Steal You Away: A boyfriend’s brother romance

By Victoria Ashley / Genre: New Adult & College, Romance

Steal You Away: A boyfriend's brother romance

She belongs to my brother…

I’ve stood back for years watching Dax repeatedly screw things up with Kennedy, as if he doesn’t think anyone could ever swoop in and steal her away.

Breakup after breakup, they always end up back together, even though I’ve always had a thing for her. I’m tired of waiting. He had his chance.

I want mine.

When Dixie’s Alibi — her Grandmother’s bar — needs a new cook for the food truck, I jump at the opportunity, despite the fact that Kennedy Ward hates me. At least, she pretends she does. We both know she secretly wants me and always has.

One way or another, I will get her to finally admit it, even if it involves losing my brother. I plan to play dirty — real dirty — just like he did. This time I’m going to beat him at his own game. I wanted her first, and he knew that, but our age kept us apart.

Not anymore.

Now, I’m grown and ready to take what should’ve been mine to begin with.

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The Arrangement – A Reverse Harem Romance

By Krista Wolf / Genre: New Adult & College, Romance

The Arrangement - A Reverse Harem Romance

WANTED: Shared girlfriend for exclusive 3-on-1 live-in relationship.

The ad was right there in black and white, sending a flock of butterflies fluttering through my stomach. ‘Three young authors seeking an extremely open-minded female for an exclusive, sinful, and very unorthodox arrangement.’ Only these weren’t any three authors. These were my employers. The same three hot guys I’d been working for as a personal chef, at their secluded Spanish villa.

And they were absolutely gorgeous.

There was Chase, dark-haired and beautiful, with a supermodel’s face and a whole ocean of ripped abdominals I could sink my teeth into. Nathan was his mirror image, the wavy-blond surfer with a panty-melting smile… not to mention a lithe, impossibly tan body I just wanted to hold against me. Rounding them out was Burke; tall and brooding. A muscle-bound giant with smarmy good looks and a matching, razor-sharp wit. A total monster… inside the bedroom and out.

Their ad doesn’t even seem real… until it actually is. Until I’m goaded into answering it, unable to bear the thought of another female just wandering in and being this insanely lucky. Three of them… one of me. Sharing me. Possessing me. The guys are just too hot, too perfect. Too mine.

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Dirty Rich Betrayal: Mia & Grayson

By Lisa Renee Jo / Genre: Billionaires, Romance

Dirty Rich Betrayal: Mia & Grayson

Grayson Bennett.

He’s a billionaire, a lawyer, the king of the world to some. A professed lifelong bachelor. A man who took his father’s business and fortune and turned marginal success into an empire. Now someone is threatening that empire and he’s going to burn them to the ground. But he’ll need the help of one person. He’ll need her.

That woman is Mia Cavanaugh, criminal attorney, ex-lover, a woman who believes he betrayed her, a woman who could burn him to the ground, but she won’t. Because she loves him. Because he loves her, and it’s time that she sees the truth of the past.

Now, he’s handing her the key to his future. He’s giving her the chance to burn him to the ground. He’s letting her see the real man beneath the surface that not even she’s seen in the past. She has to decide what to do with that man. Love him or destroy him.

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Demon’s Delight (Bewitching Bedlam Book 6)

By Yasmine Galenor / Genre: Vampires, Romance

Demon's Delight (Bewitching Bedlam Book 6)

Wedding bells are in the air… It’s approaching the most wonderful time of the year again—Yule—and Bedlam is up to its ears in snow and manic joy. Maddy and Sandy are planning a double wedding, but things go haywire when someone unexpected shows up, one who’s intent on winning Maddy away from Aegis. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, something is turning the town of Bedlam on its head with a bout of rogue magic. Now, between the chaos running rampant and a choice Maddy never expected to face, will she make it to the altar before disaster strikes?

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Look Again: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Chamberlain Academy Rom-Coms)

By Becca Wilhit / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

Look Again: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Chamberlain Academy Rom-Coms)

Spare me the drama. Photography is my thing. When Dexter Kaplan walks into my life with his swagger and his stupidly perfect hair, I’m determined not to fall for his act.

I took this job at Chamberlain Academy for two reasons. One? It’s stable, and I could use a little stability right now. Two? I’m teaching art and photography, two things I love more than anything else.

Not on my list of reasons? To talk to, flirt with, or even LOOK at the arrogant, former Broadway star theater teacher who acts like he owns all of campus. The Shakespeare line about the world being your stage? Yeah. He takes that one to heart.

When Chamberlain announces they’re finally putting an arts teacher on the faculty council, it’s only me and Dexter vying for the position, and let’s face it, Dexter is beyond charming. But I need that council position for reasons Dexter won’t ever understand.

I’m determined to beat him, but then we’re put in the impossible position of earning the council seat—by collaboration. That’s code for teacher torture.

Once we (begrudgingly) start working together, I begin to wonder if I haven’t been fair to the mysterious Dexter Kaplan. Is all this collaborating going to make me see him in a new way?

Maybe Dex isn’t what I thought. Maybe we both need to refocus.

Maybe we both need to look again.

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Matched with Her Runaway Groom: Romance by Love, Austen

By Britney M. Mills / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

Matched with Her Runaway Groom: Romance by Love, Austen

A cruise should’ve been their honeymoon.
Rachelle Stewart has spent the last year working through her Breakup Bucket list, something her roommates helped her create to get over her ex-fiancé, Landon Higgins. The cruise she won is going to be the crowning achievement of her list, but she can’t seem to get rid of Landon when he shows up as a passenger.

