & Thrillers

Before The Clock Strikes: (A Kyle Simmons Thriller - Book 1)

A quiet neighborhood is torn from its peaceful sleep by a shocking and brutal late night drive-by shooting. An innocent teenage sleepover takes a tragic turn as a hail of bullets rip into the front of a house.

Philadelphia Detective Kyle Simmons is assigned one task: Catch the killer before someone else takes matters into their own hands.

Then something strange happens: A long forgotten contact of the detective has been killed. The evidence is crystal clear that this was a cold and calculated hit.

But as Simmons works both cases, a disturbing thought keeps popping up in his head: What if the two cases are somehow connected?

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Adrift (Adrift Series Book 1)

By K.R. Griffiths / Genre: British, Horror

Adrift (Adrift Series Book 1)

For artist Dan Bellamy and his new bride Elaine, a trip on the world’s biggest, newest cruise ship represents more than just the honeymoon of a lifetime: it is also a celebration of the progress Dan has made toward beating the agoraphobia that has plagued him since he suffered a horrific knife attack two years earlier.

The ship is a perfect floating paradise, but when Dan spots what he thinks is a body being thrown overboard, he begins to suspect that not everybody aboard the Oceanus is there for a vacation.

Soon, Dan will discover that there are some things worse than murder, and the body he saw is just the beginning. Because something is coming for the passengers on the Oceanus.

Something that isn’t supposed to exist…

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Slow Burn: Infected, Book 2

By Bobby Adair / Genre: United States, Horror

Slow Burn: Infected, Book 2

Survive the infection! Survive the Infected!

Slow Burn: Infected picks up the story of Zed, Murphy, and Jerome where Slow Burn: Zero Day ended.

All three have all been infected but have not succumbed to the most pernicious symptoms of the virus. They’re not the mindless cannibals that most infected are. Nevertheless, their band of survivors, fearful about the trio’s infections, have ostracized them.

Now, back on the street, with weapons to defend themselves but little food in their packs, they embark on a search for Murphy’s family while following the rumor of a safe haven in the form of a doomsday bunker under a house in east Austin.

But the world is more hazardous than they could have guessed. They expect violence from the voracious infected but they have harsh lessons to learn about the lethality of the uninfected. And without people to support the infrastructure of modern civilization, they find that danger comes in many forms.

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Dark Space (Book 3): Origin

By Jasper T. Scott / Genre: Space Fleet, Military, Science Fiction

Dark Space (Book 3): Origin


Ethan and his son, Atton, have been arrested for high treason and conspiracy, crimes which will surely mean the death sentence, but it’s beginning to look like theirs aren’t the only lives in jeopardy—the Defiant is stranded in Sythian Space, and the vessel which Commander Caldin sent to get help has used all its fuel to get to Obsidian Station, only to find out that the station has been destroyed. Now the Defiant’s last hope for a rescue is gone, and everyone on board is about to die a cold, dark death.


Meanwhile, the notorious crime lord, Alec Brondi, is plotting to capture the remnants of Admiral Hoff’s fleet, just as he captured the Valiant, but Hoff’s men are on to him, and Brondi is about to get a lot more than he bargained for, forcing him to flee to the one place he knows will be safe—Dark Space.


But Dark Space is only safe because the alien invaders don’t know exactly where it is, and now they have a plan to find it which will threaten not only Dark Space, but the entire human race.

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Amish by Accident

By J.E.B. Spredemann / Genre: Christian, Contemporary Fiction

Amish by Accident

If you’re looking for Different Amish Fiction, this is it!

Luke Beiler has loved Elisabeth Schrock for as long as he can remember and is looking forward to the day they both join the church so they can marry. Elisabeth, however, chafes under the church rules and flees to the Englisch world leaving Luke heart broken.

When an accident leaves Brianna Mitchell with amnesia, she feels helplessly lost. What will happen when she is mistaken for Elisabeth Schrock and taken home to Paradise, Pennsylvania?