Luck is on Landon’s side when he finds out he’ll get uninterrupted time with his ex-fiance. He ruined things a year ago and getting her back is a long shot. But seeing the changes in her gives him the sliver of hope that they might forgive and forget.

As the truth is revealed, will she trust him after all they’ve gone through apart? Or will they leave the ship and go their separate ways?

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Ambrosia by the Sea: A Small Town Beach Romance

By Traci Hall / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

Ambrosia by the Sea: A Small Town Beach Romance

Celia escapes to paradise by the sea, after her ex’s ultimate betrayal.

She’s starting over, with a new life and a café to call her own—only things are not going as planned.

She’s not ready for the opening, or for Dax, the local dive shop owner, with his deep South Florida tan, beach-blond hair, and ocean-blue eyes. He’s a dream come true and threatens to sweep her off her feet…
…but is he an unwelcome distraction in her new life, or the best thing that’s ever happened?

You’ll enjoy this seaside romance, because everyone wants a happily ever after.

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Fake Fiancée (The Senator’s Family Series Book 2)

By Mona Risk / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Fake Fiancée (The Senator's Family Series Book 2)

Joshua Dutton’s lifestyle and tabloids pictures threaten his father’s senatorial campaign. His parents insist on finding him a sweet temporary fiancée to repair the damage. With only her German shepherd for friend, Emma Cassiero struggles with a heap of problems. Attraction sizzles between her and Josh, but no one mentions the secret deal made by her stepmother and the Senior Duttons. When the truth comes out Emma is devastated. Were Josh’s kisses part of the charade? Has Josh lost her or would he be able to team up with her German shepherd to love and protect her? The Senator’s Family Series: Honeymoon Cruise: The perfect fiancé is a cheater and the fabulous Christmas wedding is off. But the would-be honeymoon cruise may fulfill the dreams of Julia and her unexpected companion. Fake Fiancée: Her German shepherd is her only friend until a senator’s son refuses to take advantage of their fake engagement and teams up with her dog to protect her. For Sarah’s Sake: A broken marriage. Second chance at love. And a precious little girl trying to escape danger and hatred to get herself a loving family. Not Ready Yet: High school sweethearts separated by life…They meet years later, successful but different, each with a heavy baggage. Sunshine Over Snow: When his children manage to ruin his second wedding, Brad is caught between a furious fiancée and an offended ex-wife, both determined to keep him and make him pay for his mistakes. His Son, Her Daughter: High school sweethearts reunited after twenty years by their small children. Their conflicting baggage prevents them from fully trusting each other. Yet what wouldn’t Daniel do for his son and her daughter?

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Forced to Marry a Highlander: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Tales Of Highland Might Book 12)

By Ava McArthur / Genre: Medieval, Historical, Romance

Forced to Marry a Highlander: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Tales Of Highland Might Book 12)

They had the perfect plan. Until feelings got in the way…
Lilibeth Middleton is the rebellious daughter of a respectable English Duke. Unfortunately for the girl, her father has been working on a political alliance with the powerful Wallace clan, and Lilibeth will soon begin a journey towards a place she hoped she would never have to visit; the untamed Scottish Highlands!

The girl is bitter that this will be her new home and that her future husband will be a man she knows nothing about. Ian Wallace, her betrothed, might be the son of a Laird, but Lilibeth is sure he will be a savage! However, when she arrives at the Wallace clan, a surprise awaits her.

Ian is indeed a little rough around the edges, but to her absolute delight, he does not want this marriage either! With utter secrecy, Lilibeth meets with the huge man, and together, they decide to create a plan; behind everyone’s back, they will break this betrothal and make it look as if it was not their fault.

The two have to cooperate, and dealing with the Highlander can be hard at times, but Lilibeth believes their plan will work. But it does not take long for her to spot doubt in Ian’s eyes. Is he trying to trap her, or is he developing feelings for her? Lilibeth will have to decide whether she can trust Ian or if she will have to find a new plan to escape from him and her cold, windy prison…

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The Giraffe Who Likes Farting a Lot: Funny Rhyming Book about Farting for Kids

By Amelia Ric / Genre: Mammals, More Animals, Animals

The Giraffe Who Likes Farting a Lot: Funny Rhyming Book about Farting for Kids

This book will make your children laugh, think, and learn.

Have you ever known someone to pass gas so stinky that you had to leave the room whenever they let one rip? Maybe they had a bad sense of smell, so they didn’t know how stinky they actually were!

Well, Gil the Giraffe is just like that… except his sense of smell is fine. He’s just so tall that he has never noticed the stench from his farts!

This flatulence makes even the biggest animals afraid. All Gil’s friends flee whenever he’s around! This farting giraffe finds his flatulence funny, though. To him it’s just one, big – stinky – joke!

The rest of the animals need to form a plan to get Gil the giraffe to understand how much those farts smell! Poor Gil just doesn’t know any better. So, the hornbill, the monkey, the zebra, and the elephant put their heads together to save their poor noses!

Have you ever smelled a stinky toot? If you have, this book is for you! You’ll learn that farting is quite normal… but should be done in private, if possible.

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50 RECIPES UNDER 50 MINUTES: easy meal ideas with minimal effort and ingredients

By Bri Stowers / Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Kindle Unlimited, Custom Stores

50 RECIPES UNDER 50 MINUTES: easy meal ideas with minimal effort and ingredients

Deciding what to eat EVERY SINGLE DAY is overwhelming. Honestly, it can be miserable. Especially when we run out of ideas or we feel like we don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen. In this book, I have included simple tips and tricks to have nourishing meals with minimal effort. I’ve created 50 simple recipes that utilize a mix of convenient and tasty meals. I welcome you with this book to reclaim your power in the kitchen!

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