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The Fate (The Children of Wisdom Book 1)

By Stephanie Erickson / Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales

The Fate (The Children of Wisdom Book 1)

The thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily broken…

My name is Penn, and I’m a spinner. As one of the three Fates, it’s easy for me to know the plans for the lives of the humans. Mine, on the other hand, is a bit foggier. I guess things started to get out of control when I spun her—Kismet. My focus shifted, one thing led to another, and I wound up banished to Earth.

You’d think it’d be pretty hard to surprise me, but after my banishment, they just kept hitting me like a one-two knockout punch. When the people around me started dying before their time, I knew something was very wrong and I had to do whatever I could to set it right. The one thing I didn’t know was…what is the true fate of a Fate?

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Manaconda: Rockstar Romantic Comedy (Hammered Book 1)

By Taryn Elliott / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Manaconda: Rockstar Romantic Comedy (Hammered Book 1)

My name is Hunter Jordan, lead singer of Hammered and no, I didn’t name my c*ck Manaconda.

Rolling Stone did.

On the front cover of their damn magazine.

I still haven’t lived it down. And now our record label wants to maximize the frenzy.

So, I have a brand new PR person–Kennedy McManus.

And she’s making me insane.

I don’t know whether to ignore her, yell at her, or push her up against the wall and kiss her smart mouth shut.

I ended up kissing her.

Come on, I mentioned how exasperating she was, right?

That’s when it blew up in both our faces.

Now, the tabloids think she’s my girlfriend. My record label would rather have me remain the single manwhore of the ages.

Kennedy thinks I’m the manwhore anyway. She wants me for a quick fling and nothing more.

I just want Kennedy.

Man, I’m so screwed.

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Shifted Temptations (Alpha Division Book 1)

By C.E. Black / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Shifted Temptations (Alpha Division Book 1)

The Alpha Division is a special operations team of shifters that keep the peace of their race using any means necessary. Ten men and one woman work under the US government in secret,solving cases that humans can know nothing about.

As they fight their way to make wrongs right, some find love in the most unlikely places, and have to learn a new way to do their jobs, or lose it all.

Shifted Temptations

Bringing her into their world, was not part of the plan.

Jordan and Alex grew up together in a small town of jaguar shifters, continuously looked down upon for being half-blooded, even by their own fathers. Once they became adults, they left their community and joined the Alpha Division.

Both men feel they have too many secrets for a committed relationship. But when Sam, the woman they’ve been having a no-strings, ménage relationship with decides she wants to call it quits, they realize how much she means to them. If only they could find her…

Can the three of them forget the past and forgive the lies? Or will fear drive them further apart?

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Secret Baby Bear: A Second Chance Romance (Second Chance Shifters Book 1)

By Ursula Maya / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Secret Baby Bear: A Second Chance Romance (Second Chance Shifters Book 1)

Lost love, a secret baby,
and a second chance for romance

Noah left the love of his life on the night he faced the terrible secrets of his family. His only sure way to protect the woman he loves was to leave her. Every day in the years that pass, he thinks about the love he lost.

Raine kept her own secret safe for all that time, even through the pain and loss she suffers.

It takes another tragedy to bring Noah home and he discovers that the fire of his love still burns as hot as it ever did.

Can he win Raine back after so much has come between them, will she accept him, and what will happen when he learns her secret?

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It’s Always Been You (Always series Book 1)

By Victoria Paige / Genre: Military, Mystery & Thrillers

It's Always Been You (Always series Book 1)

But unbeknownst to many, Travis is haunted by the mysterious death of his wife three years before. He carries with him the guilt of not being there to protect the one person who meant everything to him. He has buried his wife, but his heart refuses to accept that the body six feet under is hers. His obsessive search for her leads him deep into the trenches of covert ops—where everything is not what it seems.

Caitlin Kincaid has been on the run for a while. The sum of her memories began three years ago when she awakened with a broken arm and leg and a severe concussion. Hunted down by a secret group within the U.S. government, her companion persuades her to stay off the grid because of the standing kill order on their heads. One night, while fleeing assassins, she is left on the side of the road with a cryptic message: “It’s time for you to stop running. I’m not the one you love.”

When Travis receives news that the woman who has turned up at the American Embassy in Berlin could be his wife, he wastes no time getting to her. He is unprepared for the devastation that shreds him when Caitlin looks at him with no recognition in her eyes. Amnesia is a challenging enough obstacle for winning the love of his life back, but with lies defining the past three years of her life, Caitlin becomes wary of anyone’s help.

Love was never the problem. A marriage cannot survive without trust. As sinister forces threaten the bond they are trying to rebuild, trust must come quickly or one of them will die.

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Much Ado About Marshals (Hearts of Owyhee Book 2)

By Jacquie Rogers / Genre: Westerns

Much Ado About Marshals (Hearts of Owyhee Book 2)

Rancher Cole Richards rescues his friend from robbing a bank, but is shot for his efforts, and now is a wanted man. His friend takes him to Oreana to see the doc, but Cole’s mistaken for the new marshal!

Daisy Gardner is obsessed with solving crimes just like dime novel heroine Honey Beaulieu. But Daisy’s parents insist she marry a farmer. Problem is, she can’t be a detective if she’s stuck miles from town. What better solution than to marry the new marshal.

Now Cole faces a dilemma few men have to face—tell the truth and hang, or live a lie and end up married. Either way could cost him his freedom.

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Heaven Hill Series Box Set (Books 1-4)

By Laramie Briscoe / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Heaven Hill Series Box Set (Books 1-4)

Book #1 – Meant To Be

Single Mother Denise Cunningham meets her match when Heaven Hill VP Liam Walker convinces her to do a job for the club. Once she’s in, she’s not sure if she’ll ever want to get out.

Book #2 – Out of Darkness

Fan favorite Tyler Blackfoot helps rape survivor an ex-reporter Meredith Rager find her way to womanhood again.

Book #3 – Losing Control

Strip club waitress Bianca Hawks needs a mechanic in a bad way – good thing Heaven Hill member Jagger Stone is more than willing to offer his services.

Book #4 – Worth The Battle

Military veteran and newly patched Heaven Hill member Layne O’Conner struggles with PTSD and the return to civilian life when his first love, movie starlet, Jessica Shea asks for his help in getting her out of the public eye.

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Blucy: The Blue Cat

By Julia Dweck / Genre: Cats, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Blucy: The Blue Cat

Once in a blue moon, a special pet comes along. When Mandy adopts the best cat at the shelter, she doesn’t realize it has a big secret and an even bigger personality. Features full screen images and pop-up text.

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Smart Pressure Cooking: 25 Greatest Instant Pot Recipes To Make The Nourishing, Home Food You love

By Paul Wilson / Genre: Cooking for One, Quick & Easy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Smart Pressure Cooking: 25 Greatest Instant Pot Recipes To Make The Nourishing, Home Food You love

Is There Some Magic Way To Make The Best Meal You Have Ever Tasted? Absolutely!

Start Your Pressure Cooker & Get ALL the amazing ideas & recipes today and create the perfect homemade food.

Eric Shaffer, Blogger, Food Enthusiast

“The best pressure cooker book you can buy!”

Here’s The Real Kicker

The Smart Pressure Cooking is a #1 Most Exclusive Recipe Book Ever. Unlike other cookbooks, guidance and recipes, the Smart Pressure Cooking has been created to focus on Easy Pressure Cooking Techniques and The Most Explosive Flavours.

You’ll Never Guess What Makes These Recipes So Unique!

After reading this book, you will be able to:

  • Combine Unusual Flavours
  • Try Unique Recipes
  • CheckHelpful Photographs And Tables
  • Get Equally Delicious Results
  • Find Ideal Recipes For Beginners
  • Get ingredients For The Perfect Instant Meal

Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s guide, seeking some dinner ideas, or just trying to get some mouth-watering recipes you’ll be inspired to start Pressure Cooking!

“Umm, What Now??

Here’s Some Recipes To Try!

  • Steel Cut Oats with Bananas
  • Sausage and Peppers in Instant Pot
  • Chicken Adobo
  • Pot Chuck Roast
  • Indian Curry Lamb Short Ribs
  • Low-Carb Buffalo Chicken Soup
  • Pressure Cooker Black Beansr
  • Chocolate Steamed Pudding

Use these recipes, and start pressure cooking today!

Impress your family with these easy to make & delicious recipes!

